Daily Photo: Mirror, Mirror

black kitten in mirror
Smokie checks his whiskers!

Smokie checks his whiskers in the bathroom mirror—he’s developed a white one in his right eyebrow! Just makes him cuter! But really, if you look in the lower left of the photo you’ll see a very alert black ear. Looks to me like a chase and wrestling match with Bella are in his very near future.

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What other photos have I shared on this date?


Through the Picture Frame, 2012
black cat in box in picture frame
Through the Picture Frame

Part of the fun of my daily photos is just looking at them to see what story they tell me. Mimi and Sunshine wrote this one.

Mimi creates her own art installation involving herself and one of my favorite stories. Then she invites Mr. Sunshine to join in, and shows him how to use the magic picture frame. Captions are on the photos in the slideshow below.


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The Basket, 2011
two black cats in a basket
Mimi and Jelly Bean prepare for their first nap in the new bed.

Good thing I set this basket down before I carried other things up the stairs. Where would all my black cats have slept for the past five days?

I really did only set the basket down before I walked up the stairs so that I could carry an armload of other things up the stairs. When I returned less than a minute later, Mimi and Jelly Bean were in the basket, bathing themselves and each other, purring and evidencing that particularly feline sense of anticipation of a really good nap in an exciting new bed.

two black cats in basket
Jelly Bean and Mimi smashed together in the basket.

The basket’s intent, at least in my opinion, is to hold boxes of note cards in my shop or one of the shops which carries my stuff. Not that I object to my cats being creative in finding happy sleeping spaces, but black cats and a basket with a natural cotton canvas liner soon mingle colors and textures. It’s just natural nesting material, they tell me.

I was hoping to repack this one and take it right back out to another shop. Believe it or not, people who love cats and buy my note cards really don’t like to see a basket lined with cat hair holding the merchandise.

Well, the liners do need to be washed now and then anyway.

Jelly Bean and Mimi monopolized the basket for about three days, actually doing little else but cuddling and bathing and sleeping in the basket. When cats find something they like, they know nothing of moderation, of taking things in small bites and savoring it. Instead they immerse themselves into their new love whether it’s a sleeping spot, food, a person or a toy, and enjoy it to its fullest.

Eventually JB and Mimi began to tire of the basket, and Mewsette had a chance to try it out. She enjoyed the basket for a resting and observation post, and attempted to contact far planets in the galaxy by holding completely still but swiveling her ears independently and together, adjusting for the best reception. Then she left the basket to the next kitty.

black cat in basket
Mewsette in the basket trying for better reception.

Boys will be boys, and Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe just didn’t care for that bow on the side, doing their best to make it look more manly, like a string tie or something. Well, I needed to remove it before washing anyway.

two black cats in basket
Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine get rid of that girly bow.

Then suddenly the basket affair was over. I couldn’t complain about the photographic subject matter, or the idea for a silly little illustrated book.

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cats and kittens
Gallery view of Pittsburgh CAT cats for adoption.

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