Blooming With Gift Bags

Mimi is shocked to see our forsythia.
Mimi is shocked to see our forsythia.

Look what Mimi and I found when we went out into the back yard this morning. Our forsythia was covered with gift bags!

Clockwise: Surprise!, The Huntress: Intent, Crayola, A Warm Bath
Clockwise: Surprise!, The Huntress: Intent, Crayola, A Warm Bath

This might have had something to do with our all-day project last week, which was to create these and more—over five dozen gift bags with feline art and photos. Whew! I thought I’d never stop! It also had to do with the windy day today, and I wasn’t interested in chasing my newly-made bags around the neighborhood, so no cool photo of them all lined up on the steps to the deck like the flowery gift bags.

Clockwise: Peaches and Peonies, Mimi in Buttercups, World Cat, Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things, Buster Lookin at His Toes, The Eyes Have It

After working out the process with the floral gift bags it was time for a supply of feline gift bags. The only reason they came second is because I have sooooo many feline images I have wanted to use on gift bags for so long, and more every day, it almost took more time to choose and narrow down the images than it did to actually make them.

Mimi Sunday Morning, Remember to Dream

I’ve purchased paper gift bags wherever I’ve seen them in colors I like. I often use them for my own business when I sell at a festival, but I got the bug to make my own, and once I found these wonderful commercial quality labels it was a reality. Match the color with the image, or the image with the color, print the image and adhere the label, leaving a bit of a margin all around.

Clockwise from top: How Do You Like Them Apples?, Cat Photography Books, Waiting for Mom, Holly on the Rocker, Zorro in the Sink

Many of the images I’ve used probably look familiar, either being recently shared or ones I’ve used before on greeting cards or keepsakes or other gift items. But some are new, either ones I’ve never used at all, or used once or long ago. I have so many photos…some that I wanted to use don’t fit well on a vertical bag, but others, like the kittens, I’ve been waiting to use. For others I’ll need to find other colors of bags since most that are available now are bright spring and summer colors and I’m missing the deep jewel tones that go well with my paintings and the warm earth tones that go well with tortoiseshell cats, for instance.


Mimi admires herself on a bag, in the spot where we took the photo. That was the spring morning two years ago when she directed the photo shoot, jumping up on the table and posing. Really, could I do this without her?

Mimi admires at herself on the bag.
Mimi admires at herself on the bag.

Photographing all these bags will take a bit of time, so I may initially list them with just the image that’s on the bag and then go back and add the photo of the bag.

Mysterious Kelly, Are You Looking at Me?, The Eyes Have It
Mysterious Kelly, Are You Looking at Me?, The Eyes Have It

Until then, well, back to the studio for more.

Namir’s Bedroom Eyes

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