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August Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: “Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground”

pastel sketch of three cats
“Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground”, pastel, 7″ x 10″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

The choice is difficult for which artwork to feature and use for the desktop calendar—not because I have no ideas, but because I have so many possibilities! I wanted something to reflect the heat and sun of August, colorful and active for all the vacations and events that come about before we go back to school and settle down for autumn. I also like to feature a variety of media and styles, a subject that coordinates with the month or season, even a work that was created at that particular time, colors that make me think of the month when I look at it, and it’s all got to fit on four different sizes and dimensions of electronic devices. I also want to choose something that you’ll want to look at for a month, that works well on devices in terms of color and type, and have the overall impression of it look and feel different each month so you don’t feel you’re looking at the same thing all the time.

In the last few months I’ve featured a loose watercolor, impressionistic pastel, illustrative ink and watercolor, detailed photo and a photorealistic pastel portrait. I was coming around to pastel again and had several different ideas that I found it difficult to decide among, even last night when I sat down to create this month’s calendar, and it wasn’t this one. While I did finally decide on the art, I also decided I have to find another way to feature more artwork, ones that might not work for a full month, or might have to wait too long. And I also realized my monthly calendars to date have featured only one cat at a time! How could that be? That has no connection to reality in my house!

So “Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground” is my feature this month. Here’s what I had to say the day I painted it.

Where do these visual inspirations come from? Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette were enjoying the view as I rode my exercise bicycle, having plenty of time to watch them and the light and visualize this composition. I wanted lots of mixed colors, but muted, indefinite edges, but the sketch in black on top of all the pastel. The light comes in the door and fills the space among them, then fades to shadows behind. I had sketchbook and basic pastels to block in the shapes and areas, then finished it later from a photo. Mostly, I had a really strong visual that stayed with me as I played fingerpaints with my pastels on the paper.

As I watched them and began visualizing, I also envisioned the style of another artist. See if you can guess who I mean before you click here to see this painting and especially this painting.

When I look at them in that spot, morning or afternoon, the painted gray floor is always cool in color though being gray it captures many ambient colors from the sky and the outdoors. The black cats’ fur reflects warm and I see many brown tones. I began with those and let my mind enhance them as I pedaled my bike, using the built-in Photoshop filters in my brain, watching the big pool of light among them, determining which postures I wanted each of them to be in to make a good composition. I both blended the pastels and then painted them on top of what I’d blended for a variety of textures, for full color and muted color, to capture the changing shadows reflected from the sky and trees outdoors. And then, I just did what I felt like doing, adding colors intuitively in shapes that just came to mind. And then, finally, sketched their outlines in black pastel atop it all. Unfortunately when I scanned it the pink and purple dusted off onto the cooler areas, but that’s kind of okay.

Why does this reflect August? It was painted just over the edge into September, on September 2, 2013, when it was still plenty hot and feeling like summer. The way the floor turned out, all that turquoise with flashes of darker blue and yellow, made me think of pool water, cool and gently lapping. The red violet, purple, orange and yellow are the colors of summer, flowers and beach umbrellas, bathing suits and pool toys. So as summer winds down, we can enjoy the bright colors, tempered by the muted colors of coming autumn as the season begins to change.

Because this was strongly horizontal I had to do some fancy copying and pasting and cloning patterns in Photoshop to make it work on a vertical device. But I think that worked out well. I’ve also included some unfinished edges; that reminds us it’s art.

. . . . . . .

As always, I will miss the prior month’s desktop calendar, especially when I’d planned a new garden flag made from it and a few other things and they are still not done. But we haven’t seen the last of “Garden Sketch With Mimi”, and I’m glad to introduce this painting for all its color.

This month’s desktop calendar

I’ve worked this image into a desktop calendar for you to enjoy and use for the entire month. Looking at the downloads from previous months and averaging out which dimensions fit which devices, I have reduced the number of variations from 12 to three. It was very time-consuming to create all the variations with new devices arriving all the time, so I have one for horizontal monitors/screens, one for square monitors/screens, and one that should fit the dimensions of nearly all mobile devices.

If these sizes don’t work for your device, or if you have problems, please let me know. Often I can troubleshoot the reason an image won’t download or won’t load on your device, but if I just can’t figure it out I can just email it to you and hope that works.

How to download and use your desktop calendar

  1. Click on one of the images below that matches the dimensions of your monitor to open the image in a new page.
  2. For desktop computers and laptops, right-click on that image and on a desktop computer choose “save as desktop wallpaper” or “save as background” or whichever option your operating system gives you to be able to do this. You may also simply save it to your hard drive and set it as your background from there.
  3. For mobile devices, download the image to your gallery then choose it as your wallpaper—this is slightly different on all devices.

Horizontal and HD monitors and screens

"Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground", 2560 x 1440 for wide and HD monitors
“Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground”, 2560 x 1440 for wide and HD monitors

. . .

