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Giuseppe Meets the Neurologist

two black cats
Sunshine keeps an eye on his brother.

Mr Sunshine was very relieved to see his brother back home where he belongs. I got some very stern looks from Mr. Sunshine when I returned home without Giuseppe while he was being examined and treated today.

At the end of my Monday post about Giuseppe I included a note that I had actually taken Giuseppe to the emergency hospital very early Monday morning. I shared this update on social media on Monday but didn’t get time to post it here yesterday, so here it is, and below is my update from today, Tuesday.

Just briefly for now, Giuseppe likely has some sort of a tumor in his head that is affecting his right eye and may also be causing his blood pressure issues. It’s created some pressure in his head as well as inflammation. The treatments on Monday included a couple of different medications that help reduce cranial pressure and inflammation.

I opted not to put him through some rigorous tests that require anesthetic to determine exactly the cause, partly cost but also avoiding that much stress on Giuseppe who is rather weakened by all this. His condition is guarded, and of course it’s just a matter of time, but his reaction to being home in contrast to the way he was acting when I left with him this morning is encouraging. He walked from his carrier in my office into the kitchen and found one of the food bowls I had left there with no problem or hesitation. When I carried him up to the bathroom and set him up with food he walked right to the dish and ate some food right away, then went to the fountain and had a good drink of water. On Sunday he had only walked through his food and plowed over his fountain. He paced around the bathroom a few times, mostly resting. Mr. Sunshine spent a good bit of time in there with him too. Nice to have a brother who cares so much about you.

And we should all have an amazing brother like Mr Sunshine.


Giuseppe started head-pressing again late last night and that continued into this morning. He was prescribed medication for it, but didn’t need a dose until today, about 24 hours later. It cost way less at his veterinarian than the pharmacy so I picked it up today and gave him his first dose at about 2:00. Now evening, he is still head-pressing, but not really as hard as he was.

If you’re wondering what “head-pressing” looks like, here are some photos of Giuseppe from today.

black cat head pressing

It indicates a neurological problem and pain usually inside the skull. When I look at him I think of one of those really wicked headaches, and that’s what he’s trying to do. But he stays like this for a long time. I’ve seen him go 20 minutes while I’m in there. He’s not circling and pacing much at all now so he tends to stay in one place. I’m hoping that his reduced circling and pacing is a sign of progress because he can’t go on like this. I hope that eases up for him in the next hours and that medication can keep it from developing again.

Though Giuseppe is again head-pressing and confused, I can settle him on my lap for treatments, medication and food. He got subcutaneous fluids, then his medications crushed and mixed into little bits of pill pockets he could swallow easily. Then I held a dish of pate mixed with water up to his face and he licked it enthusiastically, though he didn’t eat much. All the while Mr. Sunshine moved around the room, purring, and sat next to us or on my legs. Here’s a little video from this afternoon. Mr. Sunshine regularly gives his brother purr therapy–if you listen closely you can hear his rumbly purr.


Today was a gorgeous sunny day but he was in no shape to go outside in the morning as we usually do. I waited until afternoon when it was a little warmer outside, and though he wasn’t walking I carried him out in the sun and fresh air. That’s important and I know somewhere in there he enjoyed it.

Don’t worry about the mess on the floor. Giuseppe stumbles around in the litterbox and even walks through it though it has higher sides. Litter ends up everywhere. I sweep up while he’s resting.

Thanks, everyone, for all your kind and compassionate comments here and on social media! The prospect of losing a third in this amazing quartet of four housepanthers so soon after Mewsette and Jelly Bean is something I can’t even wrap my head around, though I know it’s inevitable. I’m grateful to have at least some means to help his pain and give us a little more time together.

The neurology and cardiology specialists, and follow-ups

The emergency care and neurologist consultation came to $780, and the medications came to about $75.00. Any donations or income would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for any help…

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8 thoughts on “Giuseppe Meets the Neurologist

  • Brian's Home Blog

    We’re all sending mega-purrs your way sweet Giuseppe.

  • mcmcneil1

    Not only a loving Mom but a loving brother ! From Feb 1 2020 to mid May 2022 I lost 8 cats all about 11 years old, none related, none of accidents – all for different reasons – cancer – saddle thrombus – stroke – lymphoma… so I mourn with you for the losses, not to mention the expense. I still have 5 (of a similar age) and it is becoming an issue who will outlive who, them or me , but each day of their companionship is a blessing We send you and all your clowder purrayers, Power of the Paw and much love.

    • Mary, I’m just catching up with comments here, so much has happened. I’m so sorry for all your losses! Even if you understand each one of them that’s so much loss, and to have five all of similar age, well, I never really thought that was much of an issue losing my Stanley at 25 and six months later losing Lucy at 15 months, you just never know. I hope your five stay healthy and keep you young!

  • Thomas Hill

    So sorry Giuseppe is not feeling well, but at least one hopeful sign is that he still has an appetite for food. As I’m sure you already know, that’s an important factor in a pet’s potential recovery. Your concern for him, his brothers and sisters, and your work with cats in general is so inspiring to the rest of us cat parents. Best of luck and prayers to you and the gang.

    • Thomas, thanks so much, even now I welcome your prayers for him. He did still have an appetite but it was waning, and he was losing his ability to chew, food would drop out of his mouth. I gave him a dose of appetite stimulant his last few days and that did work but he still didn’t eat much. In the end the last seizure just knocked him down with not much chance of recovery. I wish we’d had more time.

  • 15andmeowing

    Poor guy, I am sorry he is going through this, but lucky to have such a loving mom. XO


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