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Daily Photo: I Am Very Supurrvised

three cats in kitchen
Sienna, Mimi and Basil supurrvised me as I worked at the table.

Sienna and Mimi inspect my work area as Basil keeps watch from the bookcase. I don’t mind always being supurrvised—who knows what I’d end up doing if someone didn’t do this? But sometimes they supurrvise to the extent that I don’t actually get to do anything. And sometimes they fall asleep and stop supurrvising, at least for a while. It’s a lot of fun, living with cats.



From Instagram

Is that raindrops on me?

Yes, our afternoon outing was interrupted by the beginning of a drizzling rain. Mimi still got a few minutes on her favorite lawn chair.

We’ve got the pee issue pretty much figured out, but she’s not as active as usual nor as good an appetite so we are talking to her veterinarian about that.

In the meantime I’m stuck at my desk because she’s very happy on my lap right now. #cantmovecatonmylap

We thank you for all your well wishes and purrs!


Some pale yellow ceramic tiles in a roasting pan that I found in someone’s trash I don’t know how many years ago. One person’s trash is another person’s inspiration.

I took advantage of the sunny morning and spent a couple of hours on my under the deck project. Step one was cleaning the overgrowth on the brick patio outside the basement door. Step two was pulling out as much as I could from under the deck in an hour and sorting through it. I’ll have a few more sessions but this first one was good.

I’ve been looking for these tiles for a few years to get my artwork on them, hand-painted, imprinted, whatever. It’s been several years since I cleaned out under my deck and I had the feeling I’d find some treasures.


Just three old chairs enjoying their retirement as garden chairs, ready to hold the big geranium or some petunias, until they can’t stand up anymore.


From the Back Yard and Beyond

Daffodils Enjoy a Rainy Morning

From around this date in past years

The Purrfect Garden Nap Spot, 2023

black cat on garden chair
Mimi prepares the chair in purrfect garden nap spot.

Mornings have actually been pretty nice, and it’s hard to stay inside. This particular morning was t-shirt warm and Mimi and Mewsette were loving it, and Mimi found a purrfect garden nap spot.

Mimi hopped up on the garden chair and immediately started rubbing her face all over it.

In less than a minute Mimi has rubbed her scent all over the chair, turned around one full turn, laid down, curled herself around, and starts her nap. The sun is warm, the air is mild, and she has nothing better to do. Mewsette is in the background on the right, dozing on another piece of warm wood in the garden.

black cat asleep in garden
Mimi is fast asleep.

And I actually got a video of this whole operation, all happening in about 44 seconds!



I do have some Instagram photos to share in the next fee days, but no posts on other sites. When I’m too busy to post here I’m too busy for much of anything else.

I picked up a time-consuming project for a longtime customer, painting cat statues for her. It’s been a fun change of pace and interesting to work in paint rather than a dry medium like pastel. When paint dries it changes color…I’ll get used to it. I would consider taking commissions to paint concrete statues but most of the statues out there are not well-done cats. These cats’ faces look more fox-like and it makes me think the artist who designed them was a dog artist first. I’d always noticed that in paintings of cats when I found cat artwork on greeting  cards years ago.

This project and another help pay for Morty’s care—I gave myself a loan from a debit card which I try to never do but I’ve been working on paying that off, and I’m always aware that Mr. Sunshine still needs his ultrasound and Mewsette desperately needs a dental. She had a pretty bad day today, painwise. My small credit cards went for Mr. Sunshine and, recently, Sienna. I did have donations, thank goodness, and you know who you are! But I had just paid my bills, including payments on the credit cards, and there wasn’t much left when Morty had his urinary obstruction. Social Security starts in May, vendor shows start in June, though I may have some sort of an open house here in April.

If you’d like to help you can always purchase something I’ve made! Check Marketplace here on The Creative Cat, or follow the links at the bottom of each post to to shop around. I will start posting my handmade gifts as I prepare for vendor shows.

Also, if you’d like to get them some of the food they love, one of our regulars from  Chewy is Triumph Chicken and Liver and I use Whole Life Just One Ingredient Freeze-dried Salmon to make sure Mr. Sunshine finds his treat containing his medication twice each day absolutely irresistible; I crush a little bit of a treat and roll his medication ball in it. Also, from Tractor Supply, we get 4Health Chicken and Brown Rice. I much prefer feeding with tall cans because it costs less per ounce and it’s so much easier to open just two cans than five or six, then peel labels and wash them for recycling.

And always, thanks for following me!


From around this date in past years

Don’t Wake Hamlet, 2022

black cat napping
Cozy Hamlet.

