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Daily Photo Reprise: Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy, 2012

black cat wrapped around computer keyboard
The latest model Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy.

It’s the latest thing to have, a Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy, featuring a real live cat to keep your keyboard warm and keep you entertained! Here modeled by Mr. Sunshine, tucked tightly up against the top of keyboard while using his mom as a pillow—and he’s even kolor koordinated!

The Keyboard Kozy protects your keyboard with its unique and innovative “paws”, which conveniently lock onto the keyboard at both ends. Above, Mr. Sunshine has his hind paws locked in place but is not yet fully engaged on the front. See details, below.

black cat paws on keyboard
Hind paws fully engaged and locked on the keyboard.
front paws of black cat wrapped around keyboard
With his front paws in place, Mr. Sunshine is now fully engaged as the Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy.

And when he’s done working, he climbs back into the box that came with the keyboard! Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy comes in koordinating kolors to match your keyboard, and since most keyboards are black I hope this means new homes for lots of black kitties!

At my regular desk downstairs where most of the computer work is done, I have always had a keyboard shelf so that my keyboard was safely under my desk, even while I was typing. With kitties disposed to walk on them, sleep on them and deposit unwanted bodily fluids on them, it’s always been the safest thing. Upstairs is a different story, though, as I’ve only recently added a computer to my studio, donated by a friend who got a laptop. I hadn’t ever wanted the distraction of a computer in this room, but am finding it more and more necessary, and I’m also getting more and more tired of running up and down the steps when I remember I wanted to e-mail someone, or I want to scan something or upload something or any of the zillion things we do each day with our computers. My computer downstairs is also getting tired and will be replaced, so I’m taking some of the burden off of it by doing what I can up here.

What makes it all really fun is that my “desk” up here is a drafting table, slanted just enough for everything to slowly slide off, computer, pens, papers, cats and all, so I keep the non-skid material on it to hold everything in place. But that means that everything eventually comes to rest up against the top of the keyboard, and everyone else wants to play with it because I’m playing with it. And now Mr. Sunshine can awaken and gnaw on my knuckles, one of his favorite activities, any time he wants to.

. . . . . . .

Find your Kolor Koordinated Kitty Komputer Keyboard Kozy at your local shelter or rescue and give a few more black kitties a home during Adopt a Cat Month!

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  • I think those kozy kitty keyboard kovers are a must have for the krazy kat lady!! 😉


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