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Felines and Flowers Keepsakes for Memories

Hawkeye on the Glider keepsake box.
Hawkeye on the Glider keepsake box.

I posted the other day about my latest keepsake boxes and finally had the chance to photograph them and get them listed on Portraits of Animals. Sunday is traditionally the day I often post about pet loss, so it’s not a bad thing I had to wait to post these keepsakes here. I found that keepsakes were often purchased to use as urns for a cat’s cremains or memorial items, or as gifts to friends for these purposes. As I’ve been building my Pet Memorial and Sympathy Gifts page I decided to add my keepsakes to that page too, as well as in my Handmade Gifts Gallery.

World Cat Keepsake Box
World Cat Keepsake Box

When choosing a keepsake to use as an urn or memorial, maybe you want one that resembles your beloved kitty, or one that’s whimsical to make you smile, or has cat art that you like even if it doesn’t resemble your kitty, or one that doesn’t have a kitty at all, just a place for memories. Flowers and butterflies are also symbolic and help make a statement about loss, love, and remembrance. Since I’ve been building Portraits of Animals I’ve found that many people who like cats also like other animals and nature and flowers and pretty things that don’t involve cats. When I make gift items I make a little bit of both, and offer them together.

Lucy Most Exceptional Keepsake Box
Lucy Most Exceptional Keepsake Box

The boxes do not seal shut so you’d keep the cremains in a container or plastic bag inside the box in case it tipped. The smallest boxes, 4″ in diameter or 4″ square, will hold all the cremains of a cat up to 18 pounds. The larger boxes could hold the cremains of two cats, or memorial items of one cat along with its cremains.

Cats After van Gogh, three designs and sizes.

Each box is unique, and when each box is sold it’s gone, but to a certain extent I can always make up a box similar to one that I’ve sold in the past, especially if a design becomes popular. They are made of cardboard or mache and I never know who will be carrying what in these lines, even when buying from the internet, but I can always find boxes somewhere. When I can find a source of boxes that are consistent, I can also offer a custom keepsake box, and I look forward to offering that. You can always check the Pet Memorial and Sympathy Gifts page to see what’s available, and if you don’t see one you had seen before you can always message me through my website.

Orange Cheshire Kitty Keepsake Box
Orange Cheshire Kitty Keepsake Box

I choose colors that coordinate with the artwork and paint the trim on each box. I then print my artwork on acid-free matte-finish paper with archival waterproof inks and adhere the print to the lid and sides. Box insides are unfinished. The boxes are handmade and may vary slightly in size and shape or have slight imperfections. Prices range from $15.00 to $20.00. Price includes shipping.

Peaches and Peonies Keepsake Box.
Peaches and Peonies Keepsake Box.

You’ll find the same artwork on other gift items and greeting cards too, so whether you are purchasing for yourself or a friend you can also find a card, gift bag, cabochon pendant, tile or coaster among many other gift items in my Handmade Gift Gallery.

Below is a gallery of the rest of the new keepsakes, or you can visit my Pet Memorial and Sympathy Gifts page or my gallery of Keepsake Boxes.

A special discount

If you’re purchasing more than one keepsake, to share a beloved family cat’s cremains, for instance, you can get a discount on the price of two.

$25 For Two Keepsakes!

Two keepsakes would be $30.00, but you can pair up two keepsakes for $5.00 off the total, or $25.00.

Use the coupon code: 25FORTWOKEEPSAKES

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Jelly Bean has a sudden inspiration and reaches for the brushes.
Jelly Bean has a sudden inspiration and reaches for the brushes.

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2 thoughts on “Felines and Flowers Keepsakes for Memories

  • databbiesotrouttowne

    not intending to be morose; but these are nicer than what dad was placed in ~~~ he would have liked black and light !! ♥♥ and feel free to delete this comment if you don’t think it’s appropriate for
    this post; I won’t be offended ~ ☺

    • It’s fine! My mother got a marble rectangle urn for my father, but she is still in a cardboard box until I decide what we’re doing. I think I will have them interred in the local veterans’ cemetery and I’ll see what they require for her. I think it would be wonderful if people could be placed in more whimsical urns.


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