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June Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: White Cat Reflecting

"White Cat Reflecting", pastel on Hahnemühle sanded watercolor paper, 6" x 14"© Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“White Cat Reflecting”, pastel on Hahnemühle sanded watercolor paper, 6″ x 14″© Bernadette E. Kazmarski

My white cat was endlessly inspiring to me, and I would need two lifetimes to recreate all the images of her that I have photographed and saw every day. Sally was deaf and spent most of her days in her own little world in pursuit of her own happiness, which when possible included a rest, nap or long snooze in the sun. Here she alights briefly on the stool, reflecting the sunlight onto all that is around her while she reflects on the events of her day so far and just what is to be done next.

Sometimes a more finished, finely-detailed painting isn’t the best way to capture an animal’s personality, and especially not my capricious little Sally. I also realized I’ve never featured her in a desktop calendar for all I’ve written about her. I believe I painted this in June because that is when the sun comes in the dining room window at this angle, so this June features Sally in all her brilliant colors.

White Cat Reflectiing, detail of Sally.
White Cat Reflecting, detail of Sally.

Yes, that is one tall narrow sketch! Sally was so inspiring, all that white fur, all that color within the shadows and highlights. She frequently sat on this stool when the sun came in the window and I’d photographed her there, thinking someday I’d do a painting of her. But this was more or less a daily sketch, starting with actually standing at my easel by the big north window where I used to work, and seeing her there one afternoon. I sketched out the basics on a piece of blue Hahnemühle sanded watercolor paper that was handy, and likely because I was looking through a doorway and anything else in the scene was only distracting, I stopped at this width for the sketch. Narrow compositions are a favorite of mine anyway, vertical or horizontal, and because I wanted to focus on Sally but also wanted to capture the feeling of the light pouring down onto her and the grace of the stool, the tall shape fit the composition well.

I began from life, but Sally didn’t hold still for too long. I had the photos I’d taken in the past that were enough like her position if I put them all together, so, while the vision was still in my mind, I dug them out and began with the visual notes I’d taken in pastel on the paper and used the positioning and highlights and shadows from the photos to continue.

What I wanted to capture most was the sunlight through her ears, her face in muted shadow, colorful shadow from reflected light, silhouetted against her brilliant highlighted fur, and that tail, just spilling down like a trail of mist, I wanted just enough there to get the feeling of the light and color.

White Cat Reflectiing, detail of center.
White Cat Reflecting, detail of center.

I had been focusing completely on Sally’s beauty, but one of the elements I hadn’t anticipated when I went to work from the photos was Sally’s reflection of light back onto the surfaces around her. When I looked at the spot after she’d moved, it was all dark. The back of the rocker, the wall behind her, I hadn’t realized until I looked at the photos that those areas only had light because it was reflected from her.

Years ago in order to encourage myself to break out of the rectangular shape and one brand of sanded drawing paper, I purchased a number of different pastel drawing papers and materials intended to provide a enough texture to any surface so that it would hold pastel. The usual paper was like very fine sandpaper, about the equivalent of 600 grit finishing sandpaper. Each of these surface materials was different: coarse grit, fine grit, marble dust and a type of gesso, which I applied individually, mixed or layered to scrap drawing paper and matboard. My assignment was to use these materials for sketches and save the usual drawing paper for finished drawings, so they were around the house and went, literally, out into the field with me as I was painting landscapes.

This paper has a rough texture because it’s watercolor paper, and then the fairly coarse sanded finish is added to the texture. I’d also used it for “Bison Shadow” because I wanted to discourage myself from getting caught up in details, I just wanted to rough in the lights and darks and blend the colors, and I did so with this painting as well.

White Cat Reflectiing, detail at top.
White Cat Reflecting, detail at top.

I let little bits of the paper’s native color show through as well, which added to the interest and shading. I like the way the windows and windowsill turned out, above, just enough detail to understand what they were. And below, an exploration of working in deeper shadows while still keeping colors warm and bright.

White Cat Reflectiing, detail of bottom.
White Cat Reflecting, detail of bottom.

In all, this sketch captured Sally’s capricious spirit, the ephemeral nature of her beauty around the house. She could be like a walking source of illumination, and it wasn’t entirely because of her coloring. I’m so glad I grabbed this moment and my pastels and paper because I’m sure I would have done something very different if I had gathered the photos and planned out a more finished painting.

Where to find “White Cat Reflecting”

"White Cat Reflecting", pastel on hahhnemuhle sanded paper, 6" x 14"© Bernadette E. Kazmarski
“White Cat Reflecting”, pastel on hahhnemuhle sanded paper, 6″ x 14″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

I donated this art to the very first BlogPaws conference so the original is sold, but if you are interested in purchasing a print, see below. It is a very odd size and requires custom framing, but I am always happy to custom frame any art or print.

I offer giclée, digital and canvas prints of this painting, and can always have prints made for you in other sizes. I can also custom frame your print or custom cut a mat for a frame you already own.

This image is also available in my set of Feline Greetings Art Cards. You can also purchase a single card or a dozen in a box on my website, and I’d be glad to make up a special box for you, just ask.

Click the links below to find more.

Prints of “White Cat Reflecting”

Greeting cards of “White Cat Reflecting

Feline Greetings Fine Art Cards

Merchandise featuring “White Cat Reflecting

I offer “White Cat Reflecting” along with “Stanley With Apple” on my “Impressionist Cats” garden flag.

As always, I will miss the prior month’s desktop calendar, looking at Mimi enjoying the sun in all the colors on the floor, and all the ink lines that build her and the cabinet, but I will enjoy once again exploring the colors and style of “White Cat Reflecting”, and especially enjoying Sally’s presence, for an entire month to come.

This month’s desktop calendar

I’ve worked this image into a desktop calendar for you to enjoy and use for the entire month. Looking at the downloads from previous months and averaging out which dimensions fit which devices, I have reduced the number of variations from 12 to three. It was very time-consuming to create all the variations with new devices arriving all the time, so I have one for horizontal monitors/screens, one for square monitors/screens, and one that should fit the dimensions of nearly all mobile devices. If these sizes don’t work for your device, please let me know.

How to download and use your desktop calendar

  1. Click on one of the images below that matches the dimensions of your monitor to open the image in a new page.
  2. For desktop computers and laptops, right-click on that image and on a desktop computer choose “save as desktop wallpaper” or “save as background” or whichever option your operating system gives you to be able to do this. You may also simply save it to your hard drive and set it as your background from there.
  3. For mobile devices, download the image to your gallery then choose it as your wallpaper—this is slightly different on all devices.

Horizontal and HD monitors and screens

White Cat Reflecting, 2560 X 1440
White Cat Reflecting, 2560 x 1440 for wide and HD monitors

. . .

Square monitors and screens

White Cat Reflecting, 1280 X 1024.
“White Cat Reflecting”, 1280 x 1024 for square and laptop monitors

. . .

Small Mobile Devices and Tablets

White Cat Reflecting, 600 x 800.
“White Cat Reflecting”, for 600 x 800 for iPad, Kindle and other readers

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. . .

Cell Phones and Smartphones

"White Cat Reflecting", 480 x 854 for mobile devices
“White Cat Reflecting”, 480 x 854 for mobile devices



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