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Daily Photo: Two Sweet Things

Sometimes things you’ve shared on social media get positive attention you hadn’t expected, and that’s just a sweet thing to happen that almost feels personal, a bright spot in the dim light of grieving.

Last April 2023, almost a year ago, Mewsette had a veterinary appointment with some very concerning information, the first mention of possible lymphoma. I had noticed a change in her around March 23 and knew it was something serious, but she seemed well, a reiki session reported her energy was strong and seemed peaceful though she was a little tired.

Rather than take her home and then leave to get cat food we needed, I stopped at Hollywood Feed with her. She was a little hesitant at first but quickly came to enjoy riding around in the cart and looking around the store, and the attention she got from people there. I took her photo as we browsed canned cat foods, shared it on IG and FB, and tagged the store.

On May 2 I received an email from Google telling me that 1,000 people had seen my photos, though I only had this one. On May 9, 3,000 people had seen it. On July 18, about a month after we lost Mewsette it was up to 10,000. I’ve watched it increase since then, right around 10,000 views per month to just last week.

One of two sweet things

At first it was painful to see the updates. I remembered the tingles of fear I felt that day, confirmed at her diagnosis, then remembering her steady decline and watching her waste away when nothing seemed to help her. I was reminded of that each time I received an update, and that I’d only had one chance with Mewsette to meet the public that way. I knew she’d love it and it would have been so much fun to be able to visit stores regularly with her, as well as other outings, like adventure walks in the woods. But even from the first update email I could find some happiness that even though I wasn’t able to share her over the next few years as I’d hoped, here she was being seen by thousands of people. They may not remember her, but they see her. She hasn’t completely disappeared, to be immediately forgotten. That’s a comforting bright spot, silly as it is. I’ll take it.

“Happy National Black Cat Day” video goes viral!

Second of two sweet things

In October 2023 I posted a video for National Black Cat Appreciation Day that I’d made in January and including Mimi, Mewsette, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Basil. It was just 39 seconds, one I’d taken as I was getting ready for a webinar on “Making Your Cat Happy,” in the kitchen where they were on the cabinet, lined up. I told them about it and asked them questions, and Giuseppe answered. All were shuffling and seemed indifferent, waiting for the food they felt was imminent. It was so good to see them all together again because we had lost Mewsette and Jelly Bean, but I saw no reason not to use the video because remembering them in the kitchen will always be a sweet and complete memory.

I started getting occasional comments from people who did follow me (they usually check in and say hi), then people I knew weren’t following me and then some new subscribers. I was involved with Giuseppe then but tried to answer them. I let the comments build up in my inbox so I’d know to get back to them.

I can see from the comments that about February 17 this year I started getting several comments and new subscribers each day, and when I went to YouTube I found I wasn’t getting emailed notifications of all of them. Then week before last, just after we lost Mr. Sunshine, they really escalated. I visited a few each day but had to let them build up so I could get other things done—it was fun getting into conversations with people if I answered them soon after they had commented, or if they saw my reply in time to go back to YouTube and reply. I guess this was the beginning of it going viral.

Today I decided I was going to clear up all the comments and thank people for visiting, then post about it. I ended up spending all day on comments and I’m nowhere near done, had great conversations, and it’s why it’s 3:00 a.m. and I’m just posting about these two sweet things. I’m up to 822 comments, and when I started answering comments I was at about 84k views, now I’m up to 126k views! People love them, and they’re so interested in them. Other people have black cats, love black cats, lost black cats, and we’ve been able to talk about all that.

It almost feels as if they are visiting me with this video. And they are being seen by thousands of people who never would have seen them otherwise. I get to share them, their stories, their losses, and good behavioral information about cats, information about cat rescue and TNR, and more. How could they help me more with my mission to help cats?


