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Toward More Colorful Cats

    The Fantastic Four and Mimi in their new colors.
The Fantastic Four and Mimi in their new colors.

I love black cats, I’m sure no one would dispute that, and it’s fun and inspiring to watch all those silhouettes around the house.

But for someone who loves color as much as me, it can get dull. And I am so accustomed to each cat in the house being colored and marked completely differently that I decided I needed a change.

What the heck, I thought, I’m an artist, I paint cats all the time.

So I painted the Fantastic Four and Mimi in their perceptive colors. What do you think?

I may try a different color on Jelly Bean, though. He’s a green kitty, but too difficult to distinguish him from Giuseppe.

April Fool! I only painted them in PhotoShop. I’m sure you weren’t fooled though—I backed off the truly realistic colorization. Before you are totally horrified at the thought I’d actually paint cats or dye them or give anyone the idea it could be in any way okay to do that, I’m just having fun on my computer while they roll their eyes and go for a nap. You may recognize this as the daily photo from March 15, 2012, “Five at the Window”.

five black cats looking out window
Five at the Window © B.E. Kazmarski


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10 thoughts on “Toward More Colorful Cats

    • Layla, I really planned to lay it on, but I could just see someone misinterpreting it and dyeing their own cats because I did!

  • Susan Stoltz

    I like it! I was thinking the new body paint is even more effective than color coding their ears!

    • Susan, it would be like doing the henna on my own hair–can you imagine having to color five cats every month or so?

  • Oooohhhhh .. For few moments I forgot they date !
    Was wondering how could you have them dipped in colors !

    Any way , nice idea ! Enjoyed being fooled !


  • Ha ha, great post – I would buy the red cat!

  • Great image – and I didn’t think, for even a moment, that you had *actually* painted the cats!

    • Bobbi, I can’t imagine trying to keep up with their hair color, I have enough trouble with my own.


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