Daily Photo: Feline Conversation

two black cats
Much being said between.

I was enchanted by this little exchange between Mimi and Giuseppe. Often we watch them and think they are cute and affectionate with each other, but I know that each move, each touch, each gesture, eye movement, whisker swish, like a ballet, nothing is wasted, each has meaning in the exchange between the two. This conversation was so direct, Mimi sitting atop her box like the queen visited by her son the prince, or like the goddess visited by her worshipper, but face to face, a look, then a touch from Giuseppe to Mimi, then a glance, then a touch by Mimi for Giuseppe, then a pause, and on. At the end they looked at me as if they had no idea I was there, as they may not have.

Perhaps I’ve been reading a little too much Rumi lately, but I pulled my copy of Coleman Barks’s translations of Rumi’s poems entitled The Glance: Songs of Soul Meeting, “the glance,” this mystical experience that occurs in the meeting of the eyes of the lover and the beloved, parent and child, friend and soul mate, a little explored theme in Rumi’s poetry. From The Glance, a portion of the poem “What is the Heart”:

What is the heart? It is not human
and it is not imaginary. I call it


Below I have a slideshow of nine photos from their exchange.

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What other photos did I share on this date?

Sunshine Exposure, 2013
black cat sleeping on back.
Mr. Sunshine exposes himself.

Mr. Sunshine takes advantage of the first really warm day to air a few things out.

I don’t think he has any idea how cute he is while sleeping in this position, all those curled toes. Mr. Sunshine does not think of himself as “cute”.

. . . . . . .

Three-sided Cube: 2011
three black cats in a cube
Three Cat Cube

How many black cats can fit in a cat cube?

Three, if Giuseppe sticks his butt out the back door!

Jelly Bean, down here in the lower left, was in there first, then his mom, Mimi, whose face you can see in the upper right of the opening, was cuddled with him.

Then Giuseppe decided he wanted to be in on the party too, and crawled in as far as he could and laid down, using JB as a pillow; you can see the back of Giuseppe’s head in the middle of the opening.

Poor Mimi had to sit up or be smothered by Giuseppe’s big hug.

This poor cube has only been here for six days and it’s taken a heck of a beating! When it isn’t full of big black cats, it’s being used as a big soccer ball as I find it all over the room, upside down, sideways, and yesterday I found Mr. Sunshine lying on top of it all flattened beneath him. We’ll see how long it can last with this type of treatment.

This was a challenging shot: I could barely get any distance between my lens and the cube, and three black cats meter pretty dark to begin with, then put them inside a red object and it was all I could do to get any detail at all. The flash lit up the cube but darkened the inside, so I had to use light streaming in from the window off to the side. Well worth the dozen shots it took to get one…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Feline Conversation

  • April 21, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Maybe he is asking her advice as he knows how wise and experienced is Mama is..

    • April 22, 2014 at 9:16 pm

      I’m sure he is–guess who is a real mama’s boy.


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