Daily Photo: Sleepy Supervisor

black cat on boxes
Jelly Bean sits on the stacked boxes.

My sleepy supervisor takes the opportunity for a nap while I pack a few orders and organize my boxes and bins.

Jelly Bean was my supervisor all day today, and I was a little surprised since he’s usually far too sleepy for a whole day’s work. Like a little Hobbit or one of Snow White’s dwarves (who really were hobbits anyway, right?) he always put in a request for second breakfast at least (he does not get this, despite his shape) and later rolls himself up in a perfect hemisphere of black fur for a deep, deep nap.

After following me around the house from the basement to the studio—this is required for whichever feline has the responsibility for supervising me for the day—he’s taking the opportunity to catch a little Bean-style nap wherein he wraps his tail around whatever he’s sitting on to anchor him should he fall into a deeper sleep and risk falling off his pedestal.

Really, he doesn’t want his picture taken either, he closed his eyes rather quickly…and I have a hard time not squeezing his round Buddha shape.

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