Thursday, February 29, 2024
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highlighted and silhouetted black cat in sun

Balance: of light and shadow, of highlight and silhouette, of tiny paws on the edge of the wooden stool, of finding the perfect spot right in that sunbeam for the one minute it shines in that window at this time of the year. A perfect balance, and who better to find it than Mimi? Cats are naturally aware of all these things.

I truly love how the highlights gently describe her shape showing all those lovely graceful curves in a cat’s ears, head, neck, back and legs that inspired me to sketch them years ago, and how her profile is silhouetted against the highlight on her own hip, whisker highlighted against the background, the combination of sunlight and shadow on the seat lead directly to her.

And my pleasure to be here to photograph her. It’s just a perfect moment.

I initially thought I’d like to see this in black and white, but it lost something without the minimal mahogany highlights on her fur.


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10 thoughts on “Balance

  • I love the shimmer, Bernadette — it makes me think of that white-gold light that you see on the trees in the morning.

    • Tammy, it’s the pale gold of early evening. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t care for it in black and white, though I love the contrasts and textures.

  • Beautiful! the picture, and your joy with the moment.

  • Gosh, it’s just a beautiful photo, Bernadette!

  • Linda Chapman

    Have always wanted to “capture” a pic like this with the fur glistening in the light. How pawsome it is Bernadette! Simply beautiful!

    • Linda, I wasted a lot of film to get to this point. That will tell you how long I practiced on my cats!


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