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Daily Sketch: On the Chair

marker sketch of cat on chair
“On the Chair”, brush markers, 9.5″ x 6″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Why I chose such an awkward angle I’ll never know, perhaps I just wanted a challenge, but I was totally taken by the simplicity of color and shape watching Mewsette settle down on the chair that was pushed under the table. There are other colors in the scene of course, but I like the limited palette and the use of the gray marker. It was that very limit to gray shading, the red stripe on the edge of the table and the orange of the warm pine chair seat and the only black being Mewsette that told me to use my markers for this. Initially I had planned a watercolor.

I really do need to get a new gray marker because some of my scratchings are a little distracting; it kept running out of ink as I drew and I had to let it rest in between and I couldn’t blend out the lines.

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13 thoughts on “Daily Sketch: On the Chair

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  • Dear Bernadette, My comments are typed out on a very small cell phone key board. This makes it very difficult to correct my ” speeeling” and poor punctuation. I also have my kitty trying to south paw my finger as I frustratingly attempt to peck out each letter she sees on the mini-screen. Cleo is my little surpervisor who enjoys this form of play time.
    This goes well with my unfinished mug of coffee. I had to create a desktop “Creative Cat” folder where I can save your special art work.poetry, and the many educational essays that provide me with well written information that I need and can pass onto other people. Once again, thank you for starting my mornings with the Crreative Cat.
    ~Angel’s mamma forever

    • Denise, thank you so much! I love to hear anyone enjoys what I do that much, and thanks for the time and effort to type on a phone–yikes, I got an extra large smartphone and even that’s not big enough for me!

  • Good morning to you , Bernadadette and purrs & nuzzles to each of your fur babies. Who wouldn’t love to be the proud owner of their very own dish towel stack of your ” Kitchen Set” series? I ca invision a heap of yor printed dish towels on my own kitchen table or a warm and cozy bunch of them in my laundry basket for my Cleo to claim as her own. ♥
    They would look fantastic with you’d table cloths and napkins with your “Kitchen Set” series wall calendar.
    ~ ♥ ~ To you. You’ve been graced with a very special family. xoxo ~ ANGEL’S MAMA FOREVER

    . I’m in luv with the bright colors and compositions. The dish towels will be envied by
    all who see these prints of your very special and extraordinarily beautiful models.
    Of course they will each expect comissions from your profits. Perhaps their own set of warm towels to lounge on after their exhausting minutes of posing and photo shoots. Or, they may purrfur a bit of raw meat and individual time being pampered by their very special and bottomless pit of love by their mamma.

    • Denise, they get two squares and a roof over their heads, plus they are a little famous. I think that’s thanks enough! Today, they would like more baskets. But I am looking at coaster-type things and hot pads since I tried out a few wood finishes that are somewhat heat resistant, and possibly screen printing a few items. Those are my goals for the coming year!

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  • That is such a cat thing to do!! Love the colours and the contrast!

    • Carolyn, thanks so much! I like it more every time I look at it. Usually, since they are all black, it looks like it’s just dark under there!

    • Layla, so do I, but my cats don’t often accommodate me, they like to be right in my face.


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