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Daily Photo: The Past Two Weeks in Pictures

August 10: Just a beautiful moment, all eight in the regular household gathered in the kitchen in their favorite spots just enjoying the moment.

Bella and Mariposa are on the cat tree in the upper left, Hamlet is near them on the windowsill. Mimi is on the lazy susan in the center of the table, Sienna is on my placemat right next to her. Down in the lower right you can see Mr Sunshine’s back as he’s sleeping on the chair, and in the lower left Basil and Giuseppe share the top of the cabinet.

And… under the table is the Sleepypod where Jelly Bean spent his time in his last few weeks, right where it was before I moved the table there. And there’s an open spot on the middle shelf of the cat tree which was Mewsette’s favorite spot on this old cat tree, or she might have been on the table right by the window.

A little dancing light visited us too, I’m not sure of the source of it moving across the floor toward me.

Purrhaps it was all very intentional.

What an amazing family of cats.


It’s well past time I catch up with posts! This last part of the renovations is the most difficult, partly because we are all pretty fatigued by moving things, noise, being confined into an dout of different areas of the house, and getting accustomed to the changes since July 4 when I locked them out of the basement and moved everything out of it, even though I personally look forward to the work in place.

This time they installed all the new windows upstairs and started the bathroom on the same day, which engaged the entire upstairs. Demolishing the bathroom and removing the old windows was very loud and very messy with a huge crew here, though Thursday and Friday were much quieter, they were long days, and the basement has so much in it right now, along with Morty and Mr. Max while everyone was confined, it just about flipped them over the edge.

I slept in the kitchen with the cats, either sitting up at the table or Thursday night I actually brought blankets and a pillow down and slept on the floor. I didn’t want to leave them anyway, and also had my bed covered with my stuff and construction stuff. Not fond of the porta potty…thank goodness for neighbors, and for showers too. The windows in the bedrooms were finished on Friday and I set things up in each room, moving Mr. Max and Morty in first, then working on my bedroom until late in the night because I was determined we would all sleep in the bed.

This weekend we are catching up on sleep and relaxing a bit. I opened up the barricade (you’ll see that below) and don’t intend to close it. I can tell how they react when trucks pull up now, most run for the basement right away, and they’ll stay there. Mimi and the boys stay in the kitchen, but I will close the mesh door for safety.

My photos and videos below begin with July 20 just after the kitchen floor was finished and the last time I shared my IG posts, such as they have been, which hasn’t been too often until the last couple of days. But near the bottom you’ll see how we ended up in the kitchen and basement—Morty in a mesh kennel and Mr. Max hiding in my worktable, which had recently been his favorite spot in the studio! Mr. Max and Morty are back in the studio now, but Morty was a major disruptor this time when I let him out of his mesh kennel. Glad everyone has had the chance to cool off, including him and Mr. Max, though Giuseppe and Sunshine are smacking poor Basil now and then, thinking he’s Morty, I’m sure.

We are on a break for the weekend now, but they just dropped off the drywall for the bathroom in preparation for Monday’s crew. I’m so happy to know it’s that far along! The tub is in, the floor is covered but needs the board for the tile, outside walls repaired from rain damage and insulation in place, all plumbing and wiring done including the fan and light. So drywall and plaster finishing, then the toilet, then the tile and paint. I’m crossing my fingers I have a toilet in place Monday night!


July 20

Is that not the most beautiful kitchen floor you’ve ever seen? With that the first round of renovations is done!

Because this is my house made out of spare parts, they had a considerable amount of trouble leveling the floor and then laying these interlocking planks. It took probably twice as long as they scheduled but it’s done and it’s beautiful.

I spent yesterday late afternoon setting up a basic kitchen with a wash tub and then let all the kitties upstairs. But Giuseppe and Mr Sunshine knew this was imminent, and were meowing at the basement door hours before I opened it. So we’re back to kind of normal. They come back on August 10 to install the windows upstairs and start on the bathroom. I’ll be getting my kitchen cabinets somewhere in here.

After all that noise for 4 days, they’re not sure if it’s safe to come up.

