Vintage Photos (and video): Mr. Sunshine Saves the Day

black kitten
Do I hear I am needed somewhere?

I found four photos of Mr. Sunshine at about this time—late September—in 2007, and marked them, deciding I’d do something with them because he’s just too darned cute. I was photographing someone else, and they left, he lept onto the landing in their place, did his little dance and lept off the scene. It was so cute I still remember laughing so hard I blurred a bunch of photos, and these were on film so there was no taking them back. The Curious Quartet were about eight weeks old.

I’m playing around with simple video production programs and decided that instead of just posting them here in order with captions, I’d work on a little video, found some music from a friend who comments on my photo blog, Today, now and then, and played around with captions and video effects, turning four photos into a quick feature film and pushing Mr. Sunshine closer toward the role of leading mancat which he truly deserves. Giuseppe can be an opera star if he wants. Mr. Sunshine wants to be a heartthrob.

black kitten
I am ready!

I just wish I’d thought better of the background; that piece of fomecor was used for an art project, hence the water stain, then relegated to kitten barrier because they kept getting stuck under the big pine wardrobe you see in other photos of the landing at the top of the stairs. But,hey, sometimes that’s what your house looks like when you’re fostering a litter of kittens.

Without further ado, here’s the video, though I apologize in advance that the music doesn’t fade out, it did when I made the video, but apparently something is lost when it’s translated for YouTube.

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s feature video! You can also watch it on YouTube.

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