Also, Mimi’s urinary tract infection seems to be clearing with the new antibiotic, though I needed to replace the appetite stimulant and pain reliever for her. Each was out of stock or not stocked at my regular vet, the urgent care vet had slightly different forms of them that really don’t work for Mimi so I’m still working on getting the forms of the meds I need for her. Along with other medications and alternative treatments to make sure she eats enough, she gets fluids and of course we go outside each day. And a lot of sitting at my desk where she can relax on my nice warm lap so I am reluctant to move from my desk. She is feeling pretty much her self.

And I am still borrowing a car to run errands. Repairing is not able to happen so purchasing is going to be a big hurdle but I can’t do vendor shows without a car, and it’s particularly difficult without this particular car. So all the more reason to get back into my studio and organize all my work spaces so that I can be more efficient here and get work done.


Photos from around this date in previous years

What’s the Deal About the Spinach?, 2023

black cat in garden
Mimi can’t figure out about the spinach.

Mimi can’t figure out why I’m so obsessed about the spinach. I do check it each time we go outside, and it’s developing slowly because it’s cool, but it’s what’s growing and I’m excited! I remind her that she checks all the things she is interested in each time we go outside, like the wicker chairs and the wood pile, and smells the plants along the path. “But I’m a cat,” she replied, as if that was a clear answer.

Mewsette is not so practical as Mimi as she stands on the woodpile and contemplates her shadow on the brick path. At least I think that’s what she’s doing. Mewsette is really out there sometimes. But whatever we’re doing, we love spending time out there together nearly every day, whether it’s sunny or not.

black cat in garden
Mewsette studies her shadow, I think.

So as an update to Friday’s post, I’ve gotten the blood tests and talked with three veterinarians regarding Mewsette!

We started a series of Adequan injections because they worked well for her almost two years ago, and Dasuquin sprinkles in her food each day, and Dr. Sudberg recommended increasing her felimazole. Dr. Michelle visited on Monday with fluids, B12 in a few acupuncture points and some for later and Hydra care. I sent the test results to her regular veterinarian who suggested a change in pain meds.

Mewsette is making up for lost food! She’s also moving around and using the litterbox more easily and she’s overall happier without the physical hunching and grimacing of her reaction to her pain.

It’s a challenge to manage a large household, time goes by when everyone is fine and then suddenly one after another come up with one thing or another. I knew when these four siblings came of age I’d have overlapping age-related issues, and I’m grateful for this amazing team of veterinarians and technicians who know just what to do when I present them with yet another of my cats. Thanks to those of you who have purchased things to help support their care, and please feel free to visit, order a Custom Pet Memorial Votive or commission me to create a special piece of artwork for you! You can always just donate toward their care as well.



From Instagram

Solar powered cats are recharging.

So is this “Snow(pea)henge”?

snow pea sprouts

In other news, my snow peas finally decided to sprout, about 5 weeks after I planted them. They do usually sprout in cool soil, but they were also three or four years old. I soaked them well before I put them in the soil in the barrel because it would warm faster than soil in the ground. I kept the barrel covered with an old storm window to warm the soil. I guess it just took them that long to wake up.

They look very energetic and ready for life. I am looking forward to watching them grow.


From the Back yard and Beyond

That First Yellow Morning

My eyes
accustomed to muted
winter forgot
until that first yellow morning
when the forsythia in full bloom
catches all the sun to hold in
blinding reminder
makes my heart beat faster
with the blood of a new spring.


From Portraits of Animals

The Woods in Spring in Black and White Film

This set of three 5 x 7 prints matted in polar white, framed in matte black 8 x 10 wood is 75.00, ready to hang or give as a gift. Other prints are available too.



Photos from around this date in previous years

Um, the Holidays are Over, 2022

black cat with ornaments
Giuseppe critiquing my housekeeping.

Do you think it might be time to put away the ornaments? Those holidays you yap about are over. I’m tired of looking at these ornaments and I’d like to nap here.

Well, Giuseppe, you are right, there. But you have plenty of places to nap. And what do you know about holidays? I guess I’d rather just watch the cobwebs gather on them.

