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April Catnip Chronicles

close up photo of a black cat
Mimi tells her story.

You should be reading Catnip Chronicles every month already, but go and read the April issue featuring about two dozen articles of feline health and lifestyle and photos of lovely cats, and I’m always proud that there’s an article or two of mine published there.

Because I can’t stress often enough the importance of spay and neuter on The Creative Cat, Mimi once again tries to convince we poor misguided humans that, although her kittens were all perfect in every way, the world already has enough perfect kittens, and not only that, Mimi Says, “I Love Being Spayed”. Take it from a cat who knows,  featured this month in Catnip Chronicles.

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From health and welfare to rescue and adoption stories, advocacy and art, factual articles and fictional stories, "The Creative Cat" offers both visual and verbal education and entertainment about cats for people who love cats, pets and animals of all species.

7 thoughts on “April Catnip Chronicles

  • I have just subscribed. It seems to have managed to avoid my radar up until now!!!

    • Carolyn, I’m surprised! And glad you subscribed. Kent does a great job putting together a terrific issue each time.

  • Hiya. Just want you guys to know my Dad ALWAYS gets AND Reads Catnip C. Our fab thing to do together. He has subscribed for YEARS… Like probably a kagillian years…no seriously…really..He totally reads it cover to cover. We are talking about an insurance plan for me right now. And we recycle all our issues by leaving them at Kitty Corner for other volunteers who don’t get it. Glad you brought this all up Mimi…good,post..paw huga, Savannah

    • Savannah, that may be Catnip, the newsletter from Tufts University, and it’s no wonder he’s so understanding with you when he’s reading that. Donating them is a wonderful and generous thing to do! I have my collection here for reference. Catnip Chronicles is an online-only e-newsletter, and your dad could actually feature you there by sending in a photo.

      • really! I suspected Dad could do on line..but..he is kind’a “older than dirt…” just sayin’ MOL. Anyways , thanks lots for telling me..luvluvluv your no…seriously…we totally read it together every AM…me Mom and Dad…cool..keep it comin’…paw pats Savannah


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