Daily Photo: Some Little Tabby Kitties!

two cats
Do you think Mariposa is planning something?

Sometimes, Mariposa can be annoying, but just a little bit. Really, she just wants to share some time with one of the other cats, and she does respect space and distance, but sometimes it’s just the fact she’s THERE that puts Bella on alert.

Bella likes to gracefully drape herself on things or off of things, knowing the sleek and elegant housepanther that she is, as here where she settled on the stool by the front door to observe the activities in the front yard, with dignity and one long front leg dangling.

Mariposa likes the log section by the doorway, and climbs on it, scratches on it, rubs her face on it, and curls her little self up on it, so the fact that she was THERE was not so surprising. But that she was THERE at that moment, after Bella arrived on the stool set the tip of Bella’s tail twitching, was the point. Still, it was okay when Mariposa was just sharing the space, watching the birds, relaxing in one of her favorite places.

But then she had to go and ruin it by trying to TOUCH Bella.

Bella looked down at Mariposa.

Mariposa stopped.

And that was that.

two cats
Mariposa reaches out…



From Instagram

Catching up some more…

October 6: They work so hard today, and then they all cuddled on the bed for a nap. And that’s when I got my work done.

seven cats on bed
Seven cats on bed.

October 8: Purrfectly camouflaged.

black cat in weeds
Mimi in the garden.

October 12: We’re getting a slow start to the morning. They’re sitting on my boxes of greeting cards hoping that will stop me from getting up and having another really busy day. I’m totally happy just to sit in my chair for a few hours and kind of get it together after a really busy, really exciting week. And my feet still hurt.

four cats in baskets
Four cats in baskets.

October 12: Brother and sister sharing a basket.

two black cats in basket
Brother and sister.

October 13: Yay, the sun came out! Mimi has a good scratch on her favorite scratching post.

October 13: Look in the upper right corner. A visitor during our backyard outdoor time today. Her baby came through before she did.

October 14: It’s #whiskerwednesday, and Mewsette haz ’em.

October 14: Like mother like daughter, they have the same profile. Apparently, we have a visitor out front.

October 15: My foot warmers last night. There were five, the Jelly Bean decided to come over for pets.

October 15: Bella has some interesting sleeping postures.

From the back yard and beyond

Calico asters.

Many-flowered asters with autumn joy sedum in the background. Autumn asters in the garden, many flowered asters and calico asters, two of my absolute favorites, with autumn joy sedum in the background, another favorite, now a lovely deep rose color. They are native wildflowers and show up here on their own. Maybe they grow here because they know how much I love them.

This morning’s raindrops. Note how these wild asters volunteering in my garden are very gently violet. I love them.

The four o’clocks were still open this morning. They’ve been blooming steadily since mid-July. Seeds are everywhere. What joyful flowers. Thanks for the gift, Norma.

From around this date in past years

Dresser Drawer Cat Bed, 2019

Mimi and Bean in the drawer.
Mimi and Bean in the drawer.

Just open a drawer, instant cat bed. Plus mother-son cuteness. You’re never too big for a bath from your mom.

Mimi got it started yesterday, a cold, dark, rainy day as I put away some laundry but Mimi just had to be in that drawer. Bean joined her and soon they were bathing and being cute and then napping.

Later I went in to see Mimi had left, Bean was curled up and Mr. Sunshine had joined him. And then Mariposa was sure she could wiggle herself in between the boys for a nap. The dresser drawer cat bed experiment continues. Sorry it’s so blurry, but she was so cute.

Mariposa wiggles in.
Mariposa wiggles in.

And she did manage to wiggle herself in, sort of, and also sleeping on top of the boys. Not that they noticed. She gets away with everything.

Napping in the drawer.
Napping in the drawer.


Napping in the drawer.
Napping in the drawer.

And also…No, Mimi, no matter which door you look out, you won’t find that warm sunny autumn day that was yesterday when you napped in the sun on the rocker.

Mimi on the rocker
Mimi on the rocker



Photos Shared on Previous Years

Three, Four, Five Black Cats, 2017

Three cats trying to balance.
Four cats trying to balance.

This situation never really worked out for everyone involved, but it was surely entertaining.

Some days they all need to sleep in a heap as they did when they were kittens, but they don’t always choose a spot that accommodates them at today’s size and weight. I piled a bunch of stuff on the rocker because it all needed to move out of the house in one way or another. My cats love new set ups and new items, and that was probably the attraction for them to try to add themselves to this uneven pile of stuff.

Above, they are all settled, but some of them are slowly sliding off the pile…

Below, they all got up and resettled, sort of. Some kitties are obviously not comfortable.

Four cats settling in.
Four cats settling in.

Then finally they find another point of balance and they each get a little bit of sleep until…

Four cats asleep.
Four cats asleep.

Mimi joins them! And it all falls apart. Small as she is, there is just no way they can all fit there and relax and have a nap.

Mimi joins them!
Mimi joins them!

So it ends up with the three who started it, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Mr. Sunshine.

