Sunday, May 19, 2024
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I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having

cat with her face in a glass
I’ll have some of what you’re having.

In fact, I’ll finish it off. Can’t you get a smaller glass?

Cookie really does drink whatever I’m drinking. Usually, this is water, but sometimes it’s orange or cranberry juice, and sometimes it’s coffee in a mug, but nothing stops her. I guess she just wants to be like her mom. I don’t mind her drinking out of my glass, I just don’t like it when she knocks it over…


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6 thoughts on “I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having

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  • Ingrid, speaking of lemonade, that’s what I have today, just for a change, and Cookie drank right off the top, and I like my lemonade pretty tart. Really, she surprises me! She doesn’t see the problem, though.

  • Allegra likes to drink out of my water glass, as did Buckley. So far, she’s not shown any interest in anything but water, in fact, she wrinkles her nose when there’s lemonade in the glass.

  • Marg, one of these days I’ll have to catch her “look” when she can’t get to the bottom. It’s a genuine tortie expression!

  • Gosh, I hope her head doesn’t get stuck. We all love to drink out of glasses too. Cookie, are you able to reach the bottom??? Maybe Mom should start drinking out of a bowl to make things a little easier for you.


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