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Others’ Fine Felines: Frankencat Today

one-eyed black cat with bowtie
Frankencat dressed for a formal outing.

What a handsome kitty! So graceful and dignified, and confident. This is a recent photo of Frankencat which his person Heather Long recently shared on Facebook. Who would know his beginnings from looking at this photo? Not only is he an incredible cat every moment of the day, but he’s an incredible reason for giving every cat a chance at rescue. You can read more about him in Devoted to the End: Frankencat and Old Grand Dad, and you also have a chance to vote for him for Cat of the Week at Moderncat Magazine! Let’s make a one-eyed FeLV-positive cat the cat of the week! Frankencat certainly deserves it for what he did for Old Grand Dad.

And look at the dangerous dogs he has to live with!

pit bulls on couch
Frankencat’s fur siblings, the dangerous pit bulls.

Those are Heather’s three vicious pit bulls and one Rhodesian Ridgeback. Right. Maybe they’re having vicious dreams?

Below, as a reminder, is one more of Frankencat’s intake photos. His injuries and conditions were so extreme, who would think he’d be able to recover?

black cat with injuries Frankencat
Another of Franken’s intake photos.

Yet recover he did, as you see below, relaxed and happy, and he has that stuffed Tiger totally frightened!

black cat with tiger
What a fierce kitty, the tiger is scared.

No one was sure how it would be for him when he lost his charge in caretaking, Old Grand Dad. He’s adjusted pretty well, making friends with the rest of the dogs, getting accustomed to being in the rest of the house, and just being a super nice, friendly, affectionate black cat. You can see more articles with his photo here.

. . . . . . .

And while you’re out there voting for him for Cat of the Week at Moderncat Magazine don’t forget to vote for him and Old Grand Dad in the Petties, below!

Click here to vote for in the Petties.

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6 thoughts on “Others’ Fine Felines: Frankencat Today

  • Such an incredible cat… what an amazing recovery. And those dogs… vicious indeed… I’m shaking in my leopard print boots!

    • Deb, one of the remarkable things about Frankencat is how much of a regular cat he is most of the time–we have to give him a little down time now and then from being a supercat. And those dogs–scary! They’re so much like a bunch of puppies! And the leopard print boots! Too funny!

  • bluemoonalone

    WOW..Isn’t it amazing what love can do for those who appreciate it? are an inspiration for every animal or person out there who has been hurt or unwanted..All we really need to do in this big scary world is to reach out and take care of each other..How I wish I could hold you and hug you Frankie!

    • He truly is, Bluemoonalone, who would know there was so much “wrong” with him?

  • dood…ewe R rockin that tie…N we voted for ewe N will book mark N vote everee day…glad ta see ya got de dawgs
    trained 🙂 ♥♥ heerz two a raccoon butterflyfish kinda week oh end two ewe ♥

    • He’s just like he looks Tabbies, confident and certain he’s the handsomest cat around!


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