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Poem for Saturday: Pawprints and Raindrops

It is softly raining this Saturday morning, whispering in the maple tree outside the wide open windows, and I have been remembering Kelly, though it was Mimi sleeping on my hip and her children circling in to walk on me and purr this morning. This poem was inspired by Kelly,

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Daily Photo Reprise: Lunch First, Photos Later, Maybe: 2011

I miss my tortie girls every day, even if I know they’d sometimes be annoyed with what I was doing. Cookie and Kelly decidedly do not look at me when I take their photo. I should be feeding them lunch, not fooling around with that thing I put in front

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Beat the Heat With Water for Pets, Wildlife—and People

Hot weather is miserable, no matter the temperature where your own personal heat tolerance ends. Many people think that since some animals live in the wild and seem to survive, all animals can survive the heat “naturally”. Nothing could be further from the truth for either our pets or the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Relaxing, 2012 and Sanguine Nap, 2013

The top of the stool is apparently the perfect circumference for Kelly as she relaxes there while enjoying the fan in this hot weather, one leg and a tail dangling off the edge. That is one relaxed Kelly. . . . . . . . What else was I sketching

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Daily Photo Reprise: The Secret to Kelly’s Green Eyes, 2012

Kelly does have very bright green eyes, especially when she sits in the sun. I would never question her natural color until today when I walked in on her in my studio… “Oh, no,” Kelly said, “I’m found out!” “Well,” she concluded, “I can only say it pays to be

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From the Archives: Everyone on the Bed, June 12, 2007

My entire feline family at the moment on June 12, 2007, clockwise from top: Lucy, Cookie, Peaches, Mr. Peach, Namir and Kelly. Only seven years ago, and the styles were completely different. I have a few of these through the years, all the cats in the household gathered together. It

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Daily Photo Reprise: Sweet Dreams, 2012

Another somewhat abstract photo of a kitty in the sun. I love how it shines into the windows at this time of the year, illuminating odd areas and bouncing around the room like magic. And of course sleepy kitties search out the best spots for a relaxing nap. Here Kelly

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Daily Photo Reprise: Kelly Waits, and The Wren, 2011

Kelly has been wondering if the same wren couple will return to nest in the window box outside the dining room window, even though it was two years ago they visited us. Kelly, active and loquacious as she is, has the capacity to sit quietly and be completely still for

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Daily Photo Reprise: Kelly Greets the Day, 2012

Ahhh, a good stretch, a good scratch, fresh air and sunshine, the best after-breakfast treat for Kelly. She really showed that top step who was boss, and left enough pheromones behind to scare off a herd of neighborhood cats. Something about dry wood under their paws has always inspired my

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Daily Photo Reprise: A Busy Day at Work, 2011

It began in the morning with the boys slacking off in an after-breakfast nap so the senior torties had to take over the greeting detail at the door when a customer came in. Kelly waits her turn as befits a less-senior tortie, but it’s a big step for a kitty

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