He found a really cozy spot for a nap, on the cabinet in the bathroom. There’s a furnace vent on the wall right below him, and the bifold door helps to hold heat, The bathrobe I made out of my old granny square afghan (not the one that’s on my bed that my mother made) is on the back of the door, and that gets nice and warm just being in that corner. On a cold day, the bathroom stays pretty cozy in the morning when the sun is shining and I have the furnace temperature at 65 degrees. Hamlet is there just soaking it all up.

The sweetest thing is that I’ve never seen him napping here, and when I came up the stairs he normally goes on guard and even gets up and leaves if he thinks I’m coming toward him, but as you can see he’s pretty relaxed. I upped his dose of Rescue Remedy about a month ago, and it’s had a very positive effect. I’m not sure if he will maintain without it, so I plan to continue this for months, and hopefully I’ll help Hamlet get past his fearfulness. For now, I’m really enjoying a more relaxed Hamlet who actually talks to me now and then. I know socialization is in there, I just have to figure out how to help him bring it out.

He can’t stay awake. I have a full-length mirror on the bifold door and at the right angle it reflects purrfectly.

black cat napping


From Instagram

A Tale of Two Days

Friday morning

Basil’s feelin it. Open windows before the blizzard, spring in Pennsylvania. Glad for heavy-duty pet safe screening. And good sturdy windows.

Basil hanging on the screen.

Saturday morning

Well, they talked it over and decided to give it a try, but decided the snow feels colder than it used to after a few warm days, turned around in unison, and came back inside to warm their paws.



From the Garden and Beyond

Snow Gnomes

You may have already seen this if you read my Marketplace post on garden flags.

Solar light garden gnomes!
Solar light garden gnomes!

From around this date in past years

The Little Panther, 2021

 black cat on branches
Looking closely.

It’s Mimi Monday and here is Mimi doing outside activities and loving it, starting with two black and white photos followed by several with gentle late-winter colors. Mimi presents an interesting study in black and white, looking so exotic compared to the color version. I love all the textures, then Mimi’s blackness that fills the photo.

I still have to check Mimi and me for ticks when we’ve been out in the woodland garden, but it’s worth it for the adventure. The deer only show up at night, no more sleeping around in the leaf litter, so less contact with the leaves and soil. And I’ve moved the fallen branches and cut down most of the bushes growing back there. Years ago I had some rhododendrons and azaleas along with forsythia (which is everywhere) and the native hemlock, but after years only the hemlock survives along with one well-chewed rhododendron and a some stringy forsythias after behind outgrown by non-native honeysuckle and grapevines.

black cat on branches
Turning around.

I have the old mulberry that Mimi has walked on all trimmed down, and soon I’ll be able to borrow a small chain saw to finish it off. I know Mimi will miss it, but I will leave the basic structure of larger branches for her to continue to climb on.

black cat on branches
Mimi on branches

She loves to rub her face against anything that protrudes, and this little stub of a branch gets quite the treatment.

black cat on branches
Rubbing her face on a knot.

And then she’s back on the ground on a small branch and still carefully balancing.

black cat on branches
The little branch.

It’s so nice to be out there cold or warm, in the sun and quiet. I can walk around and do the work to clean it up and plan for the future, and Mimi can enjoy herself in her little playground.


From Instagram

So much to share since last week! A photo of all 10 cats, a couple of videos, and lots of fun, and naps!


Look at all those eyes, eyeing up those forsythia branches, which I hope to see bloom a little early. We’ll see what happens when I turn my back. Actually, they’ve been surprisingly good about them. I’m more concerned about them chewing twigs, but they sniff and rub on them with only a few test bites.

Working on a new painting, outdoors! It’s pretty big, 24 x 36, and it’s a lot of pastel because it’s kind of abstract, so since the weather is nice, and the light is good in that spot, I decided to just move it outdoors. Another nice thing about warm weather. The first photo is my hand with pastel, you should have seen my face. Good thing nobody stopped by to visit, I would have scared them off.

Second photo is the girls, who really wanted to come outside, but with leashes, and all those legs on things, this is about how I figured it would happen.

Third photo is the actual painting. A customer liked my painting “Winter Sunset, After Rothko,” which was 8 x 10 vertical, and she needed it to be 24 x 36 and horizontal. This photo is a little too saturated but close enough. So here we go.


Settling in for a long #caturday nap. Mr. Sunshine washes everyone, and Giuseppe pops out when you didn’t even know he was there.

We didn’t receive sufficient attention today, so we’re going to get in your way and ignore you until we get it.



We hope you enjoyed a #purry #sunny #weekend like Jelly Bean did. Turn up the volume to hear the purr, caused by warm sun on his back.

My entryway lions, Mimi and Mewsette, guarding the entrance to our deck.

