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Daily Sketch: Three Black Cats on White

Yesterday, when Mimi gave me the hairy eyeball about drawing her on black paper, I instead used the black paper to draw her children, and this is the sketch. They spent the whole morning tucked together on this one spot on the kitchen floor. What was so special about that

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Evening in the Cat Book Library

I’ve been waiting for this one to come around again! Bean washes his face while Giuseppe surveys the room, sitting in the cat book library. In my office downstairs I have the triple dresser I’d mentioned in our last family portrait that holds my collection of cat books. It’s a

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Impression, Cat Rolling in Sun

Giuseppe was having such a good time in the sun this morning rolling frantically back and forth and grabbing his tail that I had to try to sketch him, first in red conté, then adding some brown to try to clarify, then black to clarify further, but I’m still not

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March Featured Artwork and Desktop Calendar: Black and Light

I’ve been planning to use this art as a monthly calendar since I created it last August. But when I associate most of the months with colors, when would be the best time? Late winter/early spring, I decided, after we’d moved past the lovely January light and winter sun to

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Quiet Sunday

A dark and quiet Sunday afternoon led to long, still naps in the shadows of the afternoon bedroom. Jelly Bean uses Giuseppe as a pillow, which Sunshine curls in a tight ball by the pillows. Needless to say, I didn’t really have to hurry to catch this one—they really weren’t

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Two “Sunny Mornings” from 2012

I’ve always loved the long shadows that the cats and objects make sitting on the floor in the sun as it streams in through the morning, and the silhouettes of petite Mimi and bigger Mewsette against the varied shadows and highlights were so graceful. I began exploring this style, and

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Daily Sketch: Bella Stole My Chair

I turned around and there was Bella, relaxed and napping, as if I hadn’t just stood up. So I sketched her. And worked standing up. . . . . . . . What was I sketching on this date? The Marvelous Toy, 2014 Giuseppe in the center, Bean trying to

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Art Cat and Cloud Kitties, and Others

This was the very first sketch I did on the Fabriano Pastelo Tiziano drawing paper which I love so much now. Funny to think there was a time I didn’t use it, but it also took the purchase of soft pastels to make this paper work for me. I’m trying

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Colorful Kitties Notecard

I shared this artwork last Friday and immediately people asked if it was available on note cards, and so I designed and printed a few dozen. This design just lends itself to a variety of themes—friendship, thank you, thinking of you, even an invitation to an event. “Colorful Kitties” is

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Daily Sketch: Sunshine Kind of Napping

Mr. Sunshine had been watching something on the floor, began to meditate, then began to sag, soon he would be reclining on the edge of the table, fast asleep. Maybe. Usually he would be. I waited. And waited. And decided to sketch him as he was. And then he got

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