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A Very Classical Cat

I’ll look at anything with a cat in it; I just accept that I’m not terribly discriminating where cat things are concerned. Cat videos on YouTube, though, are usually off-limits because they are typically 1) blurry beyond recognition, 2) the audio and video have nothing to do with each other, and 3) probably they’re really funny when they were filmed but by the time they get to YouTube they’ve lost their sparkle.

And though I admit that any interaction any of my cats had with a musical instrument I would think was 1) beautiful, 2) clever and highly intuitive, I would also think it was 3) interesting to no one but me.

This particular feline musician is so unique and the music so lovely that I have to post the link. Nora the cat both pats the piano keys and rubs her face and shoulders on them, and the classical chamber piece that accompanies her is gentle and moving. It’s just a few minutes long. You’ll find sequels, too.

Nora is not on stage, she is in her home at her own piano, a gray tabby with an orange and white tabby and a dark tabby with white paws as her audience. It could be that they remind me of a long ago trio who shared my life in Moses, Allegro and Stanley.

I first saw this on Bogeysblogshpere–make sure you stop by and visit Bogey of My Three Cats & Company, Inc. Many thanks also to Mike Friese of the Cat Writer’s Association for posting this to our group. Enjoy!

And I discovered there is a website for this Lithuanian composer at


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