A #busybee visiting the crocus flowers. Pretty #springbloomingbulbs do more than get us humans excited about spring–they feed some sleepy #bees looking for a meal.

It’s now very #windy and Mimi is disapproving, Mewsette is a little scared. Some days there is no making them happy.


Breakfast for 10!

Breakfast for 10!

Still can’t make them happy. Today is not windy, but I could make it warmer. I didn’t realize I was the weather goddess.

More basement flowers. These blue bacopa probably can’t wait to get outside into the sunshine because every time they bloom they’re faded just a little bit more.



From around this date in past years

Pause Before the Rain, 2020

black cat on steps
Mimi before the rain began.

Morning was bright and sunny and afternoon bright overcast, and it was so hard for the two of us to stay inside. We went outside a few times as I took breaks and did a little work outside sweeping and raking up, but the last time we went outside the overcast was heavy and a few drops of rain began to spat here and there on dry leaves. Mimi wanted to go out into the yard, but every time she got up to go, a raindrop hit her, so she crouched again. We did walk around a bit, as you can see in one of our photos from Instagram today. It was disappointing, but we’ll have other sunny days soon.

From Instagram

Basil is starting the day on a high note, 9 feet above the floor.

black cat on shelf
Basil in high places.

Oh, we have some cleanup to do out here.

black cat on the picnic table
Mimi on the picnic table

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean both have some white whiskers, showing them off for whisker Wednesday.

whiskers on black cats
Whisker Wednesday

Photos from around this date in previous years

Odd Couples, 2019

Sienna and sunshine share the chair.

Mr. Sunshine isn’t the type to share his space with anyone but a blood family member, but I guess the office chair was just too tempting. He’s often the one who will smack someone out of a spot he wants too, even if another cat was there first. Sienna was there first, and generally that’s where she is found, but Sunshine just decided to settle in with her and they both had a good nap. Sienna even cuddled up and tucked her nose, which was unexpected but totally sweet.

A sweet cuddle.



Just cleaning up for dinner.

Seven cats ready for me to get it together.

Cleaning up for dinner.

Photos from years past.


Poorly Organized Events, 2018

It's raining on Mimi's outing.
It’s raining on Mimi’s outing.

“It’s raining during my outdoor time. This was very poorly organized.”

This photo is from February 21, but it could be any third day in the month here as the weather dances around in transformative glee. Indeed, I told Mimi I would take her outdoors after I got a few other things done, but when later came it began to drizzle. Mimi was not happy, but she made the best of it. Then it snowed again, and then it felt like May the day after that, so we have lots of chances.

The next day, when it was snowing, Basil found a nice cozy napping spot.

I’m stuck at the kitchen sink because Basil is sleeping on my feet under my housecoat, and he’s really happy with his new cozy nap spot. Mr. Sunshine is waiting in line. Talk to you sometime later.

Basil sleeping on my feet.
Basil sleeping on my feet.


Wordless Wednesday: Happy Wednesday! 2017

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Wednesday!


Open Windows! 2017

OPEN WINDOW! Bella, Jelly Bean, Mimi, Hamlet, Basil. Of course there's a screen.
Bella, Jelly Bean, Mimi, Hamlet, Basil. Of course there’s a screen.

I put one of the screens back in the dining room windows and opened it up to the afternoon air. They all lined up to catch the breeze, and then…

SQUIRREL! In surround sound! Same group.
SQUIRREL! In surround sound!

Squirrel! In surround sound! Not that muffled stuff like all winter long, that squirrel was right there!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?

Some foster updates from last year!

Charmee Helps Grade Papers

And then there’s little Charmee.

Charm is helping her person grade papers. That’s very important work.

It also means her person is on the floor with her papers, because Charm likes it that way.

Charm deserves this.

Imagine where Charm would be right now, and her kittens too, if some people hadn’t cared enough to rescue her. She certainly wouldn’t be lying on her back on a nice warm carpeted floor telling her person what to do.

Read more about Charm.


Simon and Theo
Simon and Theo look pretty relaxed!
Simon and Theo look pretty relaxed!

Simon and Theo look pretty relaxed down there in Savannah! My niece shared a couple of photos of them napping on Valentine’s Day.

Theo is up on the back of the couch where it's really comfy, and right by the window.
Theo is up on the back of the couch where it’s really comfy, and right by the window.

I don’t have a rescue story ready for today, and with a couple of assignments this has been a busy week so far. Instead, I’ll be sharing updates on my former fosters!

They’ve been there a little over a month and all is going well. They have the run of the house, and they take advantage of it. Theo was pretty bold from the beginning, but Simon kept in one bedroom or another and was afraid to come up the hallway on his own.

