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Cats for Adoption: Lizzie

Lovely Lizzie is named after both Liz Taylor and Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice)—after Liz Taylor because of the markings…and after Elizabeth Bennett because she’s stubborn as can be, according to her foster! She is looking for a very special home which will understand a playful cat who enjoys

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So Little Time With Gracen

A CAT CAN embed herself into your heart forever in just a few seconds, as we often find with rescues. Be the outcome joyously happy with health and a long life in a perfect, loving forever home, or a struggle of sadness that life changes ours, and changes us, forever.

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Cats for Adoption: Butch Cassidy and Sundance

Apparently, Butch Cassidy and Sundance need another hole in the wall to hang out. These two boys are young and were adopted together, but one human caretaker recently died of cancer and the other is unable to take care of them. They are healthy and very well-behaved young cats. Here’s

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Cats for Adoption: GiGi and Cheyenne

A friend is working independently on a large colony TNR project at a trailer park west of Pittsburgh along with two smaller projects near her home. These two cats were trapped in one of the colonies near her home and she is fostering while she works out the other projects,

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Cats for Adoption: Odette and Sabo

You, too, can be seeing spots with these two! Calico girl Odette and her tuxie brother Sabo were spotted living under an abandoned building on the North Side and trapped by a volunteer with Homeless Cat Management Team. They weren’t terribly friendly at that point but because they were young

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Cats for Adoption: Ernie’s Toes

I just have to share that, while I think Ernie is one of the cutest cats I’ve ever met, and his face makes me smile and laugh, I find his toes absolutely irresistible! Look at those big cotton balls! It looks as if just has paws were dipped in paint,

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Cats for Adoption: City Kitty, Three Years Waiting

Little City Kitty has been through so much and yet just wants love and kisses! PLEASE help us find sweet City Kitty a home for 2015, she has been with Kopy Kat Sanctuary for almost 3 years!!! She was rescued by KKS as a kitten from McKeesport, PA. A nurse’s

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Cats for Adoption: Cassidy, Rescued and Ready

Feeding the cats in her outdoor colony, a caretaker in a fairly isolated rural area saw a new cat joining the group. She noticed he was injured and for three days tried to catch him to get a better look. Unsuccessful, she called a friend who works with a TNR

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Cats for Adoption: We’ve Been In Foster Homes Long Enough!

Meet Lucy! You can guess I’d love a black kitty named Lucy. This Lucy is a rescue kitty, quiet and shy as you can see by her expression. She was trapped with a stray and feral colony and spayed and eartipped but apparently had no place to go back to

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Rescue Story: Willie, Boss Cat

Willie, it turns out, is a skilled supervisor and all-around charming kitty, not too old and just a little worse for the wear. How he ended up hanging with a stray and feral group of cats being fed by a kind woman is only a guess, but you can be

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