A three-cat clover.
A three-cat clover.

I just want everyone to know that we do have beds and baskets and boxes all over the house.


From Instagram

Working backward from this morning…

Mr. Sunshine is enjoying a dark, rainy day in his best form–on the bean counter, on his back, all toes curled in bliss.

Sunshine at his best.
Sunshine at his best.

From Sunday in the kitchen…

Good thing I needed the stock pot today so Mimi could have a cozy nap spot.

Mimi has a good nap spot.
Mimi has a good nap spot.

Even when her boys wanted to share it with her.

They boys want to share.
They boys want to share.

Easy Sunday cuddle puddle with Bean and Basil.

Bean with Basil
Bean with Basil



. . . . . . .

Special photos from previous years on this date

Now That’s a Scratching Post, 2016

Now that's a scratching post!
Now that’s a scratching post!

Nos that’s a scratching post! Mimi and I spent some time outside this afternoon and she ran for the river birch as soon as she saw it and had a really good, long scratch. She scratched so hard that she ended up with bark chips on her face! Watching her in this I could imagine how good it felt—stretching her back, her legs, exercising her paws, getting a good, deep grip in the bark and yanking pieces off.

Mimi has bark chips on her face.
Mimi has bark chips on her face.

. . . . . . .

Special photos from previous years on this date

Daily Photo Reprise: May I See Some ID? 2010 and 2007


May I see some I.D.?
May I see some I.D.?

“This is a private party for ‘Cats Who Drink Straight from the Tap’. You need to be a member of this club to enter.”

“This is my bathroom.”

“This is our bathroom. We grew up in here.”

“This is my house.”

“Nonsense. We spend more time here than you do.”

“I’m your human.”

“That’s nice.”

“I open the food.”

“Of course you do.”

“I might decide not to.”

“Of course you won’t.”

“Who turns on the faucet for this party?”


“Guess you have to let me in.”

“I was going to anyway.”


Stay tuned for a vintage dose of cuteness

. . . . . . .

Mr. Sunshine in 2007.
Mr. Sunshine in 2007.

So he not only has a little bit of practice at this head-tilt thing, he’s also sitting in nearly exactly the same spot!

Right now the vintage mint green sink is to your left as you walk in the door, flush in the corner, but when they were babies the end of the tub was in that corner. It really was a favorite ambush spot! When the bathroom was completely rearranged and my sink ended up there, Mr. Sunshine just “got a raise” because he still does this today!

But to put him in perspective, he is at about 8 weeks old, just about exactly five years ago, in fact, and here is what the little fuzzball looked like when I walked into the room…

Tiny Mr. Sunshine!
Tiny Mr. Sunshine!

To see other photos of the Fantastic Four as babies, search Curious Quartet, which is what I called them as kittens.

. . . . . . .

Special photos from previous years on this date

Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Kittens

black cat silhouettes
Bella eyes Smokie’s tail as they enjoy the windowsill.

. . . . . . .

Daily Photo Reprise: Back on the Butterfly, 2010

Back on the Butterfly.
Back on the Butterfly.

The furnace came on the first time this season on Sunday night, and Peaches wandered into my office and sat in front of the furnace vent at the foot of the stairs, her favorite sleeping spot. In honor of the occasion I unpacked the cleaned and rested butterfly rug for her comfort.

Just as if the heating season had never ended last spring, the boys all gravitated toward it and joined Peaches while she tucked herself in between them. Giuseppe and Jelly Bean gave her a few licks and purred, but mostly they just transferred warmth and youthful energy. I swear it’s what keeps her going so well.

I just have to leap over them to get to the steps, but what’s a little inconvenience for the comfort of up to six cats?

One caution if your cats sleep around heating sources such as furnace vents, wood stoves or cooking stoves—make sure they don’t press against any heat-producing source. Cats are heat seekers, but they can easily burn through their fur down to their skin if they curl up against a standard furnace vent, the legs or other parts of some wood stoves, especially older ones, fireplace apparatus like screens or andirons while the fire is burning, some radiators or even an old-fashioned gas stove top with the pilot underneath. You’d think they’d know they were burning themselves, but haven’t you ever burned yourself on the stove or on a grill and not immediately known it?

This vent is intended for high-traffic areas and is an alloy coated with Teflon. It doesn’t hold enough heat to burn skin or fur while the furnace is blowing hot air unless the furnace goes above 85 degrees (mine never sees 70). I tested it with my own hand.

I have all my other vents, which are basic painted metal and can’t be replaced because of their size and placement, surrounded with a wire cage—nothing fancy, I made it out of vinyl-coated fencing held far enough away from the vent that the wire or vinyl can’t build up enough heat on the outside of the cage. Most newer wood stoves or other burners have protective barriers on legs and parts around the bottom, but the fireplaces and stoves are still an issue requiring care. I actually had a cat who slept on the stove top over the pilot, and I had to layer cookie sheets over it so he wasn’t directly in contact with the hot metal where he repeatedly re-burned his front leg.

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