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The Ultimate in Feline Ego

black cat looking in mirror
God, I'm Cute

God, I’m cute!

That’s my Jelly Bean demonstrating his most absolute cutness in the mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the sink

I’m the handsomest kitty, I think!

Perhaps instead he’s practicing his most seductive expression in the mirror.

Jelly Bean is about as cute as cute can be and he knows how to use it. Moreso than any of the other Big Four, Jelly Bean was always the cutest, it’s just part of his nature, and now that he’s maturing he’s also developing those feline-seductive “bedroom eyes”, the squinty, blinky look that makes them impossible to resist.

He loves the bathroom sink, and before I finished my bathroom remodel he spent time each day admiring himself in the little hand mirror. I carry a small digital camera, and sometimes the big one, around the house because I never know when a shot like this will come up. Catching the angle just right, with the light coming in the window—and not seeing either me or construction materials in the mirror—made it a rare opportunity.

I felt the need to share this photo and to do it in a way that others who love black cats could do as well. Read about things you can purchase with Jelly Bean’s image on Portraits of Animals Marketplace.

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