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Daily Photo: A Sleeping Bean

black cat curled up asleep
Jelly Bean is curled in a total ball.

Bean curls in a ball, curls his toes, curls his tail and curls his paw over his eyes. He’s a bean ball! He’s just all curled up and happy—and I’m very happy too.

The other day he was a little slow to come downstairs to breakfast and I decided to carry him so everyone else wouldn’t have to wait. Then he didn’t eat. He sniffed his food, licked it and looked interested, but never really ate anything. This is a cat who, looking at his shape, obviously loves his food. With a bunch of young cats who eat a limited diet and don’t come in contact with other cats, what could be the issue? Let me explain, though—I did a minor panic. These are the cats with FIP in their family line, and when even the most minor thing goes wrong, I go right to that possibility, which is a distant possibility at this point, but still possible. Then I run down the list of other possibilities. Bean, like Sunshine, chews on plastic bags and other plastic items, and I had heard him chomping on a plastic bag the day before and took it away—thanks, boys, for letting me know I slipped up in clearing the area of unnecessary plastic!

But the other possibility is that Bean really did march into Emeraude’s room the other day and eat some of her food, which is not raw food or even grain-free premium food, but at the moment still Fancy Feast and Friskies because she loves it, eats it all, and I’m hoping she’ll put on a little bit of weight. However, Bean easily develops crystals in his urine, so easily that stealing one whole can of Fancy Feast from Peaches years ago caused him to develop crystals and block in just days. Even on a diet that had worked for three other male cats with urinary issues, Bean was constantly sitting in the box or licking himself…until I changed him over to a raw diet, and now there’s never a problem. Unless he got some of that food. I didn’t feel a distended bladder, but his temperature was 103…since Emeraude was in the bathroom, which is where I typically isolate cats, into the studio he went, litterbox, water bowl and all—and, as you might see behind him, the petroleum jelly and digital thermometer.

Whatever it was didn’t persist, his temperature reduced and though he didn’t use the box during the day, he slept comfortably, really happy to be my one and only for most of a day, and later asked to leave, acted pretty normally, and ate everything on everyone’s plate for dinner. He’s been fine since, but I noted it on my calendar, and if something else comes up later with him or anyone else I’ll know what it was and when it was. The habit of keeping those notes all these years has been immensely helpful for me and my veterinarian. Sometimes it really is nothing, a fever can be the body’s response to a minor pain that doesn’t cause any outward symptoms as well as from an infection. ” ‘Tis a puzzlement.” And, of course, I took photos of him being cute just about every five minutes. Here’s another, showing his little white thong. He is almost unbearably cute, every moment.

black cat curled on table
Jelly Bean relaxes, just a bit.

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