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Cats for Adoption: Auntie Comes In For Good

Do feral cats ever decide on their own to come inside? Yes they do—and Auntie, living outdoors for at least five years and cared for by rescuer Margo at her workplace, has decided she is ready for a real forever home! And sometimes a cat who trusts you but is

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Cats for Adoption: Kittens in Every Color!

Why is it important for shelters to have a foster program to send “hissy kittens” to? Because most of the time those kittens are just frightened, not “feral” or worse yet “unadoptable”, which is pretty much a death sentence in mid-summer kitten season when cage space is at a premium

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Cats for Adoption: Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean Ready for Home!

Well, the girls went for spay surgery today, and Cookie was scheduled to have her injured eye removed, and they would be ready to go to their forever homes. Cookie will have her eye removed next week, though, and their foster mom isn’t ready yet either! Debbie Christy Nicola took

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Cats for Adoption: Update on Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean

When we last checked in on these little kittens, Jelly Bean was getting to be a big girl at a little over 2 pounds and playing pretty boisterously while little Cookie was moving along a little more slowly but by no means was anything stopping her. They had both started

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Cats for Adoption: Marshmallow, and a Kitten or Two

Mimi says, “Rescued momcats are the most special and deserve the best forever homes.” Not that all cats aren’t special and deserve the best homes. But those moms who weren’t spayed and were maybe tossed out before or after they learned all about all those funny feelings they were having

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Daily Photo: Kittens Cookie and Jelly Bean

I had a chance to visit the little namesakes on Saturday (this was to be the daily photo for yesterday, but technical difficulties got in the way), and they are doing well despite their rough beginnings! Both are playful and very friendly, very active and curious. These kittens are Cookie

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Daily Sketch Reprise: Odilia the Blind Kitten

I met the little blind kitten Odilia at BlogPaws last May. I sketched her one morning at breakfast and auctioned off the sketch to benefit Odilia’s rescue group. You can read about her here and follow the links to Tails from the Foster Kittens. . . . . . .

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Other Fine Felines: Lyonus and a Pile of Adoptable Cats

Today’s event was primarily a dog event and I, of course, had mainly cat things. But the cat people found me, and I found a few cats. Paws Here a While Pet Resort through Animal Care & Welfare brings cats and dogs to all events they attend, so I did

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Cats for Adoption: Forrest, Sassy and Sidney

Little fluffy baby Forrest has always been a bridesmaid, but never a bride! Insomuch as a little neutered boy kitten looking for a home can serve in that capacity, but nonetheless all other cats around him have been adopted but not sweet Forrest! You may remember the beguiling Henry Ford,

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Cats for Adoption: Sugar Bear

Published on May 5, 2014 in cats for adoption

How did a beautiful pure white kitty with pink ears and blue eyes end up without a home? But Sugar Bear certainly did. She was rescued and placed in foster, spayed and received all her necessary vaccinations. She is probably a little less than a year old, friendly, talkative and

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