Giuseppe Basil Verdi

black cat with basil
Giuseppe tastes the basil.

Giuseppe encounters some ancestral soul food, fresh basil. Well, if we presume by his name it’s ancestral, but really, Giuseppe likes green things, like the cat grass that I grow for them. He’s not all out crazy for it, like Mewsette eating red leaf lettuce and broccoli greens, but he was willing to try out the basil.

You can see by the photo below be didn’t get too far with his taste test. Fresh basil is rather strong—nice for me, but a bit much for delicate feline senses, and we wouldn’t want it to affect Giuseppe Verdi’s fine counter tenor!

Still, he agreed to pose for this photo with the basil especially for Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite. He hopes she is pleased, thinking of her in the window of the historic limestone building, gazing upon Rue Montreal, in the city named for Kings in Ontario, CA. And he wishes to congratulate her on her recent blood tests showing that she is nearly insulin-independent! Yes, Mlle. has slowly healed herself from the diagnosis of diabetes. Nuzzles and purrrrs, Mlle.! J’en ronronne! Purr! (We learned that from Texas, a cat in New York, who is actually from Paris!)

black cat with basil
Giuseppe poses with the basil for Mlle.


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3 thoughts on “Giuseppe Basil Verdi

  • July 12, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks, B. I’m Delighted for Ms Daisy.
    Sweetie has a growth/lesion in her inner ear canal that is, n will continue to be, very painful n needs to be removed. Extent of the lesion impossible to tell without sedation, skull X-rays and irrigation. What they find may be more than a 17 year old cat could be expected to weather. Costs, too, to be discussed with the rescue group. 🙁

  • July 12, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Beautiful photos of Giuseppe n the Basil, B.
    I have missed a few blog entries.
    Did Daisy Emerald Marguerita have a long-acting steroid injection for some reason?? The only times I’ve ever heard of diabetes ‘healing up’ is when it’s been artificially-induced by the use of steroids.
    I had to ‘nurse’ a neighbour’s cat for her for about two months.. until the effects of the steroid inj he had been given had faded away.. as she couldn’t handle the insulin injections.. n the restricted diet.
    Gradually, though, the diabetes retreated as Marty’s own metabolism re-asserted itself. Much to everyone’s relief. This can take up to a year, though, apparently. This is one of the reasons all good vets only use steroids as an absolutely last resort, especially in older cats.
    Really glad to hear DEM’s doing so well.
    It turns out that poor Sweetie [was Candy], whom I recently adopted, has appallingly bad ears.
    If medical treatment can’t cure them, she will need an operation called ‘Stripping the ear canal’, which I can’t even bear the sound of, let alone the thought of what it will entail.. especially for this 17 year old who’s already had a ‘dental’ operation to remove bad teeth [when she was first taken into care, shortly before she came to me]. A steroid injection + smallest daily dose + more ear drops for 14 days have just finished.. n we’re off to the vets this afternoon. One ear is still terribly sore, though.. I know this for a fact, so we’ll have to see what the vet says later.
    She’s a dear little cat. Hates having the ear drops done n the greasy mess they make of her long hair. I help as much as I can. I’ve been giving her a ‘hot towel’ wash around the head daily, but she still needs to work away at it. Bless her heart.
    She’s so good-natured, though, even after all this, she still climbs onto me in the chair for a big cuddle. xxx

    • July 12, 2012 at 9:47 am

      Oh, dear, I hope Sweetie doesn’t need surgery, especially in her ears!

      No, Mlle. Daisy developed an allergic reaction to flea bites two years ago after moving with her mom to an apartment that was unknowingly infested; she was also a little overweight. The severe allergic reaction caused her to lose weight quickly both from simply not eating and tossing her metabolism out of whack; even after the fleas were conquered she wasn’t returning to normal and a trip to the vet found dangerously high blood sugar levels. She’s been treated with insulin injections twice daily for nearly two years, it quickly got the condition under control, and a change in diet to premium canned food plus a stabilization of her weight has continued to bring her blood sugar reading down to a normal level. I’ve heard of cats come back to normal with weight and dietary changes like this, and her last monthly blood test showed a nearly normal level.

      Best with Sweetie!


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