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Still Looking For a Few Good Humans

As the temperatures drop and households evolve, a number of cats are still looking for foster or adoptive homes and donations for care.

Adoptable Cats: A Few Special Seniors

long-haired black and white cat
tortoiseshell cat
Sadie Mae

Senior pets often languish in shelters, even longer than other adults. Our pets’ lives are shorter than ours, and once they get into the double digits the fear of their seemingly imminent loss can often outweigh the joy of their potential unconditional love.

Bitty and Sadie Mae

Pictured above, these two cats live with someone whose household is changing for illness and economics. Her elderly father, who suffers from COPD and emphysema and who needs a great amount of care, will be moving in with her after the recent death of her mother. Her son, who suffers from severe allergies, will also be joining the household, and the situation may continue changing. She has always lived with and loved cats but it’s with great sadness she has decided she can’t care for all of it.

Read more about Bitty and Sadie Mae, and also about Mickey and Minnie in Adoptable Cats: A Few Special Seniors.

Lenore and Silverbelle Rescued From Abusive Home

white persian
silver tabby persian

In this case, the abuse was both toward a human and the cats received the fallout. A humane officer was called to rescue two cats from a home where a woman had been abused by the man who lived with her to the point where she had to run to her family in another state for protection. The case is under investigation so details cannot be released.

Lenore and Silverbelle were traumatized by the ordeal. They are currently living in the human agent’s heated garage in a cage, which is the best accommodation she can give them with all the other litters of abandoned kittens and abused animals she’s keeping at the moment. The two have pretty much quit eating under the stress of the situation, and the humane agent would much prefer they had a quiet foster home in which to recover. All initial vet bills will be paid for any care they need to recover from this abuse.

Read more about Lenore and Silverbelle and consider fostering them—their initial veterinary care will be paid for, Lenore and Silverbelle Rescued From Abusive Home.

Sassy is doing well

orange kitten
Sassy is recovering from surgery.

Rescued and in the care of Animals Against the Odds (AATO), Sassy was found bleeding and injured, rushed to VCA Castle Shannon who transferred her to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (PVSEC) for an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate a broken upper jaw. Initial ER vet bills were over $500 and PVSEC estimates her surgery and hospitalization will cost approx $2-3,000 more. She has a broken upper jaw, possible orbital fracture and white blood cell count is very high. She is social, relaxed and friendly, so AATO will do everything possible for this sweet kitten and they need your help with this huge emergency vet bill.

Sassy has had one successful reconstructive surgery but her white blood cell count is still high. She is under the care of PVSEC where she is quickly charming the scrubs off the staff. This super sweet, amazing kitten has a long way to go, but she is improving daily. Information about donating to help with her care is in Kittens and Cats, Rescued and In Need.

If you are on Facebook you can read more about AATO and find updates on Sassy and other cats they are rescuing and placing.

tabby and white cat
Cinnamon can't decide what color she is!

Cinnamon, Kittens and Trapping and Moving a Feral Colony

Rescued from a house with too many unspayed and unneutered cats, the enthusiastically friendly and uniquely-marked Cinnamon is looking for a home.

Lily and Xena and their two litters of kittens were also rescued from this same house by the same people, all rescued and cared for and paid for by two long-time cat-rescuing friends of mine. They found homes for Lily and Xena and all the kittens, now let’s help them find a home for Cinnamon, Rescue No. 17 for them this year.

Read about Cinnamon, a sweet litter of four kittens and other rescues and donations to help cats who’ve been rescued in Kittens and Cats, Rescued and In Need.

All images in this post were given to me by the rescuers and sole copyright belongs to them. Please share this story with a link.


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