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Daily Photo: I Don’t See Bella Here, Do You?

black cat with flower pots
I can’t see Bella here.

Bella has a lively imagination. She plays like she’s stalking and pouncing on three mice at one time. When she looks at a toy, or something that’s not a toy but becomes a toy for her, I can tell it’s shape-shifting into a parade of different prey animals right there before her eyes. Practice makes purrfect.

So here, I looked where she was looking and there was no other cat there, no toy, nothing that could be a toy except maybe an awkward toy, nothing hide-worthy that I could see. And yet, there she was, making up some drama of survival. Or maybe just looking at the world from her own unique point of view. I can imagine the stories Bella would write.

black cat with flower pots
She’s definitely hidden.


From Instagram

Enjoy the sunshine while we wait for the next snowstorm! Hamlet makes nice use of negative space with his contrasty pose, reminiscent of Picasso.

black cat on box
Hamlet in the sun.



From the Garden and Beyond

Something Pretty

Something pretty. I thought this was a stained glass panel at the top of a wooden fence as I came down the street, but it’s the Christmas lights filled with sunlight.

Something pretty.


From around this date in past years

Birdwatching Out All the Windows at Once, 2021

tortoiseshell cat
Sienna looks at me.

Multi-talented Sienna watches birds out the side window, the front window and the front door, and never has to get up and move! I love the speckles in her right ear. Like her tortie spots, they are random and she doesn’t have them in both ears.

Sienna is very affectionate, wildly playful and very active, but always a little timid, sometimes very timid. The occasional calming collar works wonders for her. She also has occasional urinary idiopathic cystitis and we’re pretty certain the timid nature is tied to that, either caused by feeling vulnerable because of the discomfort of the condition, or the condition is caused by the stress of her condition. Idiopathic cystitis is difficult to find a cause for, but this year I hope to look farther into this condition to see if we can find out the cause. In the meantime she is absolutely the best little tortie.


From Instagram

Just a little bit of rain.

Jelly Bean says, “You forgot to show off my whiskers on #whiskerwednesday!!” And his pretty teefs.

Sienna is ready to #supurrvise.


From around this date in past years

Supurrvisor Sienna, 2020

tortie cat
Sienna on my lap.

Someone is very pleased to have my lap all to herself.

From Instagram

A good day to sit and watch the rain.

three black cats at window
Three at the window.

Still one basket open for today’s basket nap-a-thon!

three black cats in baskets
One basket left.

Time to get up and stretch, clean up, and change places for renewed napping.

five black cats in baskets
The late-day lineup.

Mimi and I did get some time outdoors.


Photos from around this date in previous years

Sienna Says Hello, 2019

Sienna greets me at the bathroom door.
Sienna greets me at the bathroom door.

A sunny room is very popular at any time of year, but especially on a cold winter day. Sienna usually snoozes on my desk chair downstairs, but apparently couldn’t resist the sun streaming down the stairs and ran up to the bathroom to enjoy basking on the windowsill. She greeted me when I came in the room and asked if we could keep the sunshine. I’d love to!

Sienna wants to know if we can keep this sunny stuff around.
Sienna wants to know if we can keep this sunny stuff around.

Photos from years past.


Bella’s New Obsession, 2015

Bella watches a squirrel high up in the tree.
Bella watches a squirrel high up in the tree.

Squirrel. Squirrel for a snack. Squirrel for dinner. Squirrel for breakfast. Bella sits transfixed, barely breathing, making plans, figures there are enough squirrels out there to feed the family for quite some time. How to get them…

We don’t dislike squirrels, we just know that’s what Bella has on her mind. And she talked to Mimi about it, and Mimi confirmed Bella’s suspicions. I’m not sure how Buddy feels about that.

Buddy seems to feel a little threatened.
Buddy seems to feel a little threatened.

But Bella and I also spent some time together birdwatching, lurking below the windowsill, holding completely still, me with my camera, Bella with her ears flat. We saw a whole flock of goldfinches, drab in their winter feathers with just a flash of yellow at the throat. Bella is very excited by their fluttering when they’re all together.

We watched a bunch of goldfinches.
We watched a bunch of goldfinches.

And we were both transfixed by a busy little chickadee that would hop from one branch to another to the feeder, grab one seed, flutter off to a branch and talk about it, chick-a-dee, chick-a-dee-dee-dee, and finally break it open and eat the seed inside, then start all over again.

And a chickadee.
And a chickadee.

Mimi came outside with me to do some outdoor things, but wanted nothing to do with the snow and ice, even on a sunny day. Snow is kind of okay, but at that time of the day the temperature was still in the teens. Mimi is an indoor kitty now, no more freezing her little paws!

She wasn't happy about the snow...
She wasn’t happy about the snow…

We also spent some time in the morning, with three of the four siblings sleeping on the floor, and on in the cat tree, and Mimi telling me that I really needed to rethink what I’d planned. I shared the text and photo below on Facebook; I used the “blue wash” filter in my smartphone and it’s interesting, so we are using this photo as our Caturday Art as well.

Me: But Mimi, how can I sketch you when you are sitting on my sketchbook?

Mimi: The paper is black, no one will see me. You make no sense sometimes. (Exits with dismissive swish of tail.)

Cats take things so literally sometimes. I sketched her children instead.

Mimi tells me I make no sense sometimes.
Mimi tells me I make no sense sometimes.

I’ll post the finished sketch of her children in a little bit.

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charcoal sketch of black cat
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  • Beautiful photos! I love the way you capture your cats. They are always so warm and full of life – even when the rest of the photo feel cold. I hope that the weather begins to get warmer for you soon. We’re waiting for some good weather here in Michigan too.


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