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Daily Photo Reprise: Littered With Cats

six cats in one photo
Littered With Cats

From January 2011, a sunny morning in the kitchen. Yes, this similar to another recent photo reprise, but this one includes Cookie looking out the door, Mimi having a sun bath, and the Fantastic four just, well, littering the floor. Something about that January morning sun

What happens when the winter sun shines in the back door in early morning for the second day in a row? Everybody takes advantage of it.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a lasting sunny morning, some bright ones with cold haze, mostly cloudy or overcast covers it before an hour has passed. Yesterday and today were bright blue and sunny; yesterday everyone in the household (including me) stepped into this strange, unfamiliar substance, warm sunlight in the house. Today, all the cats had it down right away and after a brief romp around the house and a sip from the bathroom faucet, all of them came back to the kitchen, collecting in the warmth by the door.

From the front is Mr. Sunshine, crouching, and Giuseppe, sitting up; these two have a way of looking slightly guilty no matter the situation. Then Mewsette is cleaning her foot and Jelly Bean is purringly balled up next to the door. In the far distance, Mimi is on the left, swinging around for a lick on the hip, and Cookie is longingly gazing out into the yard; she and I had been out earlier, but she can never get enough of her outdoors, except when I haven’t managed to make it warm for her. Only Kelly isn’t in this photo; she’s a little intimidated by the Big Four and while she was mingling a bit she left for her other sunny windowsill.

I do have a number of photos of my cats at the back door, but this is the maximum quantity I captured at one time, and very special to me because it includes Cookie, who was by then in deep mentoring with Mimi, her little grasshopper.

The other recent photo is “Enough Sun for Everyone” and the post is “A Very Special Daily Painting: ‘Forty Five Lives’ by Kimberly Kelly Santini”

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One thought on “Daily Photo Reprise: Littered With Cats

  • That is a lovely picture and a great memory too 🙂
    Sunshine is something we love savouring .
    We are not likely to see the sun until Friday,
    but that is OK as it will be warmer than it has been.
    We just hope the rain washes away all the snow and especially the ice.
    Mom says it is too hard to walk on and is slippery.
    We would prefer the sun though…
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie


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