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Daily Photo: Far Away Ferals

One of the feral cats I saw.
One of the feral cats I saw.

It’s hard to believe I was in Savannah less than a month ago dancing on the beach…and I finally have the time to go through some of my photos. My niece works with a landscaping company that specializes in hotels and businesses, so we planned a trip to Hilton Head on the day she would go there. She had told me about a few cats who lived at the Hilton Head Marriott, and the person who had fed them. Above is the tuxie who lives in the back of the building, more about that kitty below.

We first walked around and looked at all the plants and then went into the pool area with the biggest bird of paradise I’ve ever seen. Just as we were about to leave the pool area I saw—of course—a cat! A black cat, below, outside the window that had been facing me but managed to turn around in time for me to get his back end because my camera wouldn’t focus with all the reflections on the glass. If you look closely enough you’ll see toes. We went outdoors but he had slipped in through the latticework under the deck.

The black feral kitty managed to turn and walk away.
The black feral kitty managed to turn and walk away.

We had our visit to the beach, then on the way back to the car I saw what was undoubtedly a feral cat feeding area. Sorry for the really blurry photo.

Definitely feeding the cats!
Definitely feeding the cats!

I turned around to look in the little alcove in that was in the back of the building and saw the tuxie cat, above and below. The area was in pretty deep shadow, but obviously this was her spot. Jennifer knew the woman who had fed this cat for quite some time, and when she found she’d be leaving this position found someone else who could feed the cat each day. There are no doubt many cats around and it’s good to see a large hotel that permits feeding them on the premises.

The tux kitty in her little courtyard.
The tux kitty in her little courtyard.

The customer I’d visited also fed a colony of feral cats on the island. I didn’t get to see them, but when I write about her and her shop I’ll write about them too. That way you’ll know two cat-friendly places to visit if you go to Hilton Head!

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Wordless Wednesday: Heart-shaped Memories, 2014
two black cats curled on bed
Jelly Bean and Giuseppe settle on Emeraude’s bed for the first time since she left us.

NOT QUITE WORDLESS: I was about to post a different WW photo but when I went upstairs to work in the studio I saw this, Jelly Bean and Giuseppe curled on Emeraude’s bed, the first time it’s been slept on, to my knowledge, since the day she left us. I’d been leaving it there because it felt right, she was not done with it yet. But Jelly Bean, her buddy, and Giuseppe, her protector, have apparently sensed it is open for others now and curl together ear to ear in one of their wonderful heart-shaped naps. The experience with an animal companion doesn’t end with death but continues on in different forms.

. . . . . . .

Bean Soup?!! 2014
black cat with bean soup mix


. . . . . . .

Jelly Bean is understandably horrified.

. . . . . . .

I’d better get out of here…
black cat with bean soup mix
Bean soup…?
You don’t really mean it right…I mean, you wouldn’t really put me in a pot of soup, right? You’re kidding, right?
black cat with bean soup mix
Is this what it’s come to?
Bean soup? Is that why my brother is so fat? He’s going to be soup?
two black cats with bean soup mix
Is this why my brother is so fat? He’s going to be soup?
Cats are so dramatic, it’s actually quite fun to see them go through their histrionics, even when they’re wrong.

. . . . . . .

NB: This was kind of posed. When I planned the bean soup I thought how funny it would be if Bean was looking at them with the headline “Bean Soup” and decided whenever I made it I would try to get the photo. I got way more than I expected! My photos kept turning out a little blurry—I think my camera needs a cleaning and the shutter isn’t functioning as fast as it should—but Bean and Giuseppe kept their patience with all my reshoots. It was Giuseppe’s idea to join us, and his expressions are always a little overdone, so I knew it would be purrfect. Good kitties! Treats!

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Wordless Wednesday: Black Cats Are Colorful, 2013
black cat
Notwithstanding the purple background, I was totally surprised by how many colors showed up in Mr. Sunshine’s eye.

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Aren’t They Sweet When They’re Asleep?, 2013
four black cats.
“Aren’t they sweet when they’re asleep?”

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Black and Gold Kitties, 2011
black cat with steelers hat
Mewsette Supports Black and Gold

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Far Away Ferals

  • The hotel I stay with in Philly when I go out to visit Dad has a feral cat colony on the grounds. They live under the Subway restaurant (which is in an actual subway car) and are fed leftovers. They tell me I’m not the only hotel guest who brings food for the kitties. 🙂 They’re delightful – visiting them makes me feel right at home.

    • Peg, that’s great to know. We hear so many stories of feral cats being rounded up and killed, and I know there are many kind people out there who care for them.


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