That could have been because of the D-O-G, Bingo. Dogs weren’t really in their experience, but my niece told me the first time Theo and Bingo came nose to nose, Theo looked scared, then hissed, and Bingo—well-trained by his tabby fur sister Elsa—immediately started whining an apology and backing up. Theo was pretty impressed with himself. Apparently this worked for both of them.

Simon has the prime spot on the floor where he can see everything.
Simon has the prime spot on the floor where he can see everything.

Simon just needed a little more time, and now Jennifer tells me he’s just everywhere. She opens a door, he’s in the closet, in the refrigerator, in the cabinet. I did warn her, but it’s hard to explain and she just had to experience it.

They both seem very happy. I’m thrilled to see them.

The lead tabby girl, Elsa, has been keeping in her room for now, so perhaps in time she’ll be back out running the show. Baby developed a URI about two weeks after the boys arrived, and it might have been something they carried, one of the casualties of moving pets distances, or it might have been a flare-up of a URI when she was a kitten. Cassidy had to wait to take her home from the shelter because Baby had developed a URI and her eyes were really infected; they almost thought she wouldn’t survive, and in fact her sibling did not. But Baby did, and came home. When felines are stressed, they tend to hold things inside, reducing their immunity, and situations like this are stressful. All seems to be well now.

. . . . . . .

From Facebook and Instagram

All kitties like to nap on the bed. It’s hard to tell because it’s so dark but this is Hamlet and Ophelia cuddling on the nice soft comforter. They played all afternoon.

Hamlet and Ophelia cuddling on my bed.
Hamlet and Ophelia cuddling on my bed.

. . . . . . .

Well, someone’s getting bold. Hamlet on the windowsill in my studio, while I’m working at my desk with Giuseppe on my lap.

Hamlet on the windowsill in my studio.
Hamlet on the windowsill in my studio.

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I shared on or around this date?


Daily Photo: A Few More of Bert–oops, Simon!, 2015
Here's Simon looking as soft and fuzzy as he really was in life!
Here’s Simon looking as soft and fuzzy as he really was in life!

Yes, Bert’s name is now Simon, and it’s such a natural for him that I took to it right away and forgot he was called Bert for quite some time! I have a few of my favorites here along with a few from his adopter, Christy, who has been sharing his photos on my Facebook page and sending me updates. Above he looks soft and sweet and ready for petting, which he was—I’m so glad he got to like it because everyone is going to want to touch such a beautiful cat.

Simon tended to blend in with things in the bathroom and I finally got a photo of him in the tub looking very handsome.

orange cat in the tub
Simon in the tub!

He took to the scratcher and loved to stretch his back while digging into the strip of jute carpet backing I have at the top, and always made sure it was convenient for me to scratch his back with he stretched.

orange cat scratching post
Simon has a good scratch!

While Ernie really liked the cat track that was just a track, Simon liked the one with the scratcher in the center, and had developed a habit of sitting purr-fectly centered there. I finally got him to look up at me.

orange cat on cat track
Simon sitting in the middle of the cat track.

He never did get what I enjoyed about being totally covered with water.

orange cat
What Simon thought about me soaking in the tub.

We’re using this photo as our Sunday Selfie this week!

Scroll down to see who else is participating.

Now these photos are Simon in his new home! First, he’s soaking up the affection. He transitioned right to his new person without any hesitation.

orange cat
Simon can’t get enough cuddling!

Piper, the resident kitty, comes over to see what’s happening. Piper has been curious and friendly, but both are being cautious.

orange cat and black cat
Piper comes over for a closer look at Simon.

Piper is still the lord of the manor, but Simon is definitely finding his place there.

orange cat and black cat
Piper and Simon are getting closer, literally.

. . . . . . .

From Facebook and Instagram

Feel like you’ve got your head stuck in an oatmeal box? Well, maybe you do Giuseppe.

Giuseppe with his head in a box of oatmeal.
Giuseppe with his head in a box of oatmeal.


. . . . . . .

Wordless Wednesday: Truly Spring, 2013
cat silhouette with sun flares
Truly spring has arrived at the morning widow as Mimi is bathed in pinks and surrounded by rainbows. Who’s my Valentine?

. . . . . . .

Clean Up This Snow, 2012
black cat meowing
“Clean up this snow.”

Mimi is fine with the collar, and even the leash is okay.

But cold, wet paws are not part of the bargain. She did take one step out of the clear spot on the big rock, then got back up on the step.

“You need to get out there and clean up that snow,” she looked up at me and said.

This from the kitty who used to trot all over the neighborhood in all sorts of weather.

black cat in snow
To give her credit, she did give it a try.


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