Square monitors and screens

"Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground" desktop calendar, 1280 x 1024 for square and laptop monitors
“Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground” desktop calendar, 1280 x 1024 for square and laptop monitors

. . .

Small Mobile Devices and Tablets

"Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground" desktop calendar, for 600 x 800 for iPad, Kindle and other readers
“Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground” desktop calendar, for 600 x 800 for iPad, Kindle and other readers

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. . .

Cell Phones and Smartphones

"Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground" desktop calendar for 480 x 854 for mobile devices
“Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground” desktop calendar for 480 x 854 for mobile devices

. . . . . . .

Where to find “Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground”

This original sketch is still available though I haven’t yet framed it, is available for sale in my Etsy shop—I want a unique frame for this one. I have a variety of prints available, and can also mount it on wood in various sizes as well as make it into a keepsake box.

It’s also the featured September artwork in 12 Sketches of Cats Calendar.

12 Sketches of Cats Calendar
"12 Sketches of Cats Calendar"
“12 Sketches of Cats 2014 Calendar”

I’ve always admired oversized “art calendars”, the ones where the art is foremost and the calendar just an incidental means of presenting it. Calendars are printed on quality text or cover stock and are only printed on one side of the page with plenty of clear space around the artwork because the image is intended to be framable with nothing printed on the back.

And so 12 Sketches of Cats is digitally printed in the same archival inks and acid-free natural 100# smooth cover stock I use for the digital art prints I sell. Each page is 11″ x 17″ so there is plenty of space to have the art at or near its native size with room for the name and information about the art with the calendar at the bottom. The calendar is spiral-bound at the top with a hole drilled just beneath the spiral so you display one page at a time.

In addition to keeping art near its native size I’ve also sized most of the artwork so it will easily fit a standard frame size. Some images, such as “Shades of Gray” and “World Cat” are smaller than the originals to fit the page. I chose sketches for popularity and narrowed them down for a variety of style and medium. All of the images but one are in color; none of the pencil, charcoal or ink sketches seemed to fit with the color art in the calendar, so of course that might be a calendar of its own someday.

And there are actually 14 sketches if you count the cover, and there’s a bonus sketch on the title page that’s the one pencil sketch, but because covers see more wear and the title page image is a little small I’m keeping the title at 12. The art included in the calendar is:

Cover: Mimi’s Sunbath

Title page: A Tangle of Cats at the Door

January: Winter Light

February: Shades of Gray

March: Catamount Brushmore

April: Two Cats After van Gogh

May: In Afternoon Sun

June: Lazy Saturday Afternoon

July: Stanley with Geraniums

August: Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol

September: Three Warm Cats on a Cool Ground

October: Two in a Basket

November: Vigilant Nap

December: World Cat

This calendar costs a little more than the typical calendar because of the size and quality, and the value of what’s in it—I generally sell my prints for $10.00 to $25.00 each depending on the size, but in this calendar you get 14 prints if you count each image, for one price—$2.50 for each of 14 prints plus $10.00 to help FosterCat, Inc. house and support the cats in their system of foster homes, find homes for the cats they’ve rescued and help sponsor many cats rescued by Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement.

Order a calendar now

Calendars are $45.00 and as mentioned above I will donate $10.00 of each sale to FosterCat, Inc. Not only has FosterCat been doing its typical wonderful work in rescuing and finding forever homes for cats of all ages through its foster home-only all-volunteer organization, they have also been helping kittens and cats find homes who have been rescued by Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement, which allows all those who volunteer as a rescue to foster more cats and kittens.

Click here to order a calendar through my Etsy shop.

Click here to order a calendar through PayPal

NOTE: I will continue to sell this calendar until all I printed are gone, but because of the value of the art within it I will not discount it after the beginning of the year as I do others. The purchase price will always generate a $10.00 donation to a specified cat rescue or assistance organization.

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  • bluemoonalone

    Thanks again for another beautiful monthly calendar B..Love Paul Klee’s colorful works and especially love Cat and Bird..

    • Bluemoonalone, Paul Klee was an inspiration before I realized he was. So nice to revisit now! Thanks for the compliment!

  • I think this must be my first visit to your blog and I am overwhelmed. Everything is beautiful and I don’t know where to start. I love the August Calendar page, but have no place to put it as my computer has daily wallpaper changes and I don’t have any other devices except my cell phone which is crappy and probably wouldn’t take the download … So all I can say, for the moment, is your artwork is wonderful and I love it …. and I am guessing I will be back.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Andrea, thanks for visiting! It’s all the stuff going on in my head. You can always stop back and take another look, you are always welcome.

    • I’m glad you like it, Austin! I always think of your human when I decide!

  • great pastel Bernadette; like the kitty who’s looking “up” at us…since I’ve got fairly good odds…will say it’s… mr sunshine !! 🙂

    • Thank you! But round face, round eyes–it’s Mewsette! Giuseppe is at the top, and Mr. Sunshine at the bottom.


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