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Cats for Adoption: Butch Cassidy and Sundance

Apparently, Butch Cassidy and Sundance need another hole in the wall to hang out. These two boys are young and were adopted together, but one human caretaker recently died of cancer and the other is unable to take care of them. They are healthy and very well-behaved young cats. Here’s

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Kitties

Times have changed for some lucky cats in certain shelters who’ve been able to provide a “cat room” or “cat colony room” where cats can live communally, walk freely, and interact with prospective adopters at will rather than the row upon row of steel cages I’d grown up seeing at

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FosterCat Spaghetti Dinner and Formerly Feral Kittens

FosterCat will have a few kittens and cattens for adoption at their upcoming dinner, but for now here are three rescued kittens who are healthy and socialized and ready for a forever home! Above is Bella, who was born to a feral mother but is opening up to people. She’s

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Cats for Adoption: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea lives up to her name, and would love to share your life! Hello everyone! My name is Sweet Pea. I am a 7 year old kitty who is spayed and litter trained. I am a rescue cat. It has been quite a journey, and it has not always

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Cats For Adoption: House Panthers, Tabbies and More!

Munich is the featured kitty today on Pittsburgh CAT! All I know about her is that she is a two-year-old spayed female, but the photo was so nice I couldn’t pass it up. I’m sure she’s as nice as she is pretty! Don’t forget to go and visit Pittsburgh CAT

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Cats For Adoption: Trouble, Stache and George Jones—and Bail Ollie Out of Jail!

Don’t forget to go and visit Pittsburgh CAT on Facebook to see all the happy kittens and cattens available through our rescue group! They are all spayed or neutered, have all age-appropriate shots, are healthy and socialized after living in a loving foster home, and each one of them has

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Cats for Adoption: Auntie Comes In For Good

Do feral cats ever decide on their own to come inside? Yes they do—and Auntie, living outdoors for at least five years and cared for by rescuer Margo at her workplace, has decided she is ready for a real forever home! And sometimes a cat who trusts you but is

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Cats for Adoption: Kittens in Every Color!

Why is it important for shelters to have a foster program to send “hissy kittens” to? Because most of the time those kittens are just frightened, not “feral” or worse yet “unadoptable”, which is pretty much a death sentence in mid-summer kitten season when cage space is at a premium

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Cats for Adoption: Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean Ready for Home!

Well, the girls went for spay surgery today, and Cookie was scheduled to have her injured eye removed, and they would be ready to go to their forever homes. Cookie will have her eye removed next week, though, and their foster mom isn’t ready yet either! Debbie Christy Nicola took

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Cats for Adoption: Update on Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean

When we last checked in on these little kittens, Jelly Bean was getting to be a big girl at a little over 2 pounds and playing pretty boisterously while little Cookie was moving along a little more slowly but by no means was anything stopping her. They had both started

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