Daily Photo: Mr. Sunshine’s Turn

two black cats
I’m sure Mr. Sunshine only has good things in mind!

I don’t know if I like Mr. Sunshine’s expression! The little bun has been hanging out with the other big guy lately. Mr. Sunshine wasn’t too fond of kitten antics and hissed a lot, feeling good when Smokie and Bella cringed–sometimes I think he did it just for effect. No more hissing, but I’m not sure he doesn’t have something up his feline sleeve. Mr. Sunshine is pretty clever.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to be a good boy!”

two black cats
Smokie and Mr. Sunshine study something important.

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I’m Not Cute, I’m Contemplating the Tao, 2013
black cat
Jelly Bean’s serious face.

I don’t get any respect because everyone thinks I’m so cute.

I may be cute, but cute is only skin deep. Beneath my admittedly perfectly cute exterior is a very different house panther than the one everyone thinks exists. In other words, the Jelly Bean that can be named is not the Jelly Bean that is.

Sometimes I sit perfectly still with my eyes closed or blinking slowly and my human says I look sleepy, but I am considering very deep ideas while I sit in contemplation in a box or near a window. I am truly meditating about the eternal satisfaction of the dinner to come, yet enjoying my current hunger as part of the dinner experience. And for a really deep subject I consider how deeply I have dug into the litterbox, and consider the perfection of what I’ve placed there.

I find great joy in simple activities, like chasing a short piece of heavy rope on the kitchen floor, which fills me with such joy I must race the full length of the room repeatedly and leap over the rope each time without touching it to enhance my enjoyment of actually, finally, landing on it and dancing with pure ecstasy. And then there is the exquisite joy of a meditative nap, and ignoring all efforts to distract me from my meditation my siblings, mother or human.

And indeed I am so full of joy that, when my brothers grow far too serious in a brotherly little wrestling match I never lose my sense of humor.

And my human always reaches to touch my white belly spot while I’m bathing it, calling it my “Buddha spot”, and we know it is good luck to rub the Buddha’s belly—except that even there, it is not the true Buddha whose belly you rub but the Buddha you anticipate.

There is much about me that no one recognizes but some day the truth will come to the light. For now I am in need of serious contemplation in the form of a meditative nap.

black cat napping.
Meditative nap.

. . . . . . .

Don’t Worry, Giuseppe, 2012
two black cats cuddling
Jelly Bean protects Giuseppe from the monster.

“Don’t worry Giuseppe, I won’t let the monster get you,” Jelly Bean said, comforting Giuseppe. Giuseppe is very sensitive, so extra care must be taken when he is frightened. It’s unfortunate the brave and elegant Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite isn’t here to comfort him, so Jelly Bean will have to do. But then again, perhaps we don’t want Mlle. to know Giuseppe puts his tail between his legs and runs into the corner on the floor behind the computer when something frightens him.

Actually, they were both sleeping under the kitty keep-warm lamps at my desk, being more adorably cute than I could handle, which caused me to take at least 17 photos of them before I made myself stop taking photos. Do you have any idea how many photos I have of cats cuddling under the kitty keep-warm lamps at my desk? I’m not certain of a number, but it’s in the gigabytes.

But on a more serious note, perhaps Giuseppe is frightened by the stories he has read on the interwebs about what might happen to black cats around Halloween. Jelly Bean and Mlle. would certainly protect him, but Mlle.’s mama and I keep our black cats inside. We hope that all black cats have a safe place to go during this time of the year.

Below, they are back to sleep, and still distracting me.

two cats cuddling under light
Back to sleep.

. . . . . . .

In My Drawer, 2011
black cat in drawer
Mr. Sunshine sits in his magic drawer.

Everything looks so different when I sit in my drawer and look at it.

When Mr. Sunshine is in his magic drawer, he cannot be seen and does not hear earthly commands, such as, “Get out of the drawer, I opened it to put away my clean, folded underwear. I’d like to put down this stack of underwear now. Please get out of the drawer.”

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