Daily Photo: Hey, Lady

three black cats
Hey, lady!

“Hey, lady, can we get some service over here?

Giuseppe speaks up for Mr. Sunshine and Bella. It’s not their mealtime, it’s mine. But I guess there’s no harm in asking.

Below, sometimes it’s hard to tell where one brother ends and the other begins.

two black cats in basket
Giuseppe and Jelly Bean melt into each other

Really, now that we are having sunny days, I take more photos of them than I can ever use in a day, but you’ll be seeing them in future days. At least the updated camera function on my phone now takes some pretty nice photos, and until I get my camera fixed—likely not until businesses open again—this is okay.

And then some others.

Potato flower (flour?) This came from my subconscious when I set the potatoes on the counter. When I set them on the counter I was thinking deeply about something, and my hands began absently arranging them like this. I barely realized what I was doing, until I actually looked at it. So, I celebrate my creative mind, always working hard with whatever materials I give it.

Potato flower

More happy periwinkles.



From around this date in past years

A Nap Interrupted, 2019

A nap intererupted.
A nap interrupted.

Sienna and Basil are certain they are purrfectly camouflaged. Well, they are almost right. It’s kind of a murky day, overcast and not as warm as forecast, so everyone is pretty snoozy.

Cuddling into the unmade bed is a thing. I’m not sure when they’ll let me make the bed again, so I think I’ll have to sneak back up right after breakfast.


Photos from years past.


I Haz Whiskerz, 2018

Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah?

Jelly Bean poses in the best light to illuminate all of his many long and curved whiskers.

Bean makes a little speech.
Bean makes a little speech.

As if he could get any cuter he has salt and pepper whiskers. The white ones wave or even curl more than the black ones, and they are all very long. Now that Sienna only has her meals in the bathroom all are back in there again, especially when it’s a sunny morning and the little room is cozy.

You want whiskers, I got em.
You want whiskers, I got em.

I got so many photos of Bean sitting on the corner of the sink with the sun warming the back of his head and illuminating all his whiskers that I decided to use only the closeups in today’s post. It would be unsurvivable to use them all right now. I’ll use the full length poses another day, though I do have a sort of contact sheet layout below that shows thumbnails of them all.

I'm a cool cat.
I’m a cool cat.

His eyes aren’t narrowed just because he’s cool. He’s also on his way to dreamland…


I'm an abstract cat.
I’m an abstract cat.

The whole painfully cute episode.

Contact sheet of cuteness.
Contact sheet of cuteness.

You’ll see some of these again soon!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Everything is Ours First, 2017

Basil keeps guard as Mr. Sunshine naps on the boxes in the box and Bella naps next to them.
Basil keeps guard as Mr. Sunshine naps on the boxes in the box and Bella naps next to them.

Imagine that—it’s a BOX OF BOXES! What other kitties in the world are as lucky as that?!

Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean, Bella and Basil are guarding some important contents in that box. It’s vintage cigar boxes for my next creative project, but they aren’t really mine until they’ve been inspected and slept on by my fine felines. I am totally grateful for their hard work at integrating new materials into the rules of our household.

A bath on any new items has to happen as well.
A bath on any new items has to happen as well.

I can’t wait till they let me know the boxes have been completely processed and I can get to work on my ideas. After all that work I feel a little presumptuous asking them to clean them for me…

Jelly Bean gets his turn as Basil watches and Sunshine and Bella discuss this latest project.
Jelly Bean gets his turn as Basil watches and Sunshine and Bella discuss this latest project.

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A little bit of tree climbing today. Mimi revisited her original outdoor recumbent cat tree. I am trying a small vest-type harness for Mimi and it works much better, but maybe not the one I bought. I think this is our solution, though.

Mimi climbed on her old favorite recumbent cat tree this morning.
Mimi climbed on her old favorite recumbent cat tree this morning.

Mewsette joined us outside for just a few minutes this morning.

Mewsette joined us for a bit.
Mewsette joined us for a bit.

We are awake! Mimi and I found periwinkle flowers in the woodland garden. You can see these and more of the things we find in the back yard on my photo blog Today.

And Mimi and I found periwinkle flowers, finally!
And Mimi and I found periwinkle flowers, finally!

. . . . . . .

What other photos have I posted on or around this date?


Wordless Wednesday: Textures in Sun, 2014

three black cats on wooden floor
Three black cats share a sunbeam, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe and Mewsette.

I’ll Take Care of This! 2014

three black cats
“I’ll take care of this.”

I have no idea what he was planning but Mewsette and Sunshine certainly looked put out about something. Had I done something wrong? Had I forgotten one of the rules? I don’t know! I tossed out the catnip toys thinking hoping that would calm them down and they did mellow out quite nicely.

. . . . . . .

Undercover, 2012
lump under bed covers
Do you see a cat on this bed?

Do you see a cat on this bed?

I don’t see a cat on this bed.

I don’t see a cat at all.

But I do see a lump under the quilt.

Think I’ll go and give it a squeeze and see what happens.

(It was Giuseppe! He is famous for this.)

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Watching the World in profile.
Watching the World in profile.

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