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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly in Warm Colors, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this sketch again. It is a sweet memory, and still one of my favorites, and one through which I still feel a deep bond with Kelly. Because I always hope she feels the warmth of love. I hadn’t set out to do quite this,

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Vintage Photo: Spring Afternoon, 2000

As I was photographing my notecards this morning at the sunny window at the top of the stairs I remembered a photo of Kelly I’d recently seen among my boxes of photo prints. Wish I had a negative scanner so I could capture the details, but you just can’t miss

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Daily Photo Reprise: Face Washing and Kelly With Squashes, 2012

One of my favorites from yesterday’s bath sequence (in 2012), Kelly vigorously washing her face having, turned one of her ears inside out which she does nearly every time she washes her face. You can see even the insides of her ears are tortoiseshell, having freckles and speckles like the

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kitty’s Sleeping, 2012

Kelly is beginning to drip off the edge of the book case she’s chosen as her current daily sleeping spot. I’m not sure why she chooses an exposed and uncomfortable spot like this—at least, that’s my perception. Still, clinging to the corner of a tall cabinet can’t be relaxing, yet

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Wordless Wednesday: What a Sweet Face, 2012

Kelly got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too last year! The weather was quite warm with all the windows open and lots of sun. Here she enjoys the sunny windowsill in the bathroom, content and relaxed. Her eyes really are quite green, but in this photo they get an extra

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Silhouette, 2012

Kelly was playing in the sun again this morning with another catnip toy. At least she ate breakfast first! After I sketched her outline I decided I’d go a little farther and fill in her silhouette and long shadow. I hadn’t realized I had sketched Kelly three days in a

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Daily Photo Reprise: Catnip for Breakfast, 2012

From two years ago, Kelly decides to indulge in some nip instead of food at breakfast—I guess the sun and the fresh, new catnip toy was a little too tempting! Kelly decided to have catnip for breakfast today. Is that a problem? She was happily eating right next to Mimi

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Uneasy Truce, 2012 and The Unhappy Model, 2013

Kelly had been enjoying catnip (again) and bathing by the sunny back door, and Mimi wanted to join her. Kelly was fine with this at first, then Mimi moved a little closer and Kelly got nervous so they essentially traded places. Of course, no one but me would know who

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Daily Photo Reprise: Desk Accessories, 2012

Every desk needs a tortoiseshell cat! Pens, calculator, calendar, notepads, glasses, Kelly, all part of what makes my desk work. I love how cats cuddle up to something that’s not really comfortable to cuddle up to, like two pairs of glasses in my hard-sided glasses case, but they’ll make do

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Friends at the End

In early 1996, just about 18 years ago this month, it became clear that Kublai wasn’t recovering through strictly medical means from the mystery illness that had been causing him to slowly waste away beginning the previous summer. My veterinarian had tried everything she knew that could possibly treat the

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