Friday, December 1, 2023
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Take That, Catnip Toy! And That!

tortoiseshell cat plays with catnip toy
Kelly teaches the catnip candy cane a lesson.

Kelly gives the catnip candy cane the beating of its life. Note her little nose peeking through the curve of the cane.

Kelly is somewhat shy, and while she is a very talkie tortie and very active in her safe little way, she is very, very gentle—until it comes to a catnip toy that needs to learn a lesson. Bite, kick, punch, toss, land, whatever it takes, that catnip toy will know who’s boss when she’s done.

It’s just good to see a shy kitty come out of her shell for a little bit.


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2 thoughts on “Take That, Catnip Toy! And That!

  • Drugs!! I guess that makes all of US the pushers….

  • Kimberly Helgeson

    She is a cutie!


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