Cobwebs on the display.

Really, I have some spiders that move fast. Cobwebs first appeared after I put the display up in December, and I dust the webs off every so often, to have them reappear overnight. It’s like the ones at my kitchen window that hook to the window frame then sweep off to touch each item on the windowsill, several of which I use every day or so. Nothing deters them.

I did get lazy about my display this spring, though, because I need to shuffle things around and clear out some storage places to be able to fit off-season things and display items like small easels and decorative lights. Instead, I went off and made new things. Do the fun things first. But I’ll get that spot cleared off for Giuseppe before the really warm weather starts because it’s right under the big ceiling fan.


Photos from around this date in previous years

Privacy, 2020

two black cats
Looking very serious.

These two gave up on #socialdistancing days ago. Bella has a major crush on Mr. Sunshine and sometimes she acts like a brazen unspayed girlcat, twirling and calling. Mr. Sunshine talks back to her, but of course it all ends there because, well, because. Then they cuddle together and they are just plain cute. He was there first, then Bella fit herself in there next to him. But in this moment they want me to give them some privacy. I get my photos first.

Aside from Mr. Sunshine and Bella and their little rendezvous, I’m really kind of impressed with the new capabilities of my little cell phone’s camera. It handled the dense black in most of the photo but still kept some detail on their faces, and didn’t overexpose the window. You can even see the color in their eyes, which it rarely caught. Until my DSLR is repaired, at least I can take better photos.


From Instagram

We were quite busy over the weekend, well, I was anyway, so I didn’t post too much on Instagram.

Apparently it’s my fault the weather is cold and rainy again.

black cat on steps
Mimi on the steps.

Mimi checks with the porch cats to see if they know who left the stanky peemail on the wicker chair. It took her a full two minutes to download it.

black cat on porch
Mimi checks with the girls on the porch.

Forsythia is particularly vibrant on dark, rainy days.



Photos from around this date in previous years

Can I Get Back to Birdwatching Now? 2019

Sienna is enjoying her sunny windowsill.
Sienna is enjoying her sunny windowsill.

All this sunshine lately! Kitties have been enjoying it on all the windowsills, especially this prized window in the bathroom.

I saw Sienna on the windowsill and of course had to take a few, more than a few, photos. She just wanted to do her thing and was a little impatient with my constant need for attention. But I did get the head tilt, open eyes focused on me, and the curled tail. Sienna got to watch her birds after that.


From Facebook and Instagram

These two.

These two.
These two.

Photos from years past.


Morning Thoughts, 2018

Morning Thoughts
Morning Thoughts

Morning is an unfocused time for me too.


Tucked In, Tuckered Out, 2017

Tucked In, Tuckered Out
Tucked In, Tuckered Out


I Have Vanquished the Blue Fuzzy, 2010

black cat wit blue fuzzy toy
“I have vanquished the blue fuzzy!”

Just a few words! Mewsette emerges into the sun with the blue fuzzy she has chased around and around and around my room until finally she captured it and presents it to me.

I am honored.

Her triumphal stance is priceless.

Possibly one of my favorite photos EVER, this was Mewsette’s “debut” in 2010, and another of the photos that encouraged me to post daily photos of my cats—I first posted this on my daily photo blog, Today, instead of posting it here! But I remember, and revisiting the folder of photos I took that day, that I only had one chance to get this shot, and it was only by luck that it was a clear and well-exposed shot. With Mewsette’s playful activity she only held still for a few seconds, and with the contrast in the sunlight and darkness it could have been completely overexposed or totally blurry. Lucky me! Enjoy Mewsette!

And you can purchase a print on my website. Scroll down a bit!


Yard Panther, 2016

My little yard panther strolling about her territory.
My little yard panther strolling about her territory.

