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Daily Sketch: Together

Mimi took my seat in the studio, then Bean settled on the seat with her. They were curled almost like yin and yang but not quite, since yin was so much smaller. But still I could see the flow of shapes between them. I like a nice single varied line,

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Cat-eating Bag, 2014

That nasty bag is devouring my cats again, the same one that tried to swallow Mimi whole last week. Mr. Sunshine got out safely, but not before I sketched him. It was another case of pulling artwork out of the bag  to put away and leaving it standing in place

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Daily Sketch: A Tiny Moth

We’ve had an outbreak of tiny little moths in the house that flutter and don’t seem to get anywhere, they hover in the air and would seem easy to catch, but they are frustratingly elusive. This has proved to be an important catification exercise in stalking, leaping pouncing, and running

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Daily Sketch Reprise: A Pile of Socks

“Oh, thank you,” said Mr. Sunshine as he happily squinted and stepped into the pile of socks I was sorting and folding. “This is just…so nice…purrrrfect,” he said as he began purring loudly and kneading slowly and thoughtfully with both front paws. Cats and laundry just go together as if

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Sitting in the Dark, 2014

I turned around from my drafting table and there as Mewsette, quietly sitting in the corner behind the door where it had grown quite dark. All I could see of her was a highlight here and there made by my worklight and, of course, her eyes. The furnace was running

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Long Morning Shadows, 2014

It was decidedly difficult to choose which one of Mimi’s wanderings in the sunlight this morning I would sketch. She wandered around making the most wonderful elongated and distorted shadows of herself in the long streams of sunlight and they were all wonderful. Of course, this has been going on

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Daily Sketch: Tucked Together for a Nap

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe settled on the fleece bed for a nap and as time when on tucked themselves into tighter circles and together. Even standing right above, it was difficult to see which was which. But they made sure to have the tiger tail toy close at hand for

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Contrast Couple, 2012

Jelly Bean and Mimi hang out in the sun on the counter by the dining room window. A nice contrasty sketch since the sun was bright, using a good soft charcoal pencil; not as dusty or smeary as the vine charcoal, but a nice dense black, just right for two

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Daily Sketch(es) Reprise: Indigo Nap and Bath, and Mewsette and Giuseppe’s Reviews

This is Mewsette going about being Mewsette on my bed. I actually started four paintings of her, but just after beginning two of them certain brothers decided they would rather I paint a wrestling match, though Mewsette was not in the mood for that. Finally I distracted them and painted

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Kelly Silhouette, 2012

Kelly was playing in the sun again this morning with another catnip toy. At least she ate breakfast first! After I sketched her outline I decided I’d go a little farther and fill in her silhouette and long shadow. I hadn’t realized I had sketched Kelly three days in a

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