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Daily Photo Reprise: A Little Dose of Afternoon Sweetness, 2011

tortoiseshell cat on windowsill
Kelly is ready for her closeup.

From August 16, 2012:

I have a video to share of total sweetness in a kitty. You might remember that Kelly was my Lead Crochet Tester, and that she immediately occupied anything crocheted in any form—under construction, headed for the wash, being worn by me, it didn’t matter, when Kelly saw crochet or felt it under her paws it was Kelly’s bed right away.

Even before I lost Kelly last weekend, and even before I knew she was developing any illness, I was compiling all the things she’d done that inspired me and were just simply the cuteness of Kelly, which I always called “the full Kelly effect”. I always described her as timid and shy, and indeed she was, but when it was just her and me and she felt safe, her little personality was almost too much. Still photos caught her beauty, but I really needed a video of Kelly being Kelly so you could see and hear her little greeting and her quick routine of running a few steps, a quick downward cat and upward cat ending in a balletic stretch of her right then left hind legs in turn, pointing the toes far out behind her, each move bringing her one step closer and eliciting another Kelly word, such a performance.

I was never successful in that because my little digital camera, which I use for video, wasn’t up to the task of following Kelly. But I did manage to get her on video one afternoon last August, just about exactly a year ago (in 2011), offering to test some crochet work for me. I walked into the studio to spend a little time with her and work on my crochet project, and when she saw me she got up and did her greeting, then when I sat down and pulled out my crochet she purred and walked all over it. So I decided to video her in this, set up the camera, turned it on, walked back into the room and offered her the crochet work. She didn’t talk for me, but she was extra sweet and accommodating with my silly projects and I thought I’d share it. My crochet didn’t quite pass the test, but Kelly let me slide, this time. Just try not to be put off by my silly high-pitched voice!

You can also click here to watch Kelly the Crochet Tester on YouTube.

I have no idea what she smells on it, but I was in the kitchen right before I went upstairs.

You can see she is on the windowsill in the studio, right in the spot where I managed to get my favorite photo of her. I would have been one failed photographer if I hadn’t gotten at least one photo of her here; this was her favorite place in the house, on this windowsill, from the day she arrived, and I had plenty of opportunities to photograph her, and did.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Reprise: A Little Dose of Afternoon Sweetness, 2011

  • Kelly has discerning taste when it comes to crochet!

    • RumpyDog, she was so funny–she would crawl right onto something and turn around 32 times and have a bath–while I was working on it!

  • Oh Kelly, we don’t remember you so we sure are glad to see you. What a great video of you and what a huge help you are to the Mom. It is so nice that you help her with her crochet stuff.
    By the way, Two Two does keep the Person here in stitches.
    Have a great Sunday.

    • Kelly was just such a character, Marg, I’ll never forget. Glad you have Two Two to make you laugh!


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