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Daily Photo: Watching The World

two cats at sunny window
Sienna and Basil watching the world go by.

There’s nothing like the weekly sunny day to draw Sienna and Basil there to share the sunpuddle. Just about any time of the year this window in the kitchen gets the sun in the late afternoon. In winter it’s at that nice low angle and the river birch outside is bare of leaves so the full strength of it flows in, magnified by the double pane windows. Sienna and Basil must have a timer for this because they often appear here. I really love their serene sharing of this space, watching the world go by.

Reflections are doubled too on both panes of glass, where you see Basil’s eye reflected. I love to catch reflections, even weird ones.


From Instagram

Mr. Sunshine Goes for a blood pressure check

Mr. Sunshine missed his buddies and wanted to meet Dr. Sudberg at PetWellClinic Scott Township , so off we went for a blood pressure check. Veterinary technicians Angel and Megan kept Mr Sunshine calm and happy through the little leg shave and the little cuff and getting his blood pressure reading.

It was back up to and over 160, which may have been stress from the visit–and from the fact that I’d done a round of shopping and came home and put everything away while he was anticipating snacks and an extra lunch. He was not happy about having to wait until we got home for that, but I didn’t want to take him to the vet on a full stomach. He’s always quite calm, but no need to take chances.

So he needs an increase in his medication. But his weight is good and he’s been feeling absolutely fine each day.

They let me out of the house! Went to see a show in downtown #Pittsburgh last night. Couldn’t pass up a photo of the rainy night streets and the name of the theater reflected in a puddle.


From the Garden and Beyond

A Life of Work


From Portraits of Animals

Whale Tail, Tiny Linoleum Block Prints

From around this date in past years

Who’s That Kitty Who’s Looking at Me?, 2021

tortoiseshell cat looking in mirror
That kitty’s looking right at me!

“Oh my goodness, there’s a kitty right there! And she’s looking right at me!”

Sienna wins the cuteness award with this one. I was photographing other things when she hopped up by the display and started strolling along. The light was good and you should always be ready with your camera! I finished refocusing on her just as she walked around the end of the display shelves, looked around the corner, and saw herself!

But Sienna had work to do. Where to start in this new playground? Oh, no, what could possibly go wrong here?

tortoiseshell cat in mirror
Sienna decides she’s going to explore.


From Instagram

It might be only 17 degrees, but a scratch-and-sniff are in order on a sunny morning. That and scaring the crap out of the squirrel when you run out the door while he’s raiding the feeder.

From the Garden and Beyond

The Humble Crabapple

A welcome burst of color on a cold winter day, and especially bold in the middle of a snow flurry, nature’s food for winter foraging animals and a decoration for we humans to enjoy.

Click the photo to read about it.

From around this date in past years

Hey, Can You Sit Still? 2020

cat on lap
Mariposa needs her beauty sleep.

Hey, lady, can you just sit still? I’m trying to nap here.

Some little girl has come a long way from her feral days.

From Instagram

Bella will be pleased to greet you.

black cat on chair
Bella on the chair in my shop.

. . . . . . .

Photos from around this date in previous years

Just a Cute Kitty and Some Apples, 2019

Mariposa with apples.
Mariposa with apples.

Mariposa is all kinds of cute, especially when she finds a spot that’s a near-perfect pose. She’s been making her way through each of the rooms in the house, spending a week or two finding good nap spots and observation spots. From this one she can see the whole kitchen (it’s sooo big!) and she can see out the back door to the deck and the front window to the bird feeding area. It’s a really purrfect spot for a little kitty to fit herself into to keep an eye on activities. And she looked so sweet with the apples that were the same color as her eyes. Below, it’s just Mariposa watching the birds.

Just Mariposa
Just Mariposa


What Mariposa does when my lap is already full, and those adult cats get mad when she walks on them. She also supervises what I do. How this girl learned these things growing up in a feral colony I’ll never know, but they seem to come naturally to her.

Photos from years past.


Something for Everyone, 2018
Four at the front windo.
Four at the front window.

Once the clouds passed and the sun came out, all the birds and squirrels and bunnies outside just went nuts, literally, for all the foods that I had put out for them. Between the hungry hawk hanging around and the ice, snow and cold that made them keep cover for whole days at a time they were hungry. And because they’d kept themselves hidden that much, Hamlet, Jelly Bean, Bella and Giuseppe were more than ready for a new episode of Cat TV.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Our Last Family Dinner, 2016
Eight cats, including Simon and Theo.
Eight cats, including Simon and Theo.

Of course I missed my cats when I was away! How could you not miss 11 cats?! I made sure to get photos from our last family dinner on Saturday night since it would be nearly my last chance to photograph us all together, and I could take them with me and look at them and I knew that would make me happy. It also made me happy to show them off to people who had no idea what eight cats together on one cabinet looked like!

