Small Canvas Prints of Artwork

The current collection of small canvas prints.
The current collection of small canvas prints.

I like to have a selection of small canvas prints on hand and with the coming of the autumn shopping season I’m stocking up—plus, I get a great deal if I purchase several at once, and I can pass that on to you. I recently ordered these six canvas prints and look forward to ordering more. You can click on just about each one of them to go to the post on Etsy with the art, but I discovered I don’t have posts set up for “Waiting for Mom” and “After Dinner Nap”, two pretty popular ones! When I get those set up I’ll link them here.

"Waiting for Mom" canvas print.
“Waiting for Mom” canvas print.

You can find great deals on canvas prints all over the place and I’ve pursued them all. 8″ x 10″ prints can be difficult to find, and even though they’re small they’re not inexpensive, but they can, unfortunately, be “cheap”. Cheaply made, that is. These are consistently quality, and I can sell them for a more affordable price: $35 instead of the $50 it took to cover the cost of having the canvas made and having it shipped to me or having the canvas printed and stretching it myself. They’re pretty nice for that price.

"Two Cats After van Gogh" canvas print.
“Two Cats After van Gogh” canvas print.

And everyone makes them differently, different edge widths, different canvas wrap styles, different levels of quality in the thickness of the canvas…So after trying out a dozen companies I’ve settled on one for this size, and for 8″ x 8″, which I’ll also be offering with my square paintings.

"Peaches and Peonies" canvas print.
“Peaches and Peonies” canvas print.

Eventually I may try some tests with canvas in my new printer, but after working out the cost of the canvas paper and toner, and the stretchers, and the time, this is actually less expensive! If you’d like one I don’t have in stock it may take a week or so, though.

canvas print of cat with fruit bowl
“Cat With Fruit” canvas.

Some of these paintings you may recognize as daily sketches, and some are only 4″ x 6″, but they enlarge nicely. Some of the others are as large as 18″ x 24″, but they still hold detail when reduced and look nice at that size.

canvas print of black cat on floor
“Are You Looking at Me?” canvas

I sign each canvas near my signature that’s printed on the painting, usually in gold, silver or copper marker so it can be distinguished from my original signature. The copyright notice you see in white at the bottom of each of these photos does not appear on the canvas.

canvas of pastel of cat napping on table
“After Dinner Nap” canvas.

These can hang right on the wall, or you can drop them into a frame. If you just want them on the wall with no frame, I’ve also added finishing touches to the sides. When I photograph or scan a piece of artwork I include the rough edges, and when I make certain prints, like canvas prints, I include this if possible so it looks more authentically like a painting. As appropriate, each of the paintings extends around to the back, or if that doesn’t work it’s mirrored so it repeats the edges of the painting, or it has a coordinating color. Below is a gallery of the edges of each of these paintings.

I can also have a canvas print made of just about any piece of artwork you see here or in my Etsy shop, for the same price as one of these canvases. If you don’t see a canvas you’d like here, check in my Etsy shop. Also, I can have other sizes canvas prints made. Send an email if you have a question.

I’m looking forward to displaying these at Carnegie’s business crawl tomorrow and the FosterCat Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday—check here for details!


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