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CWA 2014 Contest and Muse Medallions

Well, I didn’t get to go to the Cat Writers’ Association conference, which was this past weekend, but I did hear that I won two Muse Medallions for my entries, drawn from those for which I’d earned Certificates of Excellence. Color Photograph (Single) “Frankencat and Old Grand Dad” You can

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Poem for Sunday: Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror

Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror   Startled, an unexpected kitten before him, he cautiously greets this unknown feline, offers friendly gestures though it has no true kitten attributes, no smell or sound. He doesn’t know, of course, it is himself he sees, for he senses himself in a different

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Poetry: For Pet Memorial Sunday

I’ll be speaking a little later today about “Loving Again After Loss, Why We Adopt Pets” at the Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony by Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation and remembering again all the cats who came to shape my life and left me a better person. Just as my cats have

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Poem for Sunday: Overheard in a Thrift Shop

This was a conversation between two people which I overheard, secretly taking notes, as I was browsing the overcrowded racks of a local thrift shop after dropping off some dishes for donation. The rhythm of a conversation between two people who know each other well and working in tandem, in

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Sharing Posts From My Blog, “Today”

When I began developing my website in the mid and late 90s, I was advised to keep things “separate” more or less by subject: animal artwork, graphic design, photography, writing and so on. This was partly for professional reasons. As a freelancer, potential clients would find or view my website,

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Poem for Saturday: Pawprints and Raindrops

It is softly raining this Saturday morning, whispering in the maple tree outside the wide open windows, and I have been remembering Kelly, though it was Mimi sleeping on my hip and her children circling in to walk on me and purr this morning. This poem was inspired by Kelly,

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Your Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Poetry Inspired in My Backyard

Spring has been tentative this year, but lately has been winning the battle of frozen overnights and warm sunny days. The morning drizzle has cleared and I’ll finish this week’s article on butterfly gardens in time for next Saturday—Mimi and I are going to enjoy a day in the back

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Poem for Spring: To Come Again in Spring

As the spring unfolds with longer days and milder temperatures, we remember what has passed. Because it feels like such a day of renewal, and also remembrance, I thought I’d share a poem that’s not feline-centric for this holiday and this time of year. Of course, though, it includes my

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Poetry for Sunday: Rumi, This Great Love

Published on April 13, 2014 in cats, poetry

I am so small I can barely be seen.  How can this great love be inside me?  Look at your eyes. They are small, but they see enormous things. ~Rumi Really, how can such great love be inside such a small thing as a tiny kitten? And yet the potential

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Poem for Spring: Mewsette Ponders Green

The world alight in green shades more than I have brilliant life given giving and glows in spring showers on all I love. A little abstract ode to spring to accompany a little sort of abstract photo of Mewsette pondering the green plate, showers on her nose, and it does

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