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Daily Photo: Window Kitties

black cat on windowsill
Jojo enjoys the bathroom windowsill.

In that little 6′ x 6′ bathroom, the only place to go is up. Jojo sleeps on the lid to the toilet (I ask her if I can use my litterbox when I have to move her), and now that they are both feeling pretty energetic and confident I find both of them on the windowsill when I come upstairs. I’m happy to see them alert and getting exercise, but they are hard to catch—as soon as I come in, they stop what they’re doing and greet me. They are such nice cats.

Every once in a while, when all the black cats are otherwise occupied downstairs, I wedge the baby gate at the top of the stairs and open the bathroom door to let Lakota and Jojo wander the other two rooms and landing. They need some exercise and get pretty bored in that little 6′ x 6′ bathroom, and I can tell Lakota likes to feel like a “bad boy” once in a while, slowly prowling around the rooms and sniffing everything, leaving face-rubs on doorframes and furniture.

Any of them, even the seniors probably, can easily scale the gate, but it provides just enough of a boundary that everyone keeps their place for as long as 15 minutes, which is enough time for Jojo to see what she wants and head back to “her room”, and Lakota to explore something new. This week he discovered my bed, where I still have the improvised steps I’d had in place for Cookie, and the windowsill.

cat on windowsill
Lakota explores my bedroom window.

The two are doing very well after some geriatric issues like constipation where lots of pumpkin was added to food but we needed to resort to some other means as well, and adding lots of water to their food too. Their fur looks a little choppy because they had some tangles and knots that needed to be trimmed out. The activity helps with this issue as well. When I enter the bathroom they both greet me with relaxed up-and-down cat stretches and blinks, talk to me in their broken old cat voices and ask for pets and brushes, and old man Lakota slowly cruises around, face-rubbing everything in reach.


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6 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Window Kitties

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  • Paulette Smith

    Lakota & JoJo are two very lucky cats!

  • Ohh, this poor, dear old black beauty looks in a bad way, doesn’t she, Bernadette?!!
    Do you have any of those brushes like the ones they call Slicker brushes?? They have a whole series of quite fine, bent metal wire hooks all close together in rows.. like a TEASEL seed head. These brushes are great for taking out the accumulation of discarded under-hairs that haven’t been shed. Masses of under-hair can be removed gently n effectively.
    Poor old geriatric cats need all the help with their fur they can get, don’t they??

    • Annie, sorry it took me so long to answer! Their fur was really knotted before they came to me and their person clipped the knots out. Now it’s all growing in unevenly, but without knots. I think in a couple of months they’ll look much better. Thanks!

  • The World gets bigger. How splendid for everyone!
    I await the next chapter. . . .


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