Mimi’s not concerned, she actually wants to go out the basement door. But Basil, Bella and Mariposa are definitely holding back until they’re sure the coast is clear of strangers, noise making, flying pieces of home improvement products.


Mariposa actually came up fairly quickly and explored pretty bravely, then post herself looking cute in all the new places where she can sit. Bella came up and went back down several times before she stayed up but she was very cautious. Basil sat on the steps and looked at me with those big round eyes, and it was hours and lots of comforting head rubs for him before he actually came all the way upstairs and walked into the room. But then he was all over it.

Hamlet had already come upstairs and when I wondered why he wasn’t exploring I knew where he was. I found him stretched out on top of the wardrobe at the top of the stairs, is absolute favorite place in the whole world. He’s glad to be back in his happy place.


Mr. Sunshine christens the new kitchen floor in a sunpuddle that appeared just for him. I look forward to seeing a lot of this sort of activity in the years ahead.

Fun with Pepper the box monster.

I had some time to visit the foster kittens again after about 2 weeks. The big boy Juan was adopted, and the boss gray girl Kitty Purry was also adopted but she’s staying there until after her next FVRCP booster. So I got to see all four girls. The other gray girl is Moonlight, and the other black kitty is Midnight. How sweet if those two would be adopted together!

Pepper is the smaller of the two black kittens, but the bolder one, and she was ready for some play. They all took a little extra time to get used to seeing me again, but after that they were good.

The foster trapped a cat we presume is the mother cat last night and she’s going for her surgery appointment tomorrow. They certainly look like her, and she’s very like the black kittens, but a part of me speculates that she may be a half sibling to these kittens from a prior litter.

Once she’s released on Sunday night, we’ll move the kittens into the bathroom inside the house so they can socialize in the mix with humans. (More on this kitty in an upcoming post. Hint: she was not the mom, too young.)


July 22

I’m really glad I don’t have to lick my long hair several times a day to keep it clean. Mariposa works very hard on this. I could at least clean the mirror so she looks beautiful in her reflection too.


August 2

Mimi’s morning #meowga #meowditation .

I put a yoga mat out in the grass to dry.

Cats like to sit on new things.



August 4

“Something’s missing…” Mimi thinks.

Ah, yes, there is something missing. No blue tent and orange carpet. What is she going to do each day when she goes out the basement door?

The tent was not weathering well, literally. I’m not unhappy to see it go. Look at all that garden soil!

I added a little table to my kitchen… for the cats.

Actually I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit myself. The View always includes at least one cat, usually Mr sunshine, and what’s out my dining room window which always include some sundapples and some flowers and some leaves and maybe some birds. Not a bad deal. I’m planning to put a table here anyway so this is a good way to try it out.

Brothers co-grooming, a regular activity among the siblings. It could be that Mr Sunshine needs a little support that only his brother Giuseppe can give him. They still have each other.


August 6

Good morning.

Who, us? On the table? Is that a problem?

Cabinet is still a gathering spot for Mimi and the boys to nap and hang out and harass me for their senior lunch special.



August 7

Yes, kitties, this is the cabinet that was in the bathroom until just a bit ago but now it’s in the kitchen.

They think these little changes are actually kind of fun. But what it really means is that we’re getting ready for more renovations. And my least favorite activity anymore, carrying things around the house to get them out of the way.

This time it’s the second floor, we are getting four new windows, one in each of the bedrooms, one in the bathroom and one on the landing, and the entire bathroom is going to be gutted and remodeled.

When it comes to the second floor, when things need to be moved out of the way, that means I need to carry them downstairs. I’m glad I had some time off from doing this because my arms, my back, my shoulders, my hands, were all stiff and sore after moving the whole basement out and back in, and moving the kitchen downstairs and partly back up.

It needs to be done and I am really looking forward to it, but it’s going to be really weird not to have a bathroom for about a week. I get a porta potty in the driveway. And I can visit a neighbor for a shower.

Kitties will be confined to the kitchen and basement. Mr Max and Morty will come downstairs for long enough for the windows to be done, then depending on behavior will go back up in their studio even though it’s right next to the bathroom where it will be noisy.

