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New Fosters: Bert and Ernie, and They’re Not Black!

How do you like that? They’re not black! I’m enjoying it. Meet Ernie and Bert, chilling in the tub, rocking their ear tips. How many other cats have been named for those two characters from Sesame Street? Ernie is on the left and Bert is on the right, and they’ve

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Cats for Adoption: Ralphie is Ready to Move In

Is this some kind of a hippie cat with that tie-dye background? And kind of a strange expression? Ralphie was surrendered to the shelter and was to be euthanized due to his age, 8years old. I often feature kittens, but an adult cat like Ralphie still has potentially many years

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Cats for Adoption: Bonnie and Clyde, Ready to Steal Your Heart!

Bonnie and Clyde are brother and sister and are from the same trailer park in Ford City where HCMT did the huge mobile clinic last January. They were trapped as kittens in August and “were total monsters” but have been in foster since that time. Now five months old their

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Cats for Adoption: Gracen, 10 Years in the Rough

All cats are special and deserve the most loving home, but some cats have been through so much they almost deserve more to make up for how humans have made them live. As rescuer Debby Nicola (Nomad, Cookie and Jelly Bean) walked her dog on a road near her home

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Cats for Adoption: GiGi and Bonk, Too Friendly For Outdoors

A friend is working independently on a large colony TNR project at a trailer park west of Pittsburgh along with two smaller projects near her home. These two cats were trapped in one of the colonies near her home and she is fostering while she works out the other projects,

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Cats for Adoption: Help “Lucky” Get Lucky With a New Home

A house panther needs a home, and we seven black cats are purring for him! Five-year-old Lucky was “lucky” to be adopted by a loving person and loved and cherished, who made it her wish that if anything should happen to her, that Lucky would be cared for by her

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Cats for Adoption: Lucy, and More

Lucy is around 6 months old and super sweet…just look at those big, round eyes! She has been in foster since she was rescued at a very young age. Won’t you please adopt this girl and give her a forever home? We first met Lucy back in August when she

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Cats for Adoption: Bonnie and Clyde

Surely you’d like a set of house panthers with easily recognizable names! Sister Bonnie is long-haired and brother Clyde is sleekly short-haired. They will be ready for their new homes after Halloween, but Pittsburgh CAT is taking applications now. They are 5 to 6 months old and were found outside.

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Cats for Adoption: The Sugar Lump Family!

Doesn’t everyone need a little family of sugar lumps around the house? Marshmallows? Puff balls? These three are a family, mom and son and daughter, and they are as sweet as they look. They were seen on the street and rescued, and sadly for as friendly as they are they

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Cats for Adoption: Milo’s Happy Ending

Milo was born outside in Mt. Washington, was trapped when he was about three months old.  He was fixed, rabies vaccinated, ear tipped, combo tested then returned to where he was from.  When he left the trap, he meowed the whole time after he was released, so the person returning

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