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Perhaps the Storm is Finally Over, 2015

Hurricane Katrina, Namir, a household of cats and realizing a lot about love after multiple losses. Celebrating Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day with fellow blogger Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Connection. I originally posted this article on August 30, 2009, and each year since I’ve posted it on the

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Daily Photo Reprise: Kelly the Studio Cat

From July 2011, Kelly soaks up the sun on the windowsill, sharing space with my paintbrush vase, her eyes the color of summer leaves. Kelly didn’t care for the limelight, only the sunlight. Because of that she was the subject of some of the most beautiful photos on this blog.

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“Kelly’s Morning Bath” Block Print on Handmade Papers

You’re probably familiar with “The Roundest Eyes”, a block print inspired by Kelly that I featured in June along with “The Goddess”. In this week to remember little Kelly, I’m also featuring the other block print she inspired—the “Kelly’s Morning Bath” prints were the first feline pictorial block print I

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Has a Drink, 2012

What legs! Kelly really does have long legs, especially when she does her drinking dance, solidly planting all four paws, then prancing her hind paws and waving her tail while she drinks. There’s something so precious about Kelly drinking; I think it has to do with her timid nature, yet

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Rescue Story Reprise: A Little Bit About Kelly

JUST ABOUT two years ago to the day I looked at Kelly and decided her story needed to be told for my Tuesday rescue story. I remember, just two weeks after we’d lost Cookie, Kelly and I were finally feeling comfortable with being at our desk without her, Kelly settling

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Daily Photo Reprise: A Little Dose of Afternoon Sweetness, 2011

From August 16, 2012: I have a video to share of total sweetness in a kitty. You might remember that Kelly was my Lead Crochet Tester, and that she immediately occupied anything crocheted in any form—under construction, headed for the wash, being worn by me, it didn’t matter, when Kelly

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Poem for Today: Pawprints and Raindrops

It rained softly this morning, whispering in the trees all around the house, and I have been remembering Kelly today and this poem inspired by her and a certain drizzly summer morning in 2009. I could have no better tribute to her gentle and loving personality. Pawprints and Raindrops I

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Observing Anniversaries

On Tuesday, August 11, I will remember my sweet Kelly, and I’ve been remembering that magical morning three years ago and sadly our last hours together, but I’ll also remember the rest of our 15 years together. I’m really not good with remembering dates like birthdays or relationship anniversaries, even

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Daily Photo: From the Archives and Reprises, Torties and Tri-colors

Mimi and Peaches have a little slumber party on the Dora bed on July 31, 2010. I visited my sister and saw this foam child’s bed ready for the trash because her granddaughter had outgrown it. I thought it would make a great cat bed! She gave it to me,

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Heat Stroke in Cats

How easily can a cat go into heat stroke? More easily than you might think even if they stay indoors and windows are open with fans on during a heat wave. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, the situation can get out of control with a series of circumstances

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