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A Foster Home for Sylvester

cat on blanket
The new Sylvester, trimmed and brushed!

Sylvester the lovebug, the last of Dorothy’s Pets, continues to flourish, especially after his spa day where he was groomed and trimmed, all the while purring and kneading in happiness. Look, he’s even making biscuits with his front paws in this photo! He’s come a long way from the scruffy kitty with the open sore on his neck we met last fall who hid under the bed. I think he looks like a plush toy and he’s sounding more and more like a perfect loving companion for someone who is waiting for an only cat.

Sylvester still needs to find a new home in the next month. He is still staying at Dorothy’s home and Melanie visits him every night. She had initially decided she’d try integrating him into her household, but the logistics of 14 cats and three dogs is already complicated. Adding Sylvester’s natural shyness and multiple skin conditions resulting from diet and a severe flea allergy would not be the best conditions for his progress—both his personality and health might suffer and revert to where they had been, sad for a cat who’s come so far. Dorothy’s home will be up for sale in the next month, and Sylvester needs to find a home before everything is removed and strangers come walking through.

photo of beagle

Another complication for Melanie with one of her own

Melanie has been working with Dorothy and her pets for nearly a year, all through Dorothy’s diagnosis and decline from brain cancer last year, and Dorothy’s death in February, all the while caring for her own rescued animals. Anyone who has rescued animals knows what a toll this has taken on her time and her means.

Now Melanie has another complication and a sad diagnosis with one of her own rescues. Her beagle, Cocoa, was just diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma, and she needs to raise money to help continue with Cocoa’s chemo.  Melanie has set up a new ChipIn account to continue with donations for Sylvester’s continuing care, and for others who would like to help this rescuer who has done so much with one of her own:

Sylvester’s new profile

Here’s what Melanie has to say about Sylvester:

cat looking backward
Sylvester hanging out.

Sylvester is awesome! He’s approximately 5 – 7 years old and neutered. His owner passed away in February and he’s still living in his home, but once the house goes up for sale his future is uncertain. Right now me and my husband care for him every night.

Sylvester is incredibly affectionate. I cannot stress this enough. He loves to snuggle and makes a great lap warmer. He’s also very generous with his head bonks. He’s become more playful since we started caring for him. He loves feather and laser toys. He does this really adorable play hiss when he’s really excited. It’s hilarious. We just had him professionally groomed and the groomers loved him! She told me that as they were shaving his belly he purred and kneaded the entire time.

cat looking up
Sylvester waiting for love.

Sylvester does have some allergies and must be kept indoors only because he cannot be exposed to fleas. When we first began caring for him he was in a lot of discomfort and was scratching himself raw. We found a vet to work with and he’s done a complete turnaround. He’s healed and his care didn’t turn out to be nearly as expensive or extensive as we initially thought it would be. Plus he’s incredibly easy to care for and that really helps. He’s just an all around great cat.

We would like to see Sylvester placed as an only pet in the home due to his severe flea allergy and he must be kept indoors only, no exceptions.

If you would like to hear more about Sylvester please contact me. He probably only has about a month left before his home goes up for sale and he must be removed.

Watch a video of Sylvester in action!

Contact Melanie

Sylvester lives in Baden, PA. If you are interested in adopting or fostering him please e-mail Melanie.

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11 thoughts on “A Foster Home for Sylvester

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  • Sylvester was taken to his new potentially permanent home yesterday. This is not an ideal adoption, but we’re going to monitor closely and provide assistance whenever necessary. His new person is 75 years old and lost her husband last year. She was looking for mainly provide foster care because she travels to California to see her family a couple of months at a time. Plus she was unsure if she would be able to manage Sylvester’s medication.

    After meeting Sylvester she decided she wanted to try to make him a permanent member of her home and has already begun to make provisions to have him cared for while she’s away. She’s very open to us visiting whenever we have time and calling to check in to see how things are going. She also stated she will call me if she ever feels she needs help or feels she cannot care for Sylvester. I believe she will do just that.

    She is a very kind and sweet lady who also seems to have Sylvester’s best interest in mind. I think she will do her best to make it work and with us monitoring things closely Sylvester will never be without anything he needs.


    • Melanie, thanks for the update! I’m sure she’ll take good care of him, even if it doesn’t end up being permanent. Now you can get back to other things, and I’m sure Dorothy is thanking you.

    • Susan Mullen

      Thanks, Melanie! This is such great news!

  • Thank you as always for posting my update on Sylvester. An extra big thank you for posting about my Cocoa. Cocoa was a rescue from 2005. She was going to be put to sleep by the shelter. I reluctantly offered to take her and they gave her to me. The goal was to find her a new home. During her first vet appointment they found that her ears were infected shut, impacted anal glands, mammary tumors, a hernia, and rotted teeth. She was a mess. I spent a small fortune fixing her up. We had her up for adoption for a while, but she continued to have chronic ear and anal gland issues, as well as bladder infections. Then she developed more mammary tumors (all benign), then a cancerous tumor on her front leg called hemangiopericytoma. All removed with no issues. Then she tore her ACL. She always bounces back and is ready for whatever life hands her. We finally fixed everything and she’s been on a good track. Now this. Over the years everyone has told me I should just put her to sleep instead of spending so much money on her. But she’s so full of life and so sweet. She’s also incredibly stubborn!! I think that’s what keeps her going through everything. Nothing is going to keep her down! I adore her and I’m not ready to lose her.

    Thank you again!


    • Melanie, for heaven’s sake, where was the plague of locusts? Was she simply neglected or was she in a hoarding situation before she ended up in the shelter? She must be an awfully sweet dog! I’ll keep posting as long as there is something to post.

      • I honestly don’t know much about her history. The shelter wanted to put her to sleep because they were over run with beagles and she was older and overweight. They felt she was unadoptable. She was so sweet that I just wasn’t ok with it. I didn’t even want another dog at the time. I was already feeling overwhelmed. I really thought we would be able to find her a great new home, but she just had too many issues. She really is an awesome dog. She’s adorable and so incredibly sweet. Everyone that meets her loves her, but no one loved her enough to adopt her! LOL My vet feels that she is a result of bad breeding or inbreeding. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a glutton for punishment. What’s the old saying? No good deed goes unpunished. haha

  • Linda Chapman

    I’d give him a home but I have 7 now. Wishing the very best for Mr. Sly. He is simply pawsome and I pray some will give him his furever home. Bless you sweet boy!

  • Susan Mullen

    Bernadette, thanks so much for putting this story on your blog. I’ve been following Sylvester’s progress and hoping for the best for him and for Melanie and her family.

    • Susan, I wish I could do more for Melanie and Sylvester, but at least the word gets out.


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