I spent two weeks trying once again to integrate Morty and Mr Max with all the magic I have in my cat behavior magic kit. Mr Max is a perfect gentleman, a little shy, but very nice. Morty is okay for a day or two, then he starts targeting the weak links like Hamlet and chasing them all over the house, not for fun. So we’ll see how this works out.

August 8

Mimi is sitting in the exact geographic center of the rug.

This one she probably found easy to figure out, but she can even do it with something that doesn’t have a geometric pattern.

Mimi is truly amazing. My totally biased opinion.

When you stand in the rain with your mouth open to catch some raindrops, and they get all over your face too.

This is the current situation. I wanted to confine the cats to the kitchen and basement this time, so I needed something to block the kitchen doorway which doesn’t have a door nor woodwork and it has an archway at the top all of which present a lot of challenges.


The average screen door is either far too small or too big and the arch also presents a problem. Any screen door I got would be far too big for any other doorway in the house too so I decided to get a simple screen barrier. It’s one of those magnetic screens that attaches to the wall with velcro, magnets are along the center seam, when you walk through it they pull apart easily but then the curtain falls back behind you and all the magnets snap together again.

It would also open up if a cat walked through it so I added the baby gates inside and out, and the piece of foam core which is about as high as they can jump.

I put it up last night so they could get used to the idea and had decided that I would try to close off the doorway while they were eating their breakfast the day before the work started, and that would be today. But when all of them except Bella had already come down to the kitchen and were down in the basement using the litter box and looking out the basement door, I decided to lure Bella down here with treats and closed the screen and the baby gates behind her.

Sienna is an escape artist, and when they stayed in the basement she wasn’t with them because she ran upstairs to my bedroom and would not come down. So this time she was here but was not comfortable with being confined. At one point someone tried to get through there and all day long I looked for her up and down and thought there was a good chance she was hiding in some very small spot in my bedroom. But just a bit ago she appeared from the basement.

So now we’re getting used to it before and here we’ll stay until the work is finished. I’m sure once people start coming in the front door and walking up stairs and pounding away at the bathroom they’re not going to be so eager to get out of here


Couldn’t be a better morning for a #chewybox to arrive! It was like a reward for being good kitties.

“Just another crazy day in this weird house.”

#bellagirl uses the curtain rod as a chin rest.

August 9

So Morty is vacationing in a mesh dog kennel in the basement, for a few days anyway.

Renovations begin again today, and it was a very noisy day. They came with a big crew to do all of the windows today and to gut the bathroom in preparation for the renovations.

I thought they would be doing the bedroom windows one room at a time, instead they came with enough people to do both bedrooms at the same time. I had planned to move Morty and Mr Max from the studio to my bedroom when they got that window done and then move them back.

But they started working in my room. I was carrying Morty downstairs, everything was fine until the garbage truck monster came down the street just as I was about to put him in the kitchen. He ran back upstairs and hid under my bed which is all piled around with furniture and boxes and no way for me to get under there. They stopped working and I did manage to coax him out into the big mesh kennel, carried him outside and into the basement. I went back in the studio and Mr Max came right to me, I carried him to the kitchen and he’s been hanging out with the rest of them in the basement all day.

Mimi and Mr Sunshine and Giuseppe were in the kitchen with me, everyone else had found a convenient hiding spot in the basement. I spent some time downstairs with them and they wouldn’t even come out when I was there. It was quite a while after the noise stopped that one by one the girls came upstairs first and then the boys. I was able to let Morty out of the kennel for a good bit of the day until the others begin to emerge and he began to chase them.

Because all the demolition was done today, we are all hoping that today was the noisiest day and there are no more like this.

Mr Max seems to be enjoying his explorations down here.

I put one of Mimi’s old bell collars in apple green on him today so that I could both tell him from the others and know where he was.

He is such a sweet kitty. Still looking for his own forever home though, so if you find yourself in need of a sweet and charming 10-year-old housepanther Mr Max is your man cat.

