Daily Photo: More Photos of Simba and Louie, and Some Introductions

two black cats
Louie and Simba

“We are ready to supurrvise you!”

Everywhere I turn…

two black cats

I am so behind on sharing photos of these two, mostly because I’ve taken so many and just can’t dig through them all for the best ones. Plus, it’s the holiday season and I’ve been busy with making things and getting ready for my holiday open house—and, of course, these two have been a big help in that!

black cat with toy
Louie Blue

The last I wrote of them, Louie was still in hiding for part of the time and Simba was grabbing all the attention. Not so much anymore. Louie takes cover when I do something a little noisy in the studio or when I lift something overhead, otherwise he’s out and ready for love. Simba is not bothered by anything and will take all the attention if he can, so their balance is up to me. I’ve gotten pretty good at waving a wand toy in each hand, one for each of them, and handing out treats with both hands. I’m already pretty good at petting two cats at once, so we’re in good shape in the love and pets department.

I’ve also been opening the door for longer periods of time each day, whether I’m in the room or out. They get a chance to see each other through the baby gate, and sometimes even stretch and look over the top. The hisses and growls have quieted down, but truly face to face that would happen again, I know. I have the feeling Louie would not be interested in meeting all those other cats right away and would be a little frightened at first, but in time it would probably be okay. Simba is right on it, and I’ll have to keep after his big personality.

My guys, I guess we’ll see. Here they are waiting outside the door for me to open it and let them see and smell and talk to they new kitties. They are very experienced in this!

They are very photogenic! Here are just a bunch of photos.

Art Cat
Louie Blue too.

A long-term foster, possibly to adopt

I am looking for a long-term foster, possibly to adopt, and considering their dynamics they don’t need to go together. Midnight Louie would do well with another cat with his demeanor: cautious, but friendly, but he’d also do well as an only cat. Simba would need to be paired with cats of his demeanor who are ready for some rough but friendly handling.

I’ve had more than 12 cats in here many times over the years, but success in that depends on the cats involved as well as how I manage it. Midnight Louie is intimidated by Simba, and seemed to be intimidated by all the cats in the house he came from, and this may just be too many cats. A dominant personality like Simba would be difficult to fit in between Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe, and while the siblings and Mimi fostered many cats young, old and in between for several years, they are not as young and flexible as they were in those days and I respect that. It would be a very long-term and difficult undertaking that may not work well for most of the cats involved.

And I need that space to get my work done in there. That’s where I work on portraits and illustrations, make my votives, keepsake boxes, cat signs, jewelry and most of the other small gift items that I sell. I also print all fabric transfers and trim fabric, print and trim greeting cards and so many other things, and that’s all new for my studio. Not until this year have I made the volume of handmade goods that I do. I need them all to make my living. It’s cute, but it’s hard to work with cats interacting with my stuff. Cat hair sticks to everything, and people with cats understand cat hair but they don’t want some other cat’s hair in their gift.

Also, provisions. I have plenty of toys—friends bring toys for my cats all the time and we enjoy them while I share some with the fosters and others I help support with donated goods. Their foster brought food and treats and Denise gave me some she knew they liked, and my wonderful friends at Pet People in Green Tree helped me with food and litter and some interactive toys and scratching items that had been returned.

But I am just at my limit with food and litter for 10, so if anyone would want to help in that respect I’d gladly accept it. Any cans of pate would be wonderful. Simba prefers dry food, and while I’d rather start moving him to canned food to help reduce his weight, Louie prefers wet food and that difference helps ease one important potential stressor—they aren’t competing for food. Simba’s food is Purina One, but I also gave him some other brands of donated dry food and he ate anything I put in his bowl.

I usually use wood pellet litter but I didn’t want to change their litter so dramatically when they came here. I don’t like clay because of the dust, or anything scented, and right now am using a donated bag of walnut shell litter. Any of those lightweight ones would be wonderful.

Send me an email: bernadette at bernadette-k dot com, or if you’d like to contribute money for goods, you can do that by visiting www.PortraitsOfAnimals.net and purchasing one of the things I make. Also, my Paypal address is bernadette@bernadette-k.com and my Venmo is @Bernadette-Kazmarski.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: More Photos of Simba and Louie, and Some Introductions

  • December 3, 2021 at 10:11 pm

    They are such cuties.

  • December 3, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    doodz….itz veree nice two meet ewe both…..we iz late in R welcome but say welcome none de lezz

    we hope ewe both findz yur foreverz place…..de gurl will chex out de pantree N see if we can
    sendz sum canned goodz yur way…:) ♥♥


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