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Daily Photo: Kitten Room Invasion

two black cats
Bella and Smokie enjoy the bed while the boys are in the bathroom.

So what was Smokie discovering as he peeked around the bathroom doorframe in today’s Wordless Wednesday?

Yes, that’s right. As soon as I let Smokie and Bella out of their room in the morning Giuseppe and Jelly Bean walked right in and demanded to have their bathroom back. I can see why—it’s a snug and sunny little room, especially on a blustery day, and the two used to spend hours cuddling together on the bath mat. And, of course, they grew up in there…

Bella and Smokie didn’t know what to do—they were excited their ninja teachers were in their room, even if they were tired of their room and wanted to go exploring. So Bella hopped in the tub to play with Giuseppe and the cat track in the tub, and Smokie showed off how nicely he uses his scratching post. Soon they were ready to look out each window and spend some time exploring more of the basement, and Giuseppe and Bean did nap in there until afternoon. Smokie and Bella had the bed all to themselves for a while. I didn’t hear anyone complaining.

two black cats
Smokie and Bella have the bed to themselves.

What other photos did I feature on this date?


But Whose Foot is It?, 2012
two black cats in basket
But whose foot?

The problem with black cats is you can’t always tell where one ends and the next begins.

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine were lounging in their favorite basket, cuddling and bathing and getting up and moving around and settling back down again. I watched out of the corner of my eye, trying not to be totally distracted as they grew cuter by the minute, then this foot poked out.

Which one of the two of them was it attached to? Mewsette has much bigger feet than this, but looking at them from this level it looked like it was Mewsette’s and couldn’t possibly be Mr. Sunshine’s because he was curled the other way. Right?

Then the foot moved and Mewsette opened her eyes. Perhaps her expression might give you a clue.

two black cats in basket
Mewsette looks a little annoyed.

I had to move Mimi in order to stand up, but she understood. Finally I could see that Mewsette was curled to the left and Mr. Sunshine was curled to the right with his head on her back.

two black cats in basket
They were curled completely opposite of what I was thinking!

Oh, the silly things I spend time on.

. . . . . . .

From the Archives: Moses’ Nose
gray kitty nose
Moses’ Nose.

I’ve mentioned Moses, my sweet formerly feral silver tabby, a few times in stories lately, and in researching photos for a project I flipped past this photo of her—of her nose, in a position I always loved as her chin was tucked into her chest, such a very common posture for her. I know she was purring her soft little breathy purr and the tip of her tail was tapping the wood of the deck with happy regularity. She was getting her daily thermonuclear treatment and nothing, nothing at all, was going to make her move until the sun was gone.

Read about My Favorite Feral, and My Enlightenment, and see other photos of Moses.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and I’ll be featuring the roles my senior cats played in my life all through the years they spent with me.

Browse some rescued cats and kittens!


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