The only one missing from above is Bella, who had been on the table, but once the group starts to fall apart there is now way to keep it together. They are cats, and we all know about the difficulty of herding them.

Above, from the back left are Mimi–just her profile next to Mr. Sunshine, then Mr. Sunshine, Mewsette with her back to us, and Theo watching Bella at the window. From row is Basil, Simon, Jelly Bean and Giuseppe.

I liked the one below too because it looks so crowded, and the closest I could get to having everyone facing me.

Eight cats, but you can't see Theo.
Eight cats, but you can’t see Theo.

Mary Kay was one of the people who stopped over to feed them, and she was there for me to show her around and explain what they ate and where. This was the greeting she got from them all. I heard they did the same each day when she arrived, and she was kind enough to send me photos each day she visited. They are the nicest cats.

How my cats greet people who visit.
How my cats greet people who visit.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Relaxed, 2015
black cat
Bella is feeling pretty good.

Bella shows off her amazing abilities as a contortionist. I think she was pretty relaxed! This was after a vigorous play session involving several colors of mousies and then a long chase scene with Smokie beginning in the basement and running all the way up to the second floor, around and around, at top speed. It’s truly amazing, but nothing was broken or even misplaced, and they even managed to leap completely over Jelly Bean each time they went up and down as he slept on this very bed at the bottom of the stairs.

Confused about her position? It’s hard to tell with a black kitty! Let me interpret this for you:

cat outline
Outline of Bella relaxed.

. . . . . . .

One Two Three, 2014
three black cats
One Two Three

Jelly Bean, Mewsette and Giuseppe give me some pretty pointed looks as they silently wait for dinner. They’ve been patient, watching me clean up and organize things, but they are just about done with that.

This is the front view of last night’s sketch of Three Cats Looking—I photographed this first, then walked around behind them to set my camera down on the table and saw them from behind.

. . . . . . .

It’s My Box, Brother!, 2014
two black cats
Mewsette tells Mr. Sunshine to get lost.

I don’t care what you think, Brother Sunshine, it’s my box! I find it very inspiring and I’m waiting for it to speak to me.

Mewsette, boxes don’t talk. Unless there’s something wrong with your head.

The only think wrong here is that you have no appreciation for art, just like the other day when you were critiquing Mama Bernadette’s painting. You looked like a total fool. Now keep your distance, Brother, or you’ll regret it.

two black cats
Take that!

No, I think I have every right to sit here. I’m not touching your stupid box.

I need my creative space! GO A-W-A-Y!

Geez, you artist types are so sensitive!

two black cats
I need my creative space!

. . . . . . .

Camouflaged, He Thinks, 2013
black cat peeking around doorway
Someone is watching me.

Oh, I’d never notice a black cat around this doorway! He’s perfectly camouflaged, color, shape, I could just walk through this doorway and never know what hit me.

Luckily Bean starts purring when he thinks you might walk near him, and that alerts me to the situation every time.

. . . . . . .

Morning Sun, 2013
two black cats in sun
Giuseppe and Mewsette absorb sunlight for later warmth.

Giuseppe and Mewsette enjoy the clear sunshine together.

This is only one of the photos from the post-breakfast sunny winter morning photo shoot. I had a photo shoot later in the morning, and my beautiful felines were a perfect wake-up for my visual sensibilities, both their feline perfection and their challenge in photographing all that black fur.

. . . . . . .

Mewsette and My Salad, 2013
black cat heading for salad
Mewsette carefully chooses her leaf.

Mewsette loves her raw diet so she has no problem at all with “real” cat food, but she also has a long list of foods not generally associated with cats: cooked oatmeal, soda crackers, pecans, occasionally she’ll have a lick of my apple, and she even likes chocolate, though that’s something I don’t even let her have a taste of. It may just have to do with the fact that I’m eating it and she wants to give it a try but isn’t really interested, but she’ll actually eat the item too.

Including my salad, which I have just about every evening after they have had their dinner. Someone always likes my feta cheese or my olives or chick peas or even my little tomatoes, but this is just plain red leaf lettuce, no dressing or other ingredients at all. I coarsely rip the leaves by hand, and they certainly smell fresh and inviting to me, but to a cat? Mewsette always moves in and takes at least one leaf, pulls it from the bowl and eats it, and often a second. When I ask her about it, she gives me a sly “because I like it, that’s why” look.

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ink and watercolor sketch of cat with still life
Kelly With Grapes and Apples, ink marker and watercolor pencil © B.E. Kazmarski


When the sun moves around to filter into this window, Kelly hops over to enjoy it and have a nice bath on the cabinet. In a rare moment of repose, she sits still and lets the sun warm her back, the light reflecting back from the pine wood cabinet warming the tones of her tortoiseshell fur. Read more and purchase.


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