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Daily Photo: Big White Mittens All in a Row

Mariposa's mittens
Mariposa’s mittens.

It’s Tabby Tuesday! And little Mariposa has all of her white mittens tucked neatly in a row while she takes a nap.


From Instagram

I’m caught up on all my Instagram kitty posts, but I did manage to have a great day in the yard and wrote a little bit of flash fiction about one of my photos. It’s called “The Bumblebee’s Visit”, and you can find the little story on Paths I Have Walked here or click the photo.

The Bumblebee’s Visit


From around this date in past years

Funny Mariposa, 2020

cat with paw on face
Mariposa celebrates Whisker Wednesday!

Mariposa celebrates Whisker Wednesday, or do I with a silly photo I got while I was photographing her taking a bath? Either way she’s one of the cutest things alive.

The joke is kind of on me. I did take a pile of photos of Mariposa having a bath on the bed with the evening sun shining in, so many that I don’t even know what to do with them all. This was only one of them. She did this to me. She’s cute on purpose, and then I think she laughs at me and does it again!


Wednesday Night…

Three little kittens will be getting TNR surgery on Thursday. They were born to the same mom from last May near Carnegie Park. She disappears, then returns with kittens who are almost too old to be socialized. The wonderful person who has been attempting to trap her has actually trapped the kittens and successfully socialized them up to now. This year it’s not possible because they do take several months to be pretty much adoptable, and with the business they run, three small children, and work on their century-plus farmhouse there isn’t enough time. But their mother is still waiting for them outside, and they’ll be fed and sheltered right there. If there’s a chance any of them can socialize with regular association with the family, they are more than welcome to come inside and be adopted by someone.


From Instagram

They’re going to be really disappointed when they find out it’s dried apricots.

five black cats in the kitchen
Five black cats in the kitchen


From around this date in past years

Sunny Nap Silhouettes, 2019

Basil and Bella have a good nap in the sun, on sunnier days.
Basil and Bella have a good nap in the sun, on sunnier days.

Mimi Chooses a Seat, 2019

Mimi on the rocker.
Mimi on the rocker.

On Friday, Mimi and I did a little photo shoot outside, and despite Mimi’s insistence, she was not the subject! But of all the photos I took Friday I love this one best. Mimi is such an inspiration and such a talented model, using the crappy stuff we have on hand to make it all look beautiful. She is on the old rocker that’s literally rotting away, and not even the rocker feet stay on it anymore. But she had her fun then looked for a napping spot. A peeling old rocker looked just fine.

The rocker is red violet and the bricks are red with green in the background, but it’s one of those shots that makes a good black and white, in part because of Mimi and her solid black, then all the random detail and patterns in every area of the photo. She had started out centered on the rocker, then moved to one side and it was even more perfect than at first. She has her paws tucked and her tail curled up around her hip, so she was really happy.

Mimi hasn’t been outside since it’s been warm enough for ticks to hatch… I found one on me last year and I don’t want to put her in danger so until I find a good tick treatment for her she has to stay out of areas where the deer hang out. She is not happy with this.

But I finally had some clear weather and okay lighting to photograph the new keepsake boxes. She was just checking my lighting and composition. She had a great time and I got some nice photos of her as well as my keepsake boxes.


From Instagram

Just a quiet morning gathering to watch me eat my pancake. Note the very empty dishes. (They eat well before me. I was soaking cat food cans to clean and recycle.)
Sorry for the very bad photo, sometimes all I have is my cheap little cell phone but I have to share.

Watching me eat my pancake.Watching me eat my pancake.
Watching me eat my pancake.

Sienna Says It’s Naptime, 2019

Sienna says it's naptime.
Sienna says it’s naptime.

Sienna says, “It’s naptime. Would you care to join me?” Sienna LOVES to sleep with a human. She’s so happy she can’t settle down, and she purrs and rolls around and head butts me, and gives me nose taps on my nose. So purrhaps it was a good thing for Sienna that I needed to get back to work instead of napping. Someone’s got to pay the bills around here, you know.

Sienna’s response to that.

Oh, Bernadette, you bore me with your excuses.
Oh, Bernadette, you bore me with your excuses.

From Instagram

Basil’s Caturday morning mystery: what is that lump under the quilt?

Basil wonders about that lump under the covers…

It’s the melodramatic master cat who thinks it’s chilly this morning.

It’s Giuseppe!

Photos shared in past years

What is Mewsette Thinking? 2018

What is Mewsette thinking?
What is Mewsette thinking?

Mewsette has always been the intellectual of the little family of Mimi’s kittens, pausing for long, deep thoughts. I often find her staring off into space, obviously visualizing…well, I’m not sure. In this case she may be visualizing a piece of artwork, sitting on my drafting table in my studio with the brushes in the background. Or, perhaps I’m visualizing…

Apparently thinking so hard made her very tired.

Big yawn!
Big yawn!

Even more tired. I know I yawned in response! I liked this blurry photo just as much as the clear one. I know that very soon after this Mewsette joined Mimi in a nap. I don’t think I did though.

Kind of like the blurry one too.
Kind of like the blurry one too.

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