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Frankencat iz Cheezburger’s 2014 Black Friday Kitteh of the Year!

one-eyed black cat with bowtie
Frankencat dressed for a formal outing.

“We are honored to add this dapper boy to our black cat hall of fame…Frankencat epitomizes how our animal companions persevere and have an incredible will to live and love, no matter how damaged, if humans will just find it in their hearts to five a helping hand.”

Last Sunday one of the people who work with Cheezburger emailed me about the story of Frankencat and Old Grand Dad, “Friendship and Assistance, Old Grand Dad and Frankencat Rescued Each Other” and said they would like to feature our very special rescue kitty. Sylvia Goheen found the story and wanted to share it, and Cyndie Daniels contacted me and explained they’d read the story and wanted to see if they could use a photo. I gave permission and also sent her the links to all the stories of the two magical animals on my site and on Heather Long’s Facebook profiles for herself and them, explained more details and told them about the work done by the Homeless Cat Management Team and all the volunteer rescuers involved in helping cats.

Through the week Ani Cox developed comix about Frankencat and OGD and comix about Frankencat and his rescue and the Homeless Cat Management Team’s role in his rescue and foster and memes about him and giffed videos of Franken in action charming and healing his buddy bullies, and just being generally awesome.

Frankencat in casual attire.
Frankencat in casual attire.

Part way through the week, they were overcome by his awesomeness and decided to make him “2014 Black Friday Kitteh of the Year by the cat lovers running Cheezburger’s very own Black_Friday group profile.”

Today Evan Robinson posted a wonderfully sensitive story of Frankencat and Old Grand Dad on the Animal Rescue blog that made me cry all over again.

Frankencat started with Old Grand Dad, but he went on to befriend the cat-friendly pit bulls in the house. After that Heather worked to convince the ones who were not so friendly and under supervision they can all be good friends within the house. If anyone thought the photos were posed or Photoshopped, here is Frankencat with his buddy bullies relaxing as a group on the bed.

Frankencat with the bullies on the bed.
Frankencat with the bullies on the bed.

And outside the house, here with Pappy, another elderly pit bull Heather had rescued, in the carriage as Heather walked them through the neighborhood this summer.

Frankencat and Pappy enjoy their walk.
Frankencat and Pappy enjoy their walk.

If anyone had the idea that the photos of Franken with the dogs are posed, here is a chance moment where Franken happily–tail in the air–greeted Pappy and they touched noses like the buddies they were.

pit bull and black cat
Frankencat greets Pappy.

The kind folks at Cheezburger were also impressed with what the Homeless Cat Management Team has done, providing low-cost spay and neuter for owned and stray cats as well as free spay and neuter for feral cats, and also setting up a system for rescuing cats like Frankencat, providing veterinary care and a foster home and eventually a forever home.

Frankencat black cat on chair
Frankencat enjoys a lazy afternoon.

We’re so grateful that the fine folks at Cheezburger found this wonderful story and can share it in their unique way. Behind all the funny pictures and misspellings and silliness, they all really love animals, and I’m so glad to have been able to “virtually” get to know them!

Read more about Frankencat and Old Grand Dad and the good works of the Homeless Cat Management Team, Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement and Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue:

Our Petties Award Sponsors a Clinic

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Devoted to the End: Frankencat and Old Grand Dad (the Petties award winner)

Friendship and Assistance, Old Grand Dad and Frankencat Rescued Each Other
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  • DOOD !!! thiz bee total lee rockin mega sooper kewl huge lee awesum !!!!!

    conga ratz ♥♥♥♥♥ we bee veree happe for ewe ~~

  • bluemoonalone

    This is so wonderful..He deserves this so much..I am always amazed that animals who were so badly abused can turn around and give such great love to others who need them..And now even more people will know his incredible story..Oh Franken..How I wish I could hug handsome mancat!!!


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