Friday, December 8, 2023
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Daily Photo: Cool Window Sort of Stream of Consciousness

black cat in window black and white photo
Cool Window

The hard drive on my main computer decided to go into early retirement first thing this morning—sure, I find Monday mornings a bit of a shock after the weekend too—but everything was backed up, in duplicate in some circumstances, so restoring it and finding out why a one-year-old hard drive decided to collect early Social Security while my 10-year-old one upstairs (I wonder how old that is in electronic years?) is still in progress.

I had deadlines, and it’s hot too, so I just had to cool it up here in my studio with Mr. Sunshine. Mimi was here for a good bit of the day, but she was restless. I also liked the details in this photo of Mr. Sunshine, the old metal-frame casement with the cracked panes has a lot of character, especially in black and white; this is the sort of photo I like in black and white for the mix of detail both crisp and blended, the highlights and saturated shadows, the delicate highlights without the distraction of color, even the cracks in the glass, and BW feels cooler on a hot day. I’ve been looking at this window since I moved in and it’s only gotten more battered, but the wall around it will take a fair amount of reconstruction when I finally do get these upstairs windows replaced and it’s easy to put off since most of my upstairs will be out of commission for about a week. That’s 1/3 of my house. My bedroom, my studio. Keeping the kids out of the upstairs. Sleeping on the floor downstairs because I have no couch. I like this window more and more all the time when I think about it.

And Mr. Sunshine is holding onto the base of my desk lamp with both paws, and I’m sure his consciousness is streaming too. Here he is in color because I also like the predominant greens and the coral flare where the sun touches his ear. I will stop rambling now, it’s been a long, hot confusing day and I’m glad it’s finally cooling off and I can get some work done, and kitties can get a decent nap.

black cat in window
Cool Window with Color.

. . . . . . .

And while you’re keeping cool tonight, I want you to watch and laugh and enjoy videos made by two fellow bloggers (the ones I watched today to have a good laugh). One is up for an award that you can vote on while the other is as well but you can’t vote, just watch and enjoy.


This is up for an award in the second Internet Cat Video Festival at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, the same competition where last year Henri le Chat Noir No. 2 won the first ever cat video award. In this video, the cat seen in the catalogue of housewares comes to life. Watch all of them, but make sure you watch Catalogue and vote for it in the People’s Choice Award.

Air Waffles

Air Waffles is in The Friskies Competition for the Best New Cat Video of 2013. Directed by Katie herself, she lets the orange terror, Waffles leap and play to his heart’s delight so that she might win the glory of the award. Read all about it and click here to watch Air Waffles.


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P.S. I’ve been trying to resolve the issues some of you are having with voting. Please let me know if there’s a problem, and what device you are using.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Photo: Cool Window Sort of Stream of Consciousness

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    lamp iz mine…ewe canna haz…
    way awesum pick sures sunshine dood…we likes em both !!

    • Thanks, Tabbies! Mr. Sunshine isn’t Sunshine for nothing.


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