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Cats for Adoption: DoDo and Bobby, Quite a Pair

DoDo and Bobby are the sweetest pair of six month old cats! They are bonded to each other, always together, but also get along with other cats without any problems at all, are outgoing and affectionate with people, and are just lovely to look at. Foster Debby has a habit

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Cats for Adoption: Older Kittens, House Panthers and 108 Cats TNRd

Above, Juneau and Mittens in probably the best picture EVER! But first… 108 CATS WERE SPAYED AND NEUTERED AT THE HCMT FREE FOR FERALS CLINIC YESTERDAY!! That was a lot of networking and preparation, a lot of trapping and a lot of kittens that will never be born. Thanks everyone!

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Cats for Adoption: Eowyn, Arwen and Aragorn Ready For Adventures

Eowyn, Arwen and Aragorn are sibling rescues who came into Pittsburgh CAT through our association with the Beaver County Humane Society. They are about 12 weeks old and still in need of a little socializing but well on their way to being ready for a forever home. They will be

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Cats for Adoption: Raptor and Rex and Laurel and Hartie!

Some of these mix and match tabbies are related and some are not, but they are all friendly and affectionate rescues who came into Pittsburgh CAT through our association with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Above are Hartie, Laurel and Raptor, and there’s Rex as well. Read more about them

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Cats for Adoption: Charm, Scarlett (and Friend), and a Bunch of Kittens!

Despite what Charm herself might think, she really is up for adoption. Now that she has gained some weight and her fur is filling in, and she’s learned a little bit about manners, I’ll be happy to tell you what a joy she is to be around. She is silly

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Options in Fostering, Choose One, Save One Life Or More

So I have 10 cats in my house right now: the five regulars Mimi, Giuseppe, Mr. Sunshine, Jelly Bean and Mewsette, and five fosters, Bella, Basil and Charm and, yes, two extras, Scarlett and her recent BFF Mia are in the bathroom. It’s not a big deal. I have often

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Cats for Adoption: Prada and Her Kittens

FIRST: It’s critical that we adopt kittens pretty quickly for a while—our Pittsburgh CAT foster homes are now officially out of space and we can no longer rescue kittens and cats and take them into foster, we can only provide TNR services at clinics. Some of our foster homes have

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Recent Kitten Rescues, and Kittens for Adoption

This past Monday evening (just as I was preparing Monday posts) a friend called to say she was watching a kitten who was in a dangerous place just blocks from where each of us lived, and a storm—yet another storm—was on its way. Above, he is safe and sound in

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Cats for Adoption: Scarlett is Waiting For You!

I stopped in to visit Scarlett at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, see how she’s doing and take a few more photos, and see if she’s really as sweet as everyone says she is. And she definitely is! She’s still learning about toys, but the scratching post and catnip are

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Cats for Adoption: Zorro is Looking for An Adventure!

Zorro! Yes, my name is Zorro even though I’m a girl! I wear the mask and outfox my siblings all the time! Below, I think my brother Crayola is in for a big surprise if I can figure out how to turn on this faucet! I love to wrestle with

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