Daily Photo: The Problem With Kittens

Hey you, hey Mewsette.
Hey you, hey Mewsette.

…is that they have no idea how annoying they are. Or maybe they do. Mewsette is trying to enjoy the warm windowsill but Smokie sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle with a family member he hasn’t wrestled with yet!

Hey Mewsette, let's wrestle.
Hey Mewsette, let’s wrestle.

Mewsette is cool about this and just tries to ignore him, but Smokie can’t keep his paws off her, he just has to keep touching her.

He makes the mistake of kind of smacking her on the face when she turns to look at him…

Hey Mewsette, hey!
Hey Mewsette, hey!

Well, he gets that face, quick! Paws off.

Oh. Oops.
Oh. Oops.

No, he still can’t resist!

Come on, Mewsette, we never wrestle!
Come on, Mewsette, we never wrestle!

Oops, Mewsette, I didn’t mean that.

I've never wrestled with a GIRL Mewsette!
I’ve never wrestled with a GIRL Mewsette!

It’s all I can do to keep my patience and not smack this kid!

Maybe girls play pretty rough.
Maybe girls play pretty rough.

In moments, Smokie is right back to it.

Hey Mewsette, hey Mewsette!
Hey Mewsette, hey Mewsette!

Epilogue, she did eventually grab him and toss him off the top of the wardrobe. Mewsette doesn’t fool around—she grew up with three brothers—those three brothers! The ones who Smokie thinks he can wrestle with. I don’t think he’s going to bother Mewsette for a while.

. . . . . . .

Posted on Facebook today…

Oh no, we're not too hungry...
Oh no, we’re not too hungry…

No,we’re not too hungry. It’s the original Five house panthers, counterclockwise from the top it’s Mewsette, Mimi, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe in the back.

. . . . . . .

Looks like March 9 must be a day for five cats in the kitchen!


Breakfast Eyes, 2013
five black cats waiting for meal
Beautifully Waiting for Breakfast; Mimi, Bean, Mewsette, Giuseppe, Sunshine.

I love the early morning light at breakfast these days, and I’ll be sad to lose it beginning tomorrow…I know the Five like it too. They are much more animated than when it’s still dark, and I think they like the sun in their kitchen.

“Really,” I told them, “if you weren’t all so beautiful and didn’t look at me with such bright and trusting eyes you’d probably eat breakfast earlier, possibly dinner too.”

Instead I made them wait for their breakfast so I could take a few photos…a bunch of photos, since it takes a few tries to get them all looking at me at once. Mimi, as you can see, was having none of it, sitting back on the corner of the table with her lemon-slice eyes in slits. Often she is right in the middle of all her much larger children, but sometimes the press of them is a bit much for her. She is special, she will have me know.

Here’s another shot of them so everyone who sees these mealtime photos of them doesn’t think they always line up. They have a marvelous sense of composition when you get any number of them together.

five black cats waiting for meal.
A little scrambled…Mimi, Giuseppe, Bean, Mewsette, Sunshine.

See other photos of them waiting for their meals.

Patiently Waiting for Dinner

Still Celebrating Black Cats


And also see another of the many photos I took this morning—it’s of the blue pitcher with the light shining through it, but there’s a cat in it too! They didn’t have to wait for their breakfast for me to take Morning Blue.

. . . . . . .

And from 2014 but in another room…


We’re All Ready
five black cats waiting to play
When Does the Show Start?

I can tell I’ve had a busy week when they practically, very nearly, almost beg for a play session. Sitting at my desk I felt I was being watched. I turned around and saw this.

We haven’t had too much time for play this week as I got ready for my poetry reading and my car, which had needed some serious body work, became rather undrivable. But kitties have their needs regardless what’s happening in the world, and they know how to send me on a guilt trip. Everything is a little askew, but a game of stairway ball in the afternoon can surely be fun. And it’s also great fun to watch the human wave feather toys around as if she’s waving signal flags. Or so it seems.

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  • March 10, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    just let him have it Mewsette. Mom laughs when the kittens start annoying “Uncle” Tim. He makes this almost quack like sound but can’t be bothered to get up and move


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