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Garden Flag Giveaway

garden flags with tortoiseshell cats
“Tortie Girls” garden flags.

Eight two-sided garden flags are now available in my Etsy shop, each one a completely different style and theme to suit any garden—fine art, Impressionist, Warhol-esque and “after van Gogh”, black cats, pink cats, tabby cats and calico cats, and of course, those tortie girls!

These first eight flags actually feature twelve images. All are two-sided, most have two different designs so you can turn them around and show something different, or you can put them along a walk and see both sides as you move in each direction. I began with the most popular and requested images, and from those chose and ones that fit well on the shape of the flag while the image was still easily recognizable from a distance. Colors can be a little unpredictable with digital printing, and this digital fabric is a new product, but the colors and detail are astonishing.

You have a chance to win one as well—details below! I want to tell you more about the designs…

black cat with garden flag
Mimi poses with her favorite design, featuring her, of course.

At left Mimi models her favorite design, I presume, since this was when she chose to saunter over and rub herself on the bracket even though she is featured in three other designs. Mimi is not included with your order, I need her here to model for more art, supervise their design, and especially act as art director for our back yard photo shoots.

These are digitally printed on a product called digital satin, a woven product intended for outdoor as well as indoor use. It’s heavier than the nylon most other flags are made of, but if I’m judging by the one I’ve had hanging out in my back yard since winter this is tough and durable material, no fading, scratches in the finish, fraying or wrinkling of the flag in any way. I’m sure, like any other product, if the flag is in direct sun for more than four hours per day it will eventually fade, but the testing worked better than I’d thought. You can read about the development of these flags as well as backyard testing and a photo shoot with Mimi and me in Backyard Product Development and Testing With My Assistant, Mimi.

My friend Bonita at Distinctively Different Decor and More actually sews the pockets for me and also sells them at her shop. Aside from sharing her life with five cats Bonita is a professional interior designer and upholsterer and she expressed an interest in selling these as well as assisting with the finishing. I have other art and merchandise at Bonita’s boutique, these will be on display and available through her at 103 Chestnut St. Carnegie, PA 15106.

I ship the garden flags rolled in a tube. Flags are 11” wide x 15” tall and fit the most common garden flag bracket available, seen here and sold in most hardware and home renovation stores with a garden area. You can order on through me, but with their weight and size it adds to the shipping cost.

Current designs

The eight designs below are currently available in my Etsy shop—click the image to go to the product on Etsy, and scroll down for links to the images here on The Creative Cat.

"Cats After Van Gogh"
“Cats After Van Gogh”
cat garden flags
“Mimi Amng the Geraniums”
cat garden flag
“Fine Art Cats”
garden flag with cats
“Impressionist Cats”

cat garden flag
“The Roundest Eyes”
cat garden flag
“The Goddess”
cat garden flag
“Kitty in Pink:
cat garden flag
“In Afternoon Sun”

Following is a list of links to the daily sketch or painting:

Cats After van Gogh: Two Cats After van Gogh/In Window Light

Mimi Among the Geraniums 1/Mimi Among the Geraniums 2

Fine Art Cats: Peaches and Peonies/After Dinner Nap

Impressionist Cats: Stanley With Apple/White Cat Reflecting

The Roundest Eyes (white background)/The Roundest Eyes (yellow background)

The Goddess (white background)/The Goddess (yellow background)

Kitty in Pink/Kitty in Pink

In Afternoon Sun/In Afternoon Sun

Below, just my favorite photo of my first proofs in my yard! Of course, I’ve moved them around, but this is what I was envisioning last year when I first had the idea to create these.

garden flags with cats
Garden flags are here!

The Giveaway on The Conscious Cat

Enter to win the garden flag of your choice between today and June 20 on The Conscious Catclick here for details!

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Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy.
Inspired by felines you know! Visit Portraits of Animals on Etsy!

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  • These designs are wonderful and so diverse…something for everyone, Mom has registered for the giveaway. If she doesn’t win, she plans to visit your shop to purchase one. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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