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Daily Photo: Good Morning From Our Garden

Black cat in garden
Mimi stops to smell the forget-me-nots.

Mimi stops to smell the forget-me-nots as we saunter out for our morning sojourn into the garden.

While I often do a little bit—or a lot of—actual work in the garden on nice mornings, I was on a mission today, and Mimi was a great help. Now that the forget-me-nots are blooming I have been transplanting them into pots to bloom in the front of the house, and also looking for a few colorful flowers to cut and put in vases around the front porch.

Mimi said those forget-me-nots were too short, and besides they smelled like that tabby tomcat who’s been visiting. Seeing who’s around the neighborhood these days, she’s glad she’s spayed and happily living indoors.

Mimi and I have come to some terms with our visits outdoors. Most of the time she is cautious, and I wonder how she lived so much of her life outdoors before she came to me. She stays near me, giving a running commentary, poking her nose on things, running around here and there and staring in the direction of any noise, then coming back to me and giving a good solid rub on the shins, her sable fur toasty warm from the morning sun and a good purr.

Later today I decided to give my eyes and hands a break and visit the deck and because I wanted to think something over I might not have taken Mimi, knowing I’d be distracted, but I did let her hop out the door ahead of me, her little pink plaid collar with the bell jingling happily. She could very well take off down the steps or leap through the deck railing and be gone in seconds. Last week she wandered through a break in the fence to the neighbor’s yard and would not come back, and seemed frightened of me following her, and after that we’ve used a leash though I need a good harness rather than a collar. But today she stayed with me, smelling her way around the deck and checking in with me, walking around on the railing and having several good scratches on the wood then checking in with me, sitting on the steps then checking in with me. She did not want to go in when I did, but she did not argue when I picked her up and hugged her warm tiny self and kissed her and took her inside. We’ll see how this goes. Neither of us likes the leash.

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