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Daily Photo: Bella Haz Ninjas

five black cats
Bella and her ninjas.

Bella is surrounded by her protective ninjas. She feels very safe and powerful.

Bella is still a little shy. Small changes to the household can make her slink around and look worried. I admit I don’t keep the most typical or even regular schedule, try as I might, but a few nights up to late, or a few days out too long on errands and Bella senses something is amiss. Most of the time she follows me around, sort of, appearing in the room I’m in or near me and I can greet and talk to her so she can cruise around curling and uncurling her tail, and I know she is happy. When I work on the kitchen computer with the keyboard and mouse on the cabinet she lies down right in front of me and purrs, and stays with me, sometimes gently stretching and pushing the keyboard right off the cabinet. But she’s so relaxed, what can I do?

I cannot do what the Four Ninjas can do, and that is this! One thing is for sure, she loves her fur siblings.

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BrotherlyWrestleBath, A Few Words, Photo and Video, 2013
two black cats in tub
Giuseppe and Bean perform for us in the tub.

Giuseppe and Bean couldn’t decide whether to cuddle or wrestle, so they did both, with an intermezzo performance of Bean chasing his tail. Enjoy the video below.

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In the Absence of a Decent Piece of Paper, 2013
black cat steps on tissue.
Mimi steps onto the tissue, the only thing resembling a decent piece of paper in the whole room.

…a tissue will do. Everyone knows a cat can’t sit right on a cabinet. Humans need to be aware of these things.

Poor Mimi was left with nowhere to sit as we worked in the kitchen this afternoon. Often she sits on my cookbook, but I wasn’t using one, and not even a recipe could be found. I had opened the mail at my desk so there were no post cards or envelopes, and not even a Post-it. She found this tissue, as yet unused, and decided that if that was all that was available, she’d have to make it work. And she did manage to give herself a complete bath and apparently found it quite comfortable. Each time she left it to follow me around, she returned right to it.

black cat sitting on tissue
Mimi sits on the tissue to supervise me.

. . . . . . .

Nestled, 2012
black cat sleeping in sheets
Petite Mimi, warm sheets, warm kitchen, cold day, former outdoor kitty.

. . . . . . .

Mewsette’s Heart-shaped Bed, 2012
three black cats sleeping
Mewsette’s heart-shaped bed.

Mewsette’s brothers obligingly have a heart-shaped nap and she uses her brothers as a very cozy cat bed.

Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine are sleeping forehead to forehead, not unusual after having a good wrestling session then a good bathing session, but usually it’s their little mom who crawls into the warm and purring space between then. Mewsette has taken advantage of the opportunity.

It goes without saying that photographing three black cats tangled together is a challenge, especially in rather dim light from a west-facing window. I turned on the overhead light and I actually think it might be somewhat confusing with the blue light from the window and the yellow light from the overhead, so I’ve also posted it, below, in black and white.

black and white photo of three black cats
Black and white version.

. . . . . . .

Three Cat Circle, 2011
three black cats sleeping in a circle
Three Cat Circle

From the top counterclockwise, Mewsette, Jelly Bean and Giuseppe curl against each other in an endless circle.

Don’t you just want to shove your hands in the middle of them all? I did just that—after I took the photo, of course—and they curled around my hands and purred. In fact, if I laid down on the bed with them, they would rearrange to include me in their circle. I’m really just a big cat to them, I think. I am honored.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Bella Haz Ninjas

  • Loved them all! The wrestling match makes me feel happy that my boys love each other enough to be this way too 🙂

  • bluemoonalone

    What a great picture..I would certainly feel safe surrounded by all those ninjas..love the video!

    • She stepped right in there, Bluemoonalone! I should videotape the two of them more often too–they’re a hoot!


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