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Poem for Today: Pawprints and Raindrops

It rained softly this morning, whispering in the trees all around the house, and I have been remembering Kelly today and this poem inspired by her and a certain drizzly summer morning in 2009. I could have no better tribute to her gentle and loving personality. Pawprints and Raindrops I

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 Your petite silhouette lingers long, graceful legs tipped with soundless slender paws the waving tendril of a tail that curls in a perfect circle as you pause in your eternal dance and enrich my life, awaken nascent creative visions and laughter at the silly joy of youth, yellow eyes illumining

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Poem for Sunday: Green Sparkle Ball

GIUSEPPE HAS BEEN CHASING his green sparkle ball all over the house since he was about a year old; he will soon be eight years old. There are also others of other colors which Sunshine and Bean are chasing, but still, each cat is in their own way chasing, not

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Poetry for Sunday: Rumi, This Great Love

Published on March 29, 2015 in cats, poetry

I am so small I can barely be seen.  How can this great love be inside me?  Look at your eyes. They are small, but they see enormous things. ~Rumi Really, how can such great love be inside such a small thing as a tiny kitten? And yet the potential

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Poem for Spring: Mewsette Ponders Green

The world alight in green shades more than I have brilliant life given giving and glows in spring showers on all I love. A little abstract ode to spring to accompany a little sort of abstract photo of Mewsette pondering the green plate, showers on her nose, and it does

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Things I Found in the Woods, Poetry and Memories

Every year the winter opens up to a few days of warm intoxicating sun and mud in January or February, and I’ve run outside to celebrate the day. In 2012 it was February 5, two days after Cookie died, and as I enjoyed the warm day without her and remembered

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Two Poems of Rescue

Something about the icy rain that fell, the snow shoveled into drifts, the cold, January, that I think of the winter days I watched Mimi, such a tiny black cat, carefully, painfully, choosing her way down the sidewalk across the street. I sit in the same chair today looking at

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For Christmas Eve: Solstice Moon

Solstice Moon A satin silent night, A silver path through my window, And silken paws paused to stay On the pillow next to me. “Solstice Moon” © 1981 Bernadette E. Kazmarski . . . . . . . Aside from class assignments here and there through school, this was my

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CWA 2014 Contest and Muse Medallions

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Cat Writers’ Association conference, which was this past weekend, but I did hear that I won two Muse Medallions for my entries, drawn from those for which I’d earned Certificates of Excellence. Color Photograph (Single) “Frankencat and Old Grand Dad” You can

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Poem for Sunday: Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror

Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror   Startled, an unexpected kitten before him, he cautiously greets this unknown feline, offers friendly gestures though it has no true kitten attributes, no smell or sound. He doesn’t know, of course, it is himself he sees, for he senses himself in a different

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