Mimi supurrvises the kitchen window installation.



August 11

Okay, who sees a row of kitties and even a paw and a little negative-space tail in the center? It’s a circular saw blade! I think I want one just to decorate with.

Tools! Mr Sunshine was in his glory when the guys came in the kitchen with tools to work on the kitchen window and he could hang out with their tools and supurrvise their work.

Mimi has changed her outdoor napping chair preference from wicker to vintage retro webbing. Maybe because it’s right outside the basement door and apparently it’s irresistible.

Mr Sunshine, the adventure cat!

They finished up for the day and for the week at about 5:00 and won’t be back until Monday. Since the bedroom windows are finished I can move things back in place in the studio and the bedroom.

I decided to set up the studio first for Morty and Mr Max, and I’m moving things and sweeping away in there and I see a black cat walk in the room and don’t think anything of it until I remember that everybody is still confined downstairs!

I look to see who it is and it’s Mr Sunshine! And he’s very pleased with himself. I carried him back downstairs and saw how he’d gotten out of the barrier, one side of it pulled loose from the wall. Remember that this cat has a malignant mass on his spleen, liver disease, early kidney disease, and precancerous nodes all over the inside of his abdomen, but that doesn’t even slow him down.

No one else was out and I thought what’s the difference? I can try to confine them again on Sunday night, but I could tell they were getting pretty stressed at this being the third time they’ve been confined while strange things are happening in the house. Come Monday, they would most likely run for the basement and the bedroom at the first sight or sound of strangers pulling up and at that point I can close the basement and bedroom doors and everybody can be safe in their favorite hiding places for the day.

I set Mr. Sunshine down and I took the barriers down and just left the screen curtain. I can tell they still feel a little strange so they can take their time and wander around and hide again or whatever it takes for them to get themselves accustomed to it.

Mr Max and Morty back in the studio with a new and beautiful window. Morty is happy to be back in there, Mr Max is not so sure.

Morty spent half his time in the basement in his kennel and half his time, probably more than half his time, out of it. All the former feral kitties hiding in the basement gave him a wide berth when he was out of his kennel. I think it was one of the stressors for everyone so I’m glad to let them all go back to the places where they want to be.

Mr Max really isn’t sure about that. He stayed around my work tables in the basement, ate his meals there, when I took him up to the studio he and Morty hissed each other but Mr Max also has non-recognition aggression when Morty has come back from the vet.

So I let him work it out as he wandered around the studio sniffing things. I went back to check on him a little later and he wanted out so I let him out. He hung around upstairs and when I went back to check on him again he wanted in. So I let him in and spend some time with them. When I went out he wanted out, Giuseppe was on the landing and he wasn’t so sure and decided to stay in the room.

This went on for a couple of hours. For now he’s decided to stay in the room but I would be happy, I think he would be happy, and I even think Morty would be happy if he came out of the room. So we’ll see how this works.

Thanks for the donations and purchases!

Anything that comes in—donations are nice but purchases are great too—goes toward their care.

Not counting medications and prescription foods, costs totaled $5,994.00 paid out of my accounts, and $1,000.00 on my Care Credit card, $900.00 still owed to MedVet.

I am grateful for straight donations of $1,568.00 plus an additional $200 this week, and those of you who purchased things to help me cover costs came to about $600 because a few people purchased original art as well as other merchandise. Outside of that, HCMT paid upfront for some expenses at Companions First for both Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette, and Hearts and Paws paid $300 toward Jelly Bean’s appointment at Companions First, I paid only the balances from that which is included in my total above.

You can read the details of the veterinary care provided to which cat and when in this post.

A friend pledged to cover Morty’s prescription foods until I can get him back to the veterinarian for some blood tests so we can find out more about his particular condition, and all of them need to eat. I want to keep them all comfortable in whatever way is best for each cat.

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If you have any questions, please let me know! And thanks for any help.


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    • OMG, of course it’s staying! I made sure they took care of it during demolition–it’s out on my front porch. That and the tank lid are still intact and going back in. It’s sweet you remembered! Too many memories tied up in that to let it go.


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