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Daily Photo Reprise: Cuddling, 2011

The weather is unpredictable, and my tortie girls were glad I tossed the old flannel bathrobe back on the table for them to cuddle into as the sleet clicks against the windows. My senior girls aren’t terribly close but they certainly don’t mind each others’ company when the weather turns

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Things I Found in the Woods, Poetry and Memories

Every year the winter opens up to a few days of warm intoxicating sun and mud in January or February, and I’ve run outside to celebrate the day. In 2012 it was February 5, two days after Cookie died, and as I enjoyed the warm day without her and remembered

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Two “Sunny Mornings” from 2012

I’ve always loved the long shadows that the cats and objects make sitting on the floor in the sun as it streams in through the morning, and the silhouettes of petite Mimi and bigger Mewsette against the varied shadows and highlights were so graceful. I began exploring this style, and

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Daily Photo Reprise: The Cats in the Hat, 2010

Both Kelly and Cookie put one of my hats to the test—before it’s even done! Every crochet item I make must be tested by at least one kitty, especially Kelly, my Lead Crochet Tester. This means it must be subject to the following activities as appropriate with the shape and

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Living Green With Pets: Art Cats

“No art project can begin until someone tastes the paint water.” Wise words from Kelly, who learned this from Cookie and fully embraced it, being second in line for any container of water I set aside or had on hand for any purpose. And for that reason, years ago I

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From the Archives: A Holiday Photo Shoot

Cookie’s expression may have you thinking otherwise, but really, when I photographed Cookie all dressed up for the holidays, and not looking very happy about it, the whole thing was her idea. We were all playing around that day—Peaches at 17, Giuseppe, Sunshine, Mewsette and Bean at five months old,

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Featured Artwork: Winter Cats

A Portrait of an Old Cat: Afternoon Nap ~ An old cat, a gentleman, he has found a quiet spot, upstairs in the afternoon, and has so perfectly placed himself a little off-center on the expanse of white bedspread, illuminated by stark winter light through the window. (Stanley finds all

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From the Archives: Old and Not So Old, December 14, 2005

Stanley and Moses curl up together in fine symmetry like double quotes; Stanley was 24, Moses was 19, and the two had always been friends but were inseparable for that last year Moses was with us. When my little formerly feral kitten was forced out of her room by the

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Rescue Story: Cookie’s Homecoming Day

On December 9, 1992, during a heavy storm of snow and ice, a little neighbor boy brought me a kitten he’d rescued but could not keep. That very special tortoiseshell kitten joined my household that day, though neither she nor I had any idea at the time how long or

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“Dinnertime!” a Daily Sketch of Time and Place

In a week where I’m celebrating my habit of daily sketches is this sketch, one of my first. It’s Kelly, Mimi and Cookie enjoying dinner on the evening of December 7, 2011. Nearly all my daily sketches are “in the moment”, not made from photos and usually not from memory. They

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