Goodness, isn’t she gorgeous? Those long hind legs of hers always give her a look of being on the prowl. Mimi is just about her happiest strolling around in the back yard, and today’s weather did not disappoint. In fact, it was so nice it was really hard to come back inside. The wildflowers are beginning to bloom and there are buds everywhere, and Mimi would add that everything smells! It just smells all over! It’s so exciting!

Below are two of the photos I took during the few moments I turned my camera from my princess. Periwinkle is deeply symbolic to many cultures and in many ways, from its calming color to its unifying shape and its perennial, evergreen habit, a symbol of eternity and of being, of life force; it is a harbinger of spring and a reminder of the “dear departed” because, though it seems delicate and fragile it pushes aside the leaves of the previous year to spread its green leaves and bloom, and its glossy evergreen leaves withstand both freezing temperatures and heat. Visit by photo blog Today to read more about them.

. . . . . . .

Instagram and Facebook


Grocery Inspection

I get the same greeting everyone else does when they come in the door. I had my first ride–on my bicycle–to the grocery store and back and everything had to be thoroughly inspected, much more exciting than when I drive my car.

Six cats inspecting my groceries.
Six cats inspecting my groceries.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Super Pi Day Apple Crisp, 2015

Mimi is ready for her supervisory duties.
Mimi is ready for her supervisory duties.

Mimi is ready for kitchen supervision, making sure she is sitting on the recipe so I get to exercise my brain and see if I remember it.

The human had no space in the kitchen to make a pie crust this morning with bread and soups on the menu, so apple crisp it was. It’s pretty much the same thing especially if you’re a fan of crumble toppings, and I don’t need to use the round pie pans. I can use my favorite old beat up enamel pan, and for that pan I do know the recipe by heart and can get right to it, right after I remove Bella, who stepped right into it just like another kitty who liked to nap in pots and pans in the kitchen.

Bella finds the pan to be just her size.
Bella finds the pan to be just her size.

Add the apples. Well, I have to peel, core and slice them too, but it was a pretty picture. Typically I use Granny Smith apples but these are “Delicious” apples left over from an event with a fruit tray, a little soft, but good enough for a crisp.

Mixed apples for the apple crisp look pretty in the pan.
Mixed apples for the apple crisp look pretty in the pan.

I put some things to soak in the sink and turned around to see this. I know cats aren’t supposed to like these things but the bowl from the crumble topping was a big hit.

I turn my back and everyone heads for the mixing bowl from the crumb topping.
I turn my back and everyone heads for the mixing bowl from the crumb topping.

They’ve worked so hard they deserve their nap in the warm steamy kitchen while I had a piece of warm apple crisp…yum.

Smokie, Giuseppe and Mimi enjoy a well-deserved nap.
Smokie, Giuseppe and Mimi enjoy a well-deserved nap.

. . . . . . .

Later was cleaning time and the photo I posted on Facebook today. Don’t cat butts make you smile!

Everybody needs a little cat butt in their day. Bella is helping me clean by retrieving her favorite violet mousie from where she stashed it behind the filing cabinets by the window on top of the screens I have stored back there, one of her favorite secret violet mousie hiding spots. Great rainy Saturday activity!

Bella Butt
Bella Butt

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Who Is That Kitty?! 2013

Who is that kitty?!
Who is that kitty?!

I’m fairly certain Mewsette is playing a little game with herself when she plays peek-a-boo with herself at the edge of a mirror. Whether or not, she certainly seems to be having fun with it.

Whatever she’s doing, I almost can’t stand the cuteness. If I laugh, she comes over to talk to me, so I have to be really, really quiet, though she’s accustomed to my camera so I take it out on snapping about a dozen shots.

If you look closely on her hip you’ll see a kitty shadow. That’s her mom, enjoying a sunbath. Mewsette will soon join her again, after she is certain the other black kitty will stay in that mirror.

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watercolor of three black cats with spattered background
“Looking Out the Front Door”, cropped version, Watercolor, 6″ x 9″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

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