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Book Review: “Adventures in Veterinary Medicine”, by Ingrid King

"Adventures in Veterinary Medicine" by Ingrid King.
“Adventures in Veterinary Medicine” by Ingrid King.

Usually when we visit the veterinarian we are focused on our pets, even if our visit is only for an annual exam and not for a medical condition. But for as much as we love our animals, imagine people who work with them all day long, every day—but most of them go home with other people. Ingrid King gives us insight into how those on the other side of the exam table feel about the animals who come into their care, whether only once or through the course of a lifetime of care.

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine: What Working in Veterinary Hospitals Taught Me About Life, Love and Myself is a collection of ten essays Ingrid has written about how she found her career in veterinary medicine, some of the most memorable animals who came through her care, and how it launched her into founding The Conscious Cat, publishing three books, and becoming a well-known authority on feline health and care.

But who expects to find their bliss with…a fecal exam? Ingrid had wandered around through a variety of professional careers that had absolutely nothing to do with animals. When her cat Feebee developed bladder stones and needed treatment she noticed the atmosphere of the veterinary hospital and considered working there. An interview as an office manager at another hospital introduced her to the rather low wages in the field, and though she was offered the position she chose to volunteer instead, keeping her day job. On her first day as a volunteer, the first thing a veterinary technician showed her to do was that fecal exam, possibly as a test, she thought, to determine her dedication to this “volunteering gig”. Despite the smell and the mess, “I was in heaven.”

From that inglorious beginning Ingrid moved from volunteer to part-time to full-time employment as a clinic manager, learning the skills of a veterinary assistant along the way. She tells the stories of cats and dogs Beast, Diesel, Virginia, Oliver and Jordan, how she felt about working in the kennel and performing tasks from scrubbing cages to giving treatment, and how she learned the importance of choosing a veterinarian after she left this position to start her own business.

And that fecal exam wasn’t the only inspiration to finding her bliss. Ingrid betrays how a little crush on a veterinarian also helped to propel her toward this career.

Download this e-book free this weekend

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine is available only as an electronic book. Ingrid is offering it as a free download this weekend, November 29 through December 1, as a thank you to her readers. Visit The Conscious Cat for more information and a link to the download.

I was pleased to design the cover for this book for Ingrid as well.

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"Buckley's Story" by Ingrid King
“Buckley’s Story” by Ingrid King

And a special offer for Buckley’s Story too

If you haven’t read Ingrid’s first book, Buckley’s Story, Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher, read my review of this special book, and take advantage of a 30% discount this weekend on by using code BOOKDEAL at the checkout.

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  • Nancy Blue Moon

    A big thank you to both of you ladies for sharing your talent, wisdom and love of cats with the rest of us..I received my my gift of this wonderful book from Ingrid and will be downloading soon..Nancy

  • Thank you for this wonderful review, Bernadette!

    • You’re welcome, Ingrid–I’d been intending to post and thought there